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@9XKDN5PConstitution from Arizona answered…5 days

No, I believe that in general, policing can be handled a lot differently. If anything their funding should be increased and I think they should have to have experience in martial arts.

@9XK9YW9Peace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…5 days

They should create a group of cops specifically with these kind of weapons to deal with extreme situations and not just let any cop become this.

@9XK4XMYRepublican from Ohio answered…5 days

Yes, as long as a private citizens can legally obtain the same equipment

@Jordan-Hollenbec…Working Familyfrom Maine  answered…5 days

I would say yes and not because of all the shootings if they have military grade equipment there’s going to be more

@9XJ67GWPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…6 days

They should, but with strict training on how and when to use the equipment, and only in response to extreme situations.

@9XMZQ82Independent from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes Only If the mentally well citizens can have legal access to military-grade equipment.

@9XMD8Q5Republican from Florida answered…3 days

Yes, ONLY in response to extreme situations. AND with strict training on how to and when to use the equipment. AND officers that misuse military grade weapons should NEVER have access to or be authorized to use those weapons ever again.

@9XM32G5Republican from Illinois answered…3 days

@9XL9X39Constitution from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

@9XKMT2PConstitution from Tennessee answered…5 days

No, if the police cannot be equal to the citizens with equipment.

@9XGNZBJProgressive from New York answered…1wk

Yes, with strict training and only for extreme situations. If use wrongfully, cop should be charged for his crime.

@9XFZ8RCLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

@9XFVZYLWorking Family from South Carolina answered…1wk

I think they should have everything that the military has including tanks and Jets

@9XD4864Democrat from Georgia answered…2wks

No one should be allowed to use military grade equipment . Police or public ! Why? Some people are not responsible ! Maybe with required training classes and permits

@9XCXY37Constitution from Kansas answered…2wks

Define "military grade." Body armor, semi-automatic pistols, AR style rifles are all issued widely in the military. My sense is that this term as used here is meant to capture things like armored vehicles. I would not want to restrict the discretion of law enforcement to have access to any of these things because there are certainly situations that call for the use of such equipment. I would be in favor of more oversight and some mechanism to skew police agencies away from using them unnecessarily, though.

@9XCWYNXDemocrat from Kansas answered…2wks

I don't think they should be able to use high grades weapons, as of now i think their equipment's are suitable for their environment's. military grade equipment should only be used for extreme issues in my opinion.

@9XCNF8BDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

yes, but only in response to extreme situations and with strict training on how to use it.

@9WZWYVPPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…3wks

Not on the people like how they did it with the protest should not be allowed.

@9WYR7FSConstitution from Ohio answered…4wks

Only in response to extreme situations and with strict training on how and when to use the weapon

@9WYP7X5Constitution from Georgia answered…4wks

@9WY2QRSConstitution from Georgia answered…4wks

i dont think they should so they want be so overpowered and it be possible for other people to take their gun and only the army and highly trained people be allowed to have these weapons.

@9WXTG63Democrat from California answered…4wks

yes, but only in response to extreme situations along with strict training on how and when to use the equipment.

@9WVN7YSConstitution from Virginia answered…4wks

@9WVM9G4Constitution from Washington answered…4wks

No, Only the swat teams that are called in for the biggest emergancys may use these military grade wepons.

@9WVDXXFPeace and Freedom from New York answered…4wks

no bc some cops will take advantage and actually hurt people

@9WVB9RHSocialist from Kansas answered…4wks

Yes but depending on the situation and they should be highly trained to use them.

@9WLSJPDSocialist from South Dakota answered…1mo

Only if at all necessary, but the core of the problem is the policing system because it needs to be reformed.

@9WLHXR3Constitution from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but so should the public. The nation cannot have a civilian populace with no way to fight tyranny, should the need arise.

@9WJFZR9Democrat from New Mexico answered…1mo

absolutely not. they can use those for any situation and be corrupt.

@9WJ9TL2Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…1mo

Standard police officers shouldn't have military-grade equipment and extreme situations should be handled by the SWAT team and other agencies with specialized training.

@9WG32P4Constitution from Texas answered…1mo

The military should always have the top of the line equipment, some shouldn’t be publicly known

@9WFH8GSConstitution from California answered…1mo

@9WF3NJLWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1mo

Yes, but only in extreme situations and strict training on how and when to use the equipment.

@9WBZTXSWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

yes, but with strict training and only in extreme situations

@9WBN9BJConstitution from Georgia answered…1mo

The police already have SWAT teams and use the necessary force needed for a situation.

@9WB92L9Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1mo

No they should not be handed military grade equipment because they can't even handle the fire arms they are given now. They don't even go through enough training or proper training to deal with some of the calls they get now with the weapons they are handed. So why should we trust them to carry military grade equipment. I understand that most cops aren't bad but the ones that do things they know they shouldn't do or they know it was wrong are the ones that can't be trusted. It's also the cops that know their partners did something wrong or have done something wrong but has not said anything about. But that's a whole different discussion.

@9WB3VLSWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…1mo

If the situation requires and with backup like marshal law and swat

@9W9WFKVWomen’s Equality from Nebraska answered…2mos

I say they should be able to use military grade equipment if it is absolute necessary.

@9VZHBNJTranshumanist from Arizona answered…2mos

Yes, but only in extreme situations and strict training on how and when to use the equipment

@9VZ99TXConstitution from Ohio answered…2mos

they should be only aloud in serious situations with training

@9VYMXPQPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…2mos

NO because the more militarized our police gets, the more fascist rule we will have over our heads. We should have a system reform directed towards benefiting the people and not directed towards property protection and enforcing fascist law and order against minorities.


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