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 @ISIDEWITH asked…2hrs2H

Should the government allow the commercialization of lab-grown meat?


 @ISIDEWITH asked…6hrs6H

Should the government regulate the use of CRISPR technology for human genetic modifications?


 @9MKWNW4 from Illinois answered…2hrs2H

Not until it is proven to have no adverse effects on human health.

 @9MKSJJY from California answered…6hrs6H

Only if changing the genes saves the person from a life-threatening disease.

 @9MKS5G3 from Florida answered…7hrs7H

Every business should be regulated, however to a limited extent

 @9MKQFMP from Arkansas answered…9hrs9H

Yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases, and only after multiple protracted independent studies about side effects.

 @9MKQ5Z7 from Massachusetts answered…9hrs9H

Used for severe cases which allows individuals to survive or make an incremental impact to their survival

 @9MKNZHY from Missouri answered…10hrs10H

It should be any person's decision as to whether or not they want to be vaccinated or not. It should be the parents deci…

 @9MKLQMR from Indiana answered…14hrs14H

Yes, with stricter safety guidelines and regulations that MUST be followed by workers at nuclear plants to decrease like…

 @9MKHJ9D from Washington answered…19hrs19H

I think if CRISPR technology allows scientists to modify DNA in order to eliminate the risk of disease it’s ok. But if C…

 @9MKFM94 from Utah answered…22hrs22H

Only when really needed to save a life, or help make someones life better. Not for physical characteristics like eye col…

 @9MKFB4T from Massachusetts answered…23hrs23H

Yes, although it makes me uncomfortable. There needs to be more long term data on possible side effects of A LOT of prod…