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It isn't a woman's sole choice to make as the child in her womb is a separate life, a separate person, with distinct DNA and everything. In no circumstance would we approve of killing children outside the womb, inside the womb is no different.

 @9G9MS7B from Indiana agreed…8mos8MO

I agree. Biology tells us that life starts at the moment of conception so when the sperm fertilized the egg, a new human being is formed and should be protected. Exceptions to abortion are miscarriages, rape, incest, and If it endangers the life of a mother. If none of those apply there are millions of couples in the USA on waitlists to adopt a child because they’re infertile.

 @ClamNora from New Jersey disagreed…8mos8MO

This is because up to 50% of all fertilized eggs spontaneously abort, often before the woman knows she's pregnant. Is this considered a life lost?

Also, while adoption is indeed a noble path, it's important to consider the reality of the system. There are currently over 400,000 children in foster care in the USA, with a third eligible for adoption. Yet, most prospective parents prefer to adopt babies, leaving older children and teenagers in the system. This suggests that the adoption system has its challenges and isn't a simple solution to unwanted pregnancies.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on these points. Do you think defining the exact moment life begins is straightforward? And how can we improve the adoption system to better accommodate these children?

 @9H4DL4B from Washington agreed…7mos7MO

I mostly agree with this position. However, I would like to say that incest shouldn't be an exception; most of the time, the incest exception is there as a result of concerns about genetic defects in the child. Disability shouldn't take away your right to life.
Moreso, I've seen some testimonies from medical professionals that abortion is almost never required to save the mother's life. I don't know this for sure, though, so I would look into that yourself for more detail. Just a thought I've had.

 @Bi11R1ghtsPigletGreen from New Jersey disagreed…8mos8MO

While it's true that a unique set of DNA is formed at conception, it's important to note that biological life and personhood are not synonymous. There are different philosophical, religious, and cultural beliefs about when personhood begins.

As for adoption, it's indeed a beautiful thing, but it's not a simple alternative to pregnancy. Pregnancy and childbirth have profound physical and psychological impacts on a woman's body, and no one should be forced to go through them unwillingly.

 @9FT2ZWJ from Florida agreed…9mos9MO

Yes I agree. But abortions should still be available to the public because sometimes there will be certain situations like rape, incest and child pregnancies. Abortions shouldn’t be glorified though as I see it as something that no one should be proud of. But yes abortions should be allowed.

 @9FCBW4C from California disagreed…9mos9MO

Abortion does not equal killing children. When a women decides to treat her own body and get an abortion, she is preventing the embryo from forming into a child, meaning that there is no baby yet and it is not murdering anyone. A women should be allowed to make her own choices and if she feels that the baby would not have a good life at that point in time then she may choose to rightfully terminate her pregnancy.

 @9P2VH7S from Arkansas disagreed…5 days5D

Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child

Do your research. It depends on how far along the woman is. Sometimes they kill it after it's developed. It's not always just an embryo.

 @AffectedBoarsfrom Maine disagreed…9mos9MO

Indeed, the topic of when life begins is a central point in this debate. While some argue that life begins at conception, owing to the distinct DNA and potential for development, others assert that life starts at a later stage when the fetus can survive outside the womb.

Consider this, if we discovered a single-celled organism on Mars, wouldn't we proclaim we've found life? Yet, when it comes to a zygote, a multi-cellular organism in the womb with unique human DNA, why do we deny its life status?

Furthermore, the argument that women should have a choice is definitely valid. Howe…  Read more

 @9GXXGW7 from New York commented…7mos7MO

I lost some brain cells after reading this. The human embryo, from fertilization forward, develops in a single direction by an internally directed process: the developmental trajectory of this entity is determined from within, not by extrinsic factors, and always toward the same mature state, from the earliest stage of embryonic development onward. This means that the embryo has the same nature—it is the same kind of entity, a whole human organism—from fertilization forward; there is only a difference in degree of maturation between any of the stages in the development of the liv…  Read more

 @9FD8LFLDemocrat from Virginia disagreed…9mos9MO

A major party of the woman's life, she will have the child under her responsibility. if she thinks that she is not able to give to this baby a great life, its better for her to abort.

 @L3ftyCodyRepublican from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

I understand where you're coming from, but consider this: adoption. There are many loving families who are unable to have children of their own and are waiting for the opportunity to adopt. If a woman feels she cannot provide a good life for her child, adoption offers another option. What are your thoughts on this as an alternative to abortion?

 @LehiMello  from Utah commented…1 day1D

This sounds like a great way of both sides winning, the child will live, and the mother won't be the one taking care of them

 @9HGMXYXIndependent from Illinois commented…6mos6MO

Yeah i agree because if the father finna dip why we gotta take care of the baby WE DIDNT WANT...not only that but if the child is going to have a trumatic life why bring a baby into this world.

 @9GXXGW7 from New York commented…7mos7MO

 @9G2MC2PRepublican  from Arkansas disagreed…8mos8MO

Everyone has the right to live, even an unborn baby. Just because of whatever decisions the father or mother made does not justify the death of the child.

 @9G66DB8 from Texas agreed…8mos8MO

I disagree, because most women who would wan't an abortion have probably wen't through something traumatic like rape or etc.

 @9G2W76P  from Oregon agreed…8mos8MO

Yes! I agree, punish the rapist not the baby. Parents dont have a right to dictate the life of another individual. Even if they are in their womb.

