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@9XK4XMYRepublican from Ohio answered…5 days

Yes, but only through incentive programs for private companies

@9XFNLCYDemocrat from New York answered…1wk

Decrease the deficit, but sure because R&D is helpful to everyone.

@9GZ9YKBConstitution from Ohio answered…1yr

@9GYM4JYSocialist from Tennessee answered…1yr

Yes, and increase funding by removing funding for the military.

@9GXX4GWGreen from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but we should definitely work on saving the planet rather than leaving it to go and destroy another one.

@9GXV4D7Constitution from Michigan answered…1yr

@9GVY5GTTranshumanist from Colorado answered…1yr

No, since some private companies, such as Space X are funded by their own person. But if and when those same private companies fall short they could have a use of some help from the government.

@9GVC398Green from Minnesota answered…1yr

The private sector is the biggest right now but we should both give tax incentives to new private companies and increase NASA's budget

@9GTHVCFSocialist from South Carolina answered…1yr

As intriguing as space is I think we must think first about problems and issues on our home planet than the outer rim.

@9GQWKLSVeteran from New York answered…1yr

@9GQVPZPConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No space force should be used for space exploration, and enforcement and defense of the United States of America.

@Daedalus1799Libertarian from Texas answered…1yr

No, human space travel should be left to private companies. NASA should serve as a regulatory body.

@9GPNX7PWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

Yes, for the purposes of scientific breakthroughs that can improve daily life for Americans or help maintain military advantage. Efforts on human longevity should focus on saving the environment, however, and not leaving it.

@9GNQ42CSocialist from Washington answered…1yr

a bit of both. We should focus on helping our own planet, but still be looking at space travel

@9GL9SP5Women’s Equality from New York answered…1yr

Let's focus on saving the Earth, maybe fund for scientific research in deep space, have safe, intergalatic space tours, build a Tardis....

@9GK6WWLLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9GK5PX8Working Family from New Mexico answered…1yr

I think it is necessary in some aspects but private businesses are way more efficient and should be the main driving force for Space travel and exploration.

@9GHZS9WPeace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

Yes it is important to know what's going on in the space around, but we shouldn't increase NASA's budget.

@9GH92KQPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…1yr

I think we should focus on out earth and our problems before going and exploring other opportunities.

@9GGSX54Socialist from Washington answered…1yr

@9GGG2GFProgressive from Nevada answered…1yr

space isnt even real lol, its all an illusion created for a money scam and to lie to the american people.

@9GCVHPMPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but lower NASA's current budget, and put that money into saving the Earth

@9G939N2Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, but we should subsidize scientific investigation into the environmental preservation of Earth before we give large sums of money to efforts to leave the planet we are destroying.

@9G5SQYFDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

@9G4RNR3Women’s Equality from Colorado answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they are transparent to the public regarding their findings. Lol. Also, maybe we should try to do a better job here on Earth before we go out and contaminate other planets.

@9G32C34Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but not as much of a focus on exploration and more focus on innovations in technology’s and resource mining of celestial bodies in order to help the earth. Space is full of resources that can help us if we learn to safely acquire them. Exploration though is rather pointless. Funding should only further things here on Earth.

@9FX8RQ2American from Missouri answered…1yr

@9FX4WY9Republican from California answered…1yr

@9FWLB6CDemocrat from New York answered…1yr

Yes and no. It should fund space travel in instances where the money is available. But in times when the money is not available, the government should support private companies that do collaborative, transparent space exploration.

@9FR2Z9YLibertarian from Florida answered…1yr

Some funding should go towards space exploration, but not a lot.

@9FK5BGLPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, but it should not be priority over the problems on Earth.

@9FH32R4Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

Yes, increase NASA's current budget and focus on saving earth

@9FH2DP8Green from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but all countries should be required to work together equally without competition

@9FH27MLRepublican from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, but only fund it if we can fund the most important programs

@9FDV39HVeteran from Kentucky answered…1yr

It should continue doing what it does right now. Funding NASA's scanning procedures. Let companies like SpaceX handle actual space travel.

@9FCLVV6Women’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

yes but significantly decrease the amount given and give to schools instead

@9F9DJKHSocialist from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes, but we should primarily focus on saving Earth rather than leaving it.

@9F8DWVLVeteran from Arizona answered…1yr

It should be a joint venture with government and private companies

@9F8CBJSDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, because we still do not know a lot about space and would like to know what else is out there.

@9X6JKNDWorkers from Florida answered…3wks

work out the current problems and when the other problems have been stabilized then increase funding to NASA's current budget

@9WYQBB3Democrat from Kansas answered…4wks


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