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@9SYW94TConstitution from Texas answered…7mos

@9SY43NMAmerican Solidarity from Washington answered…7mos

As long as it is used safely and not have massive buildings in the middle of town where everyone can see it, then it is fine.

@9SVWYBBLibertarian from California answered…7mos

Or perhaps the real question will you tolerate living in the dark during the heat and the cold. Then id the answer is yes then green is on your forehead.

@9SVL8W8Constitution from Florida answered…7mos

Yes, but only once the risks of nuclear energy have been reduced substantially.

@Isaac-MendozaWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…7mos

@9SVCK5HPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…7mos

no, I don't really know how dangerous it is but if it got into the wrong hands that would be disasterous

@9SV6QJ3Democrat from Illinois answered…7mos

Only at a smaller level and should be fazed out over time in favor of green energy.

@9STDQ3LGreen from North Carolina answered…7mos

Yes, and also invest in other clean energies like wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal

@9SQTPHPVeteran from Virginia answered…7mos

Yes, but we should be switching to much more efficient plants like Thorium 90 reactors to cut way back on the nuclear waste.

@9SPS75YWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…7mos

I feel the Chernobyl incident could have been prevented, and that set a standard where people think it's extremely dangerous, however Fossil Fuels are more easier to transport and use.

@9SPRHSCTranshumanist from Kansas answered…7mos

Yes, if there are many precautions taken to make sure nothing goes wrong

@9SNTCQ6Transhumanist from North Carolina answered…7mos

Yes, but it should not harm the environment, or the people.

@9SNQJDGWorking Family from New York answered…7mos

i dont really care as long as its not used to be overpowering

@9SKB6D9Democrat from North Carolina answered…7mos

@9SHW7NDPeace and Freedom from Maine answered…7mos

@9SHBP87Independent from California answered…8mos

Yes, nuclear energy is the safest energy source when comparing deaths caused by the energy source to other sources.

@9SGLNRHIndependent from Iowa answered…8mos

@9SG6WWGIndependent from Kentucky answered…8mos

@9SD9G6GPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…8mos

With the exception of introducing cleaner, safer thorium reactors.

@9SCSY3CPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…8mos

Yes, as long as people are not statistically in danger by living near one.

@9SCHK4FGreen from Illinois answered…8mos

I don't have too much knowledge on this subject so I don't have an opinion.

@9SBQPN4Republican from Texas answered…8mos

Unequivocally, YES, though in locations not affected by earthquakes and tsunamis. It is by far the cleanest energy and most stable.

@9SBPGTPIndependent from Ohio answered…8mos

I support the use of current plants. Rather than building more we should invest in other technology

@9SBC6M5Green from Virginia answered…8mos

Yes because it is much safer than the world has shown it to be. Just because 2 or 3 places have failed to maintain it does not mean it is not safe. It is more sustainable and environment friendly. It should be closed off to the public and make sure there are people to maintain it correctly.

@9S9KR5PProgressive from Texas answered…8mos

yes. As long as the proper safety precautions are used to prevent a disaster.

@9S9JWFDWorking Family from North Carolina answered…8mos

@9S9FQDYDemocrat from Oregon answered…8mos

Yes as long as it is far away from people, far enough to not cause long lasting problems for people.

@9S8KWSGTranshumanist from Nevada answered…8mos

Nuclear energy I would say is definitely a steady use of energy, so I do not mind the use of it, but we should definitely try to switch to an alternative method soon.

@9S7YRK9Peace and Freedom from California answered…8mos

I don't think we should add more, although it's a very clean energy, the upkeep is very meticulous. I'm afraid if there are certain events to happen, I feel as if we would not be able to properly take care of it. But at least nuclear energy is more efficient than those dumbass windmills.

@9S7SZKSWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…8mos

I don't think that is that we need to get rid of it, but we should look into other means.

@9S7KZBRConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

@9S774RYProgressive from Colorado answered…8mos

No, we should invest in safer ways to use the energy before fully accepting the idea

@9S6VYQZVeteran from Florida answered…8mos

Yes, but we need to increase research on what to do with nuclear waste.

@9S6NT54Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

It isn't the cleanest way to get energy, but it is better than coal. Also there is the fact that people and radiation don't mix well so best to keep them apart.

@9S4RHYDWomen’s Equality from Louisiana answered…8mos

Yes but only temporarily and only if its being used safely.


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