 @9HGMXYXIndependent from Illinois disagreed…6mos6MO

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…8mos8MO

Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

I know people who would've been killed by their abusive spouses if they still had any remaining link to them, I know that they had no other viable option other than abortion to prevent from being abused, and that they would only ever be away from that spouse if they didn't have the kid. There are THOUSANDS of reasons people have them, and that is their right to choose. We do not force people to donate organs because it'll save a life, same way as we don't force people to give birth.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…7mos7MO

You would then punish a child for the mistakes of other people – punish with DEATH, DEATH! In what world is that right? The child did nothing wrong, the child's not even old enough to think of sinning! Two wrongs don't make a right. once you're a mother you're a mother forever.

 @9G3L78W from Pennsylvania agreed…8mos8MO

Yes, I believe that every baby should have the right to live a life. if the mother or father is not ready for that then they can put the child up for adoption and have another capable family take care of it.

 @9G53LFT from Virginia agreed…8mos8MO

I'm conflicted. I agree but at the same time things can happen: rape, sexual abuse/assault, incest, not being able to even afford the child. These things happen and while in some cases abortion shouldn't be legal, in other cases it should not be. In some cases, why put yourself and the child through the pain and struggles then you both go through it? In others you're being selfish and irresponsible, you're taking the life of your child because of your mistakes. I honestly think abortion should be legal.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…7mos7MO

In cases of rape, sexual abuse/assault, incest, and unaffordability the child is just as human as he/she would otherwise have been. D-mn the circumstances, it's a human being, do not murder it.

 @9KTPRPNLibertarian from Missouri disagreed…3mos3MO


Children that are products of incest do not have a good quality of life. They have increased genetic disorders, fluctuating facial asymmetry, lower birth weight, and higher infant mortality and child mortality rates. Not to mention, 95-97% of children that were conceived because of incest report to being sexually abused as small children. I will and would always abort a child if I was raped by my father or brother. You have absolutely no say in what I do with my body, as a man.

  @9F4RHRPRepublican  from North Carolina disagreed…7mos7MO

From my perspective, the core argument is about the inherent value of life. Pro-choice often focuses on a woman's autonomy, but excludes the unborn child's right to life. This child, though not yet fully developed, has the potential to become a fully functioning human being. It's not about current capabilities, but potential ones. Shouldn't we, as a society, prioritize preserving the potential for life over personal convenience or circumstance? It's a delicate balance, but for me, upholding the sanctity of life is paramount.

 @9H57ZGBRepublican from Mississippi agreed…7mos7MO

To say 'potential for life' is to deny this child's already months-old life. We do not (or should not) as a country hold that some lives are more important than others-- especially if we espouse any form of egalitarianism. All life in all stages ought to be protected. A pro-life sentiment does not go far enough to say the unborn need protection -- we must do more to assist the struggling single mother and to address the conditions that lead to cycles of poverty and despair in our country.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…7mos7MO

The way to address these conditions is to get the government to leave people the heck alone.

 @9JJCG8C  from Tennessee disagreed…5mos5MO


Its funny you say that because your stance on the issue is putting an unborn baby's life over a 13 year old who is pregnant from being raped by her uncle. Everyone cares about the unborn babies lives but when the baby is born its no longer your problem. The ban on abortions is about nothing other than control.

 @9GYXRV3Independent from Kentucky agreed…7mos7MO

I agree, and I would also like to add that we should invest in programs and policies to help parents in difficult situations so that they don't view abortion as the most "convenient" option

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…7mos7MO

We should just ban it

 @9HHK57Q  from Pennsylvania disagreed…6mos6MO

Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it

ban it

how would just baning it help the parent figure out what they want to do if the dad fina dip let him dip just let the mother do what she gona do if she dont want no baby let her have an abortion.


I completely agree. Life should be of the utmost importance. Our Constitution declares life as one of our God-given rights. There are plenty of opportunities for adoption in the U.S., so if having a child is too much for a person to handle, adoption centers will take care of the child.

 @9GYBFKS from Tennessee agreed…7mos7MO

I agree with this comment. The logic of my body my choice is very poor logic as the child in the womb is genetically different from the parent, therefore, it is not the mother's body. The child did not choose to be born, but it has been given a chance for life, and the child deserves the chance for life just like everyone who has already been born has been given.

 @9GMWPQD  from California agreed…8mos8MO

people should be able to do whatever they want with their body not have it decided by anyone else that is their own choice. Some people also get into situations that are not their fault like rape and they shouldn't be forced to keep that baby if they dont want to that wasn't their fault and wouldn't have the proper mental health in that moment either to raise a child, people should just respect peoples choices cause at the end of the day the person getting the abortion knows whats best for them and that child.

 @9GMZZXZ from Texas disagreed…8mos8MO

people who are impregnated by rape should be offered free delivery fees to keep people from aborting babies. The baby is still a human regardless if it is 2 weeks old or 6 months old.

 @9GP35TZRepublican from Indiana disagreed…8mos8MO

No abortion is not best for the child. In no logical way is killing the child best for them. There are many other options if you are not in a place to raise the child.

 @9GMX884 from California disagreed…8mos8MO

People have the right to choose what goes on in their own body. What they do to their own body is not your problem.

 @9HHK57Q  from Pennsylvania agreed…6mos6MO

Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it

People have the right to choose what goes on in their own body.

this is what i needed to hear.

 @9GMXXKG  from Minnesota disagreed…8mos8MO

So you can't smoke a cigarette in a hospital for the same reason you can't punch people. Your right to swing your fist ends at someone's face. Rape and incest make up less than 1% of abortion so to use such a small portion to justify that 99% is illogical. Science also teaches us that things are alive, dead, or will never be alive. If the baby isn't alive, it's dead or it's nonliving. It's the same species as us just at a different stage, and a newborn isn't able to sustain its own life and neither is a two year old or a ninety nine year old. I agree…  Read more


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