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 @9GJR2LJProgressive  from Michigan agreed…8mos8MO

GMO labels need to be provided to give consumers the option depending on their own needs. In other words, this information should be disclosed as apart of the nutritional value of our food.

 @9GJSBGB from California agreed…8mos8MO

I agree the people should be able to choose what goes into their bodies and have the right to know whats in everything.

 @9GJTCQV from Texas agreed…8mos8MO

GMO labels need to be shown because even if you have products using ingredients you are okay with, some others may not be.

 @9GJSWM9 from Connecticut agreed…8mos8MO

I agree entirely. I would even take this a step further by making it mandatory for all food suppliers to include warning labels on any ingredients linked to health issues(titanium dioxide, red 40, etc) excluding general ingredients such as salt, sugar, etc

 @9GJSPV7Republican from Texas agreed…8mos8MO

Yes, I agree. We should be able to know what we are eating, our children are eating and overall putting in our bodies.

 @9FC45H7  from Utah agreed…9mos9MO

Food effects our bodies and minds. We need to ban the same products/chemicals as they do in most other nations.

 @9FBTKC4 from Missouri agreed…9mos9MO

When there are GMO labels on fruits and vegetables then they are letting people know that they are putting themselves at risk of consuming possibly toxic pesticides. It is good to let them know what they are buying to eat.

 @9FB8LPGfrom Virgin Islands agreed…9mos9MO

While I absolutely see how much such a technology can be used to make more nutritious and healthy food, and I would love for food to be made to need the use of less pesticides and growth fertilizers, but at the same time the government, both left and right, have shown that they are more than willing to sell out our food production and basically poison and make us addicted to unhealthy foods, and because of that I genuinely believe that it would ultimately be used by the political elites for neferious porpuses, and because of that it would also be better to be clear what has and doesn't have GMO crops in it.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

 @9FMYHGG from Illinois agreed…9mos9MO

It is important to know what is being processed and have labels so people know what going into their food

 @9F7Q9S7 from Texas agreed…9mos9MO

Us as people should know what we are putting into our stomachs so we can see if its safe for our bodies

 @97S564H from Illinois agreed…2yrs2Y

I personally don't care if my food does or does not contain GMOs. 'GMO' is very hard to define anyway, since humans have been domesticating crops for millennia. However, I see no real harm in requiring that they be labeled. If it makes some people happy, and does no harm to anyone else, I don't see why not.

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 @9FB3Z66Independent from South Carolina disagreed…9mos9MO

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The term GMO is loose, but companies should Absolutely be transparent about the processes used for the curation of food.

 @9F73HCR from Wisconsin disagreed…9mos9MO

People who track their food or have food allegeries need to know everything about what food their eating

 @9FG695Q from Illinois disagreed…9mos9MO

Consumers have the right to know what they are consuming a make informed choices out their food. Labeling GMOs provides transparency and empowers individuals to make decisions based on their personal beliefs and preferences

 @9F6NWXP from New York disagreed…9mos9MO

People have the right to know what they are consuming. If companies are not forced to put GMO labels, then they could also argue they shouldn't have to label other important information.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Yes, but I would prefer to ban GMOs

 @9GF8LGD from Illinois agreed…8mos8MO

I would prefer to ban GMO’s there are bugs in most canned food so why not our regular food, at least it can be rinsed off this’s healther without GMO’s and will make more open to connect with the earth we take for granted

 @9GR4GBWRepublican from Illinois agreed…7mos7MO

I believe genetically made organisms should be banned due to people not knowing what they eat and it could harm people.

 @9GG77FYRepublican from Wisconsin agreed…8mos8MO

Quit messing with God's creation. We don't need bad people messing with our food system and then go into a famine because of it.

 @9GFSBJR from New Jersey agreed…8mos8MO

In 2002, Zambia experienced a severe drought that left millions in need of food aid but it rejected GM maize offered by donors due to the health concerns that are involved with consuming GMOs.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Yes, I trust the science of responsible food engineering but I don’t trust the motives of the food companies selling them

 @9FB3Z66Independent from South Carolina agreed…9mos9MO

The label "genetically modified" can be used for almost any food that we eat in our modern society, most livestock comes from a long lineage of carefully bred animals. Similarly, most fruits, vegetables, and grains are a result of the gradual curation of the proper genetics. Forced genetic modification such as the use of steroids or genetic alteration within a lab are cause for concern. People should be able to know what type of genetic possessing goes into the food they consume.

 @RelishBradGreen from North Carolina disagreed…9mos9MO

Absolutely, the majority of our food has been genetically modified in one way or another over centuries. However, there is a distinction to be made between selective breeding and direct genetic engineering. Selective breeding is a slow process that allows species to adapt over time, while genetic engineering involves inserting, deleting, or altering DNA to achieve desired traits, often across species.

