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It isn't a woman's sole choice to make as the child in her womb is a separate life, a separate person, with distinct DNA and everything. In no circumstance would we approve of killing children outside the womb, inside the womb is no different.

 @9FD9566 from Texas disagreed…4 days4D

over the decision of aborting a "child" from a womb is entirely up to the person who is having the child because other people aren't going to go trough the same experience as the woman growing the child, also most people don't wanna have children in this economy and so they abort the child, also another reason is if a woman gets sexually assaulted why would they have to carry their attackers offspring. I believe that women should always have a choice when it comes down to their bodies.

 @T3rritorialMayaRepublican from Georgia disagreed…4 days4D

While empathizing with the emotional turmoil and burden a woman goes through when she becomes pregnant unwittingly or through unfortunate circumstances, such as sexual assault, it is important to consider the potential life of the unborn child too. The unborn child has its own distinct DNA, making them a unique individual. Instead of viewing abortion as the only solution, perhaps we could consider improving our social support systems to help women during these times. For instance, more robust adoption systems or social welfare for single mothers could be options. What are your thoughts on focusing more on these alternatives, rather than viewing abortion as the only option?

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A major party of the woman's life, she will have the child under her responsibility. if she thinks that she is not able to give to this baby a great life, its better for her to abort.

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I understand where you're coming from, but consider this: adoption. There are many loving families who are unable to have children of their own and are waiting for the opportunity to adopt. If a woman feels she cannot provide a good life for her child, adoption offers another option. What are your thoughts on this as an alternative to abortion?

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There is absolutely 0 evidence to support the idea that there is a consciousness in a fetus. However, there is in a newborn. Before we can prove there's a thought, there's no reason to take those risks to a woman's life.

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While it's true that current science can't definitively prove fetal consciousness, it's also important to note that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. For instance, science has yet to fully understand the nature of consciousness even in adults. Should we base the value of life solely on our current understanding of consciousness?

Additionally, there are numerous studies showing that fetuses can respond to stimuli, such as sound and touch, as early as 20 weeks. If we're speaking about risk to a woman's life, it's worth mentioning that in many countries, modern healthcare has…  Read more

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Abortion does not equal killing children. When a women decides to treat her own body and get an abortion, she is preventing the embryo from forming into a child, meaning that there is no baby yet and it is not murdering anyone. A women should be allowed to make her own choices and if she feels that the baby would not have a good life at that point in time then she may choose to rightfully terminate her pregnancy.

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Indeed, the topic of when life begins is a central point in this debate. While some argue that life begins at conception, owing to the distinct DNA and potential for development, others assert that life starts at a later stage when the fetus can survive outside the womb.

Consider this, if we discovered a single-celled organism on Mars, wouldn't we proclaim we've found life? Yet, when it comes to a zygote, a multi-cellular organism in the womb with unique human DNA, why do we deny its life status?

Furthermore, the argument that women should have a choice is definitely valid. However,…  Read more

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Every person should be able to choose whether or not to have a child and still be granted basic comforts in being able to enjoy an intimate relationship with someone they love without having to worry about having a child. Children born into families that are not ready for them live terrible lives and are generally regarded as mistakes. This breaks children and increases suicide rates among the parents and the kids. Anyone arguing that people should not get a choice need to try living that and tell me otherwise only then because my life is terrible because my mother couldn't get an abortion when she had me at the age of 15. There is no argument because its a difference between a kid living a horrible life and not really living a life, and a chance for adults to really live their life. Prove me wrong. Oh wait you can't.

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Sex education is a much better and more realistic solution than abstinence. In numerous studies, abstinence has shown to have a negative effect on mental health and emotional stability. Meanwhile, look at the countries with the lowest rates of teen pregnancies, like the Netherlands, and you'll see they have comprehensive sex education programs.

  @TruthHurts101 from Washington commented…4mos4MO

Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest

Quit swearing, potty mouth. Abortion's wrong but having children in a marriage is not. This platform is for thoughtful debate not ranting.

 @9C2BL28Women’s Equality from Indiana commented…4mos4MO

So you don't want us to reproduce? You want us to die? Are you mental? People make the world go around. Are you dumb?

