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@6D79TMWRepublicanfrom Utah  answered…12mos

GMO's- Do some research! GMO's aren't typically bad. Insulin that diabetics inject themselves with, is a GMO. It's a genetically modified organism. Modifying organisms goes all the way back to Egyptian times. Tomatoes are genetically modified, Cherry tomatoes are what tomatoes used to be until people started modifying them. So tell that to everyone who thinks their tomatoes should be left alone... and then give them cherry tomatoes and see how they feel. It's ridiculous that people have such strong opinions without doing any research themselves. They ask doctors about vaccines or vegans about GMO's... how about you do research from both sides and actually look at the facts to base your opinion off of. Don't have an opinion based off of someone else's opinion.

@9X32BJKVeteran from California answered…3wks

Yes, but awareness should be spread about GMOs not being bad, or any different, and potetially even better

@9XH2VGZWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1wk

I believe for certain it should be labeled but for products know to have gmo no.

@9XGZNDSWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…1wk

they should not be required to label it. but it should be labeled

@9XFCLLTGreen from Missouri answered…2wks

@9XCSTL6Socialist from Texas answered…2wks

@9XCLSGKIndependent from Ohio answered…2wks

@9X7PG22Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…2wks

If they are some products that are needed for such labels then they can be put on the product

@niaberry21Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…1mo

No , as an individual you should already know whats going in your body by doing your own research you don't need a GMO's conformation every time you want to ear something etc.

@9P6KYPRPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…12mos

yes because we need to know what ingridients are in our food if we are cooking

@9P25N7DTranshumanist from Connecticut answered…12mos

@9NW4GJ5Republican from Massachusetts answered…12mos

@9NVSPMGWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…12mos

@9NS95ZVRepublican from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, if it is truly a GMO. There are only 10 approved GMO’S. A lot of food producers misinform the public about what GMO’S are. They are not harmful like people think.

@9NL8KVVConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Just read the labels on the back

@9PQYS2RVeteran from California commented…12mos


that is what this discussion is about.. should food companies be required to label the foods that have been genetically modified?

@Jade-BPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, as well as what GMOs was included and why it was included. Consumers have the right to know what is in their food.

@9NG7GPGTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

I dont really care about this topic and i have no opinion in this

@9NDNX4YLibertarian from New Hampshire answered…12mos

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food... but it really is the greatest solution to world hunger. I like GMOs.

@9NDK2Z3Constitution from Illinois answered…12mos

@9NCZNJZDemocrat from Georgia answered…12mos

Yes, but they should not be banned unless the practices cause damage to people or the environment.

@9NBVSM9Women’s Equality from Maryland answered…12mos

I don't pay attention to this type of stuff man I just vibe food is food eat what you want at your risk not mine.

@9N885W5Green from Utah answered…12mos

Yes, and overhaul the faming subsidies so non-GMO foods are more profitable for our farmers

@Imani-MurryLibertarian from North Dakota answered…12mos

Yes, but the requirement shouldn't come from government. It should be dictated by the market.

@9N6HFKLGreen from Colorado answered…12mos

Yes, and inform consumers what GMO's are to remove the stigma surrounding them

@9N63FSGTranshumanist from Indiana answered…12mos

@9N5J5YNVeteran from Utah answered…12mos

Yes, I don't believe that GMOs are harmful, but other people who do have a right to know

@9N3ZZJ2Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…12mos

@9N3BTYMDemocrat from Maryland answered…12mos

@9N2RDYXSocialist from Texas answered…12mos

i like that it is a cleaner source of energy than burning fossil fuels, but i think we should first figure out how to decrease the amount of waste it produces.

@9MX6RH7Libertarian from Texas answered…12mos


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