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Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

@97S564H from Illinois agreed…2wks

I personally don't care if my food does or does not contain GMOs. 'GMO' is very hard to define anyway, since humans have been domesticating crops for millennia. However, I see no real harm in requiring that they be labeled. If it makes some people happy, and does no harm to anyone else, I don't see why not.

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No, we have selectively bred crops for thousands of years and labeling just adds an unfounded stigma to the science

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Yes, I trust the science of responsible food engineering but I don’t trust the motives of the food companies selling them

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@5C68SLVfrom Utah  answered…2yrs

GMO's- Do some research! GMO's aren't typically bad. Insulin that diabetics inject themselves with, is a GMO. It's a genetically modified organism. Modifying organisms goes all the way back to Egyptian times. Tomatoes are genetically modified, Cherry tomatoes are what tomatoes used to be until people started modifying them. So tell that to everyone who thinks their tomatoes should be left alone... and then give them cherry tomatoes and see how they feel. It's ridiculous that people have such strong opinions without doing any research themselves. They ask doctors about vaccines or vegans about GMO's... how about you do research from both sides and actually look at the facts to base your opinion off of. Don't have an opinion based off of someone else's opinion.

@93JJ2J8from Maine  commented…5mos

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

Technically insulin isn't a GMO, it's a protein produced by a GMO.

@57QNQ7PRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

it's too late. How long have we that are over 50 been exposed? the effects are already in process. So, I think the point is mute now

@58CWKS7from Texas  answered…2yrs

Frankenstein food should be outlawed. How many gov. Officials have been purchased by the Evil of Monsanto?

@58WCY6Wfrom California  answered…2yrs

The anti-GMO advocates are paranoid. Popular Mechanics magazine points out the about 70% or more of our processed foods are GMO's and have been for decades. There are so many thoroughly false rumors about GMOs, and people believe them. I lived on a farm and we grew crops with "engineered" seeds, and they grew very well with no ill effects on man or animal.

@8M94G3YProgressive from Michigan commented…2yrs

Food should be labeled with the specific modifications, it is normal for food to be modified and a generic "GMO" label just adds a stigma.

@57Z8HVBfrom California  answered…2yrs

yes, With Genetically Modifies Foods comes the ability to prevent a new plague from eliminating that food.

@592ZY9Zfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

Pretty much all food produced today is genetically modified. We used to do it through selective breeding, now there are other ways of modifying our food. Oversight is obviously required for all food production, but as long as it does not present a public health danger I see no reason to single out one method of manipulation over another.

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@519CassiusorLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…16hrs

No, the govermennt should get out of it and leave it up to the market.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…16hrs

The reason the government had to get involved in the first place is because "the market" actively did not do anything about it...

@9842FF6 from Maryland answered…16hrs

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@983WPXQ from Texas answered…18hrs

america should be legally required to make everyone drive a ford f150

@983Q6X4 from Louisiana answered…21hrs

Yes, but GMOs help the world and allow for people to get food so they should know whats in it but it's not important.

@983KVZJ from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

No, GMOs are a promising solution to end world hunger, but manufacturers should voluntarily label GMOs themselves.

@983JWCS from Massachusetts answered…1 day

No, we should label things that cause harm as “GMO” doesnt inherently mean harmful

@983J47X from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, consumers have the right to know what is in there food but I would prefer to have them banned.

@983H8XN from Texas answered…2 days

Some people have allergies towards that product, so it would be a wise choice

@9839Q2QProgressive from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, GMOs are a viable solution to world hunger if produced responsibly, but the choice to purchase food products with GMOs is ultimately the consumer's

@9839PP3 from North Carolina answered…2 days

I believe that the consumer has the right to know if their food has GMOS or not since the consumer is going to be the one that chooses whether or not they want to eat it

@983938C from Missouri answered…2 days

i dont really care there are very few iteams that can be sold as a GMO

@982X8Q5 from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, it could harm some people or their diets to not know what's in their food

@9825Z7M from Delaware answered…3 days

It honestly depends on the food but I think some people should know what's inside their foods if they are allergic to something.

@9824ZKY from Delaware answered…3 days

It honestly depends on the food and how long it'll last for and what they put in it.

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@97Z7RBLIndependentfrom Maine  answered…6 days

Yes, they should also be required to fully explain the exact kind of genetic engineering that has been done and provide a link to scientific articles about the specific type of engineering used.

@97Z7KGD from Oregon answered…6 days

I guess it depends on what they've modified into it. If, for whatever reason, it makes it potentially unsafe for anyone to eat past allergies, label it. If not, we've been doing it for thousands of years already.

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@97YRZYZ from Nebraska answered…1wk

Only organic foods should be legal. GMOs should not be sold; should be illegal. We need a 100% Veganic Food System.

@97YF7L9Republican from South Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, because GMO can cause many health issues and that's why more people are fat are gain weight faster. And GMOing food is worse because of chemicals.

@97YBR4Pfrom Guam  answered…1wk

Yes, consumers have the right to know what's in their food, but I support the existence of GMOs in general.


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