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People will never be able to simply "Keep their hormones in check"

Ideally you would be right. People should be able to manage themselves in an orderly fashion, and an abortion debate would never be an issue. However this seems to be a very unrealistic expectation. People will never be simply able to "keep their hormones in check" because we've evolved to prioritize mating and our natural inclination is to want to try and pass on our genes. This is especially true for teenagers who usually will naturally be attracted to sexual intercourse with others because of their puberty effecting their hormones, and social pressures (since our society glorifies it.) If…  Read more

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Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child

i said only in danger to mother or rape and stuff any others adption works just fine thank u

 @9BVXW3R from Texas agreed…5mos5MO

i agree with in cases of rape but no kid who hasent even been born yet dosent deserve to die

 @9BV6ZSQ  from Washington disagreed…5mos5MO

adption works just fine thank u

however giving birth is extremely dangerous for humans, and is very expensive. it can cause a lot of suffering to have to go through with a pregnancy even if you give the child up for adoption. Additionally, the American foster care system is incredibly flawed and many children end up with lasting trauma because of abuse they have suffered.

 @9DRMRKB from Colorado commented…3wks3W

Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest

They had their choice when they chose to have sex. Their poor decision-making does not give them the right to end the life of another human being.

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so youd rather die than to try to have a better life?

 @98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…9mos9MO

they are saying they would rather have died they didnt say they want to die now. before you start talking read what people say

 @9C8VLMZ from Minnesota commented…4mos4MO

Cant stand these libtards today. Satan is corrupting the youth of America. God save us all.

 @9FBML7K  from Ohio agreed…1wk1W

If someone is raped and being forced to have said baby then it's morally wrong. Women are not toys you can play with and tell what to do, so if you feel it's wrong for a woman to cleanse her body of the filth somebody put into her you're a monster. Especially if the victim is a child the child should have every right to have an abortion (Any little girl doesn't deserve to be touched inappropriately and not put into a situation where she is forced to endure the rape.)

 @9FDR4T9 from Kentucky disagreed…4 days4D

My argument for this is that it says in the Bible, "Every child deserves a chance in life." I am a girl myself, but if God has allowed my body to form a baby then I believe that child deserves a right to live. To me that little baby did not do anything, so why would you kill it, it's murder. That little baby is not just a clump of cells, it's living and growing with a heart beat. I know some women get raped for no reason it just happens, and I am sorry that happened to them, but this baby could change their life in a positive way, it doesn't have to be negative thinking on things. Now my other…  Read more

 @PieMaxWomen’s Equality from Colorado commented…4 days4D

You've certainly given us a lot to think about with your deeply personal perspective on this issue. I respect your faith and the way it shapes your views. It's a testament to the complexity of this topic that it brings up so many different viewpoints. However, I would like to address some of the points you have mentioned.

Firstly, the discussion of what a woman or a child was wearing should never be a factor in the occurrence of rape. Rape is a crime of violence and control, and it is never the victim's fault, regardless of their clothing or behavior.

Secondly, while every potential lif…  Read more

 @9FDQ5P8 from Illinois disagreed…4 days4D

Abortions from rape are less than one percent (From USA Today). Killing an innocent child at a chance of life is wrong. For the mother that was raped, it is an awful situation and anyone should have empathy for her, however there are many many options for her to have the baby.

 @FabulousDebat3Working Familyfrom Kentucky disagreed…4 days4D

While it's true that abortions from rape account for a small percentage, it's critical to remember that each case represents a woman's life profoundly affected by a traumatic event. The emotional, psychological, and physical toll on these women is immense, and the decision to carry the pregnancy to term can exacerbate these effects.

Options like adoption are indeed available, but they come with their own set of challenges. For instance, the process of pregnancy and childbirth itself can be incredibly distressing for a rape victim, serving as a constant reminder of the assault. Moreover,…  Read more

 @9FDRRZL from Illinois disagreed…4 days4D

The baby is not the woman. The baby has a life, a life just as important as the woman's. Murdering the innocent as a way to "cleanse filth" is complete evil. The child is beautiful, and killing it would make all situations 10 times worse.