For example, a genetically engineered salmon, known as AquAdvantage salmon, grows twice as fast as its non-engineered counterpart. This is due to a growth hormone gene from the Pacific Chinook…  Read more

 @9FLLYHFIndependent from Colorado disagreed…9mos9MO

Most of the companies that sell foods that contain GMO’s are small farms that can’t afford to loose a crop. Farmers feed us and they aren’t as money motivated as making sure they have enough food to sell to keep their business above water.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

No, we have selectively bred crops for thousands of years and labeling just adds an unfounded stigma to the science

 @9GQWMJZDemocrat from Michigan disagreed…7mos7MO

I think it is important to label foods with GMO or Non GMO because it is important for us to know what we are putting into our bodies.

 @9GKXX2V from New York disagreed…8mos8MO

I think they should be labeled since people need to know if their food is being grown naturally instead of in a lab.

 @9FSZDK2 from Ohio disagreed…9mos9MO

No matter what type of product it is, it should always be labeled so that processes and ingredients are known by consumers.

 @9FT23VM from California agreed…9mos9MO

Yes, it is for the right of the customers in the store to make a decision on whether they want to continue with that brand or not. It's fair to let the community know what they are consuming and how much they are.

 @9GL992T from Oklahoma disagreed…8mos8MO

Just because what we have done in the past doesn’t mean it should stay the way it is. There are many things that need to change even though they’ve been the same for years and this includes GMO labeling. People need to know what is in their food so they can make their own decisions on whether to buy the product

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

No, GMOs are the most promising solution to ending world hunger

 @9GM33NJWomen’s Equality from California disagreed…8mos8MO

There is no best solution to ending world hunger, but manufacturing food with low nutritional value and more chemicals and non-consumable foods and giving them to people in need isn't the best solution. More funding should be put into agriculture to help produce more vegetables and fruits, which are a way better alternative than the plastic food today.

 @9GJMJK4 from Colorado disagreed…8mos8MO

Although production on GMO's would help to sustain people in need, there is no way that we could prove that it would be cost-effective and/or taxed unfairly. Manufacturing food with lower nutritional values and higher chemical rates would leave consumers with less enegy intake that it would with Non-GMO foods. We should put funding into better agricultural resources with more product and less chemicals.

 @9GMFTLD from Texas disagreed…8mos8MO

We should not be putting fake stuff into our bodies. Every one who visits Europe say they eat so much and never gain any weight because they have farm to table implemented.

 @9GNXN3D from Virginia disagreed…8mos8MO

GMO are more harmful to health then they are an advantage to ending or reducing hunger. Healthier food options should be made more available and at a more affordable price.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Regardless, producers should not be allowed to patent foods

 @5C68SLVfrom Utah answered…4yrs4Y

GMO's- Do some research! GMO's aren't typically bad. Insulin that diabetics inject themselves with, is a GMO. It's a genetically modified organism. Modifying organisms goes all the way back to Egyptian times. Tomatoes are genetically modified, Cherry tomatoes are what tomatoes used to be until people started modifying them. So tell that to everyone who thinks their tomatoes should be left alone... and then give them cherry tomatoes and see how they feel. It's ridiculous that people have such strong opinions without doing any research themselves. They ask doctors about vaccines or vegans about GMO's... how about you do research from both sides and actually look at the facts to base your opinion off of. Don't have an opinion based off of someone else's opinion.

 @93JJ2J8from Maine commented…2yrs2Y

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

Technically insulin isn't a GMO, it's a protein produced by a GMO.

 @57QNQ7PRepublicanfrom Florida answered…4yrs4Y

it's too late. How long have we that are over 50 been exposed? the effects are already in process. So, I think the point is mute now

 @8M94G3YProgressive from Michigan commented…4yrs4Y

Food should be labeled with the specific modifications, it is normal for food to be modified and a generic "GMO" label just adds a stigma.

 @58CWKS7from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

Frankenstein food should be outlawed. How many gov. Officials have been purchased by the Evil of Monsanto?

 @58WCY6Wfrom California answered…4yrs4Y

The anti-GMO advocates are paranoid. Popular Mechanics magazine points out the about 70% or more of our processed foods are GMO's and have been for decades. There are so many thoroughly false rumors about GMOs, and people believe them. I lived on a farm and we grew crops with "engineered" seeds, and they grew very well with no ill effects on man or animal.

 @592ZY9Zfrom Indiana answered…4yrs4Y

Pretty much all food produced today is genetically modified. We used to do it through selective breeding, now there are other ways of modifying our food. Oversight is obviously required for all food production, but as long as it does not present a public health danger I see no reason to single out one method of manipulation over another.

 @57Z8HVBfrom California answered…4yrs4Y

yes, With Genetically Modifies Foods comes the ability to prevent a new plague from eliminating that food.


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