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@97TM6YL from Georgia commented…2wks

Police should be allowed to use military surplus equipment in order to apprehend a suspect so the suspect can no longer endanger any one else's rights.

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No, extreme situations should be handled by higher agencies with specialized training and equipment

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@9847DX3 from Washington answered…12hrs

@9842LMTRepublican from Michigan answered…15hrs

@983Y4HJ from Georgia answered…17hrs

Yes but only if it’s a very extreme situation and they need training on how to use it

@983WYKYIndependence from Colorado answered…17hrs

I think that specialized teams of police such as SWAT should have access, but not just every officer.

@983WPXQ from Texas answered…17hrs

america should be legally required to make everyone drive a ford f150

@983VRHN from Louisiana answered…18hrs

The police departments should be allowed to have military-grade firearms and military-grade equipment only for extreme measures.

@983SPBJ from Iowa answered…19hrs

@983SMFY from Minnesota answered…19hrs

Not on a day to day usage but if they have to i think they should have the right to access it

@983SJMZ from Iowa answered…19hrs

Yes, only in the necessary situations, with very strict training.

@983QS4Q from North Carolina answered…20hrs

@983MSM3 from Arizona answered…1 day

Yes, but strict training and hand picked groups/people selected to carry such a weapon.

@983LZCJ from North Carolina answered…1 day

Yes, as long as civilians are also allowed to use the same equipment.

@mathomas156Libertarian from Virginia answered…2 days

@98355FR from North Carolina answered…2 days

They should be completely allowed to use military equipment only in extreme and dangerous situations and only if the users are well trained

@98353CC from North Carolina answered…2 days

@9834LQVWomen’s Equality from Kentucky answered…2 days

@98339VF from North Carolina answered…2 days

yes, with good training and knowing when the right time. I think they should know how to use them just incase if there is a bad war and they need to help.

@9832RCF from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, but only in extreme situations with correct and thorough training

@98329YY from Virginia answered…2 days

no, if it is that bad, they should just