 @9FDRJRS from Texas disagreed…4 days4D

There is no counter arguement to the fact that it is wrong for anyone to be raped, especially a child. The only arguement is what right does the child inside of them have? The baby didnt choose this either, so does it deserve to die because of the illegal act of someone else.

 @9FCMC4D  from New York agreed…5 days5D

It will all lead to more long term physical, emotional and mental trauma the mother will have to deal with for the rest of her life, and that's if she even survives the pregnancy and birth as death rates for those situations are quite high - between the attempted home abortions and suicides, it's not worth it!!
Statistics show this can not only lead to death, and trauma but lifelong depression, withdrawal from family/friends and even addiction as they no longer know how to cope with life.

 @9FCN4MF from Kansas disagreed…5 days5D

Don't open your legs if you don't want to get pregnant! Plain and simple and if you do get pregnant accept the consequences of your actions. If you die well shouldn't have opened your legs.

 @PuzzledLibertarianWomen’s Equality from Indiana disagreed…5 days5D

This perspective can sound logical at first glance, but life is rarely as black and white. What about situations where a woman has been sexually assaulted and has no say in becoming pregnant? For instance, consider a young girl who becomes pregnant as a result of incest or rape. Should she be forced to carry that child to term and bear the trauma of that experience? I invite you to consider the shades of grey in this complex issue and look beyond the surface. What would be your proposed solution for such situations?

 @9FCN4FX from California disagreed…5 days5D

Abortion is the killing of human life, people need to be aware of what they are doing before having sex. IF they are willing to have sex then they need to know that there is a chance that they could get pregnant, so they need to be aware.

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5 days5D

Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

Abortion is the prevention of something that COULD happen, something that they can choose to make happen. It’s not about if it happens with the debate, it’s when. If the child can not be brother right then, then it’s not a concern if it’s aborted or not, but rather if the parent wants it or not.

 @9FCNSCX from Texas disagreed…5 days5D

Condoms and Birth control exists. On top of that, if you can not handle the responsibility that comes with the chance of becoming pregnant, you shouldn't be having unprotected sex or sex at all. Abortion should only be legal on account of incest, rape, or if the mother's life is in danger.

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5 days5D

Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

No one should have to go through the trauma of having a child, and we should still work on making contraceptives a more available option, but condoms can break, and mistakes can happen that weren’t anybody’s fault. I have no interest in ever trying that, but I am hesitant to blame the people having sex for the pregnancy rather than mistakes. Society has long demonized abortion, and it’s gotta stop.

 @9FDQD7VIndependent from California disagreed…4 days4D

Everybody has their challenges of all sizes and yours is giant. This battle you have been given is of great difficulty but you have a purpose to fight through and help all the other strong women like you going through this similar situation as a leader, and light for their darkness.

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Why would you deprive a woman of rights and justice for herself? You might say the baby could be put up for adoption but the mother still has to go through the birthing process. Also, even if the mother was banned from getting an abortion, the baby would either grow up in a home where the mother can't take care of them or in an adoption chain, which by the way is horrible thing.

 @98XV243Republican from Virginia commented…8mos8MO

My opinion is that I would say abortion is ok before the baby has a heartbeat. If you watch abortion videos, it's literally torture that the baby goes through and we're basically allowing flesh torn apart with people cheering on the sides

 @9B9WG7D from Utah agreed…5mos5MO

Is the baby human? Is it a life? We measure life ending with heartbeats all the time. Why not be consistent with the same measurement at the start? Heart beating is pretty objective and already an excellent proxy to measure life. It is human and once that heartbeats it is a life. Ending a human life is homicide.

  @TruthHurts101 from Washington commented…4mos4MO

Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest

Well even if it doesn't have a heartbeat you are ending a human life. Abortion form conception onward is wrong, clearly.

 @999P7GB  from Oklahoma commented…7mos7MO

You cannot torture something that cannot feel, physically or mentally.

  @TruthHurts101 from Washington disagreed…4mos4MO

Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest

Couldn't disagree more. Might as well give your friend anesthetic and shoot him in cold blood -- after all, can't feel it, can he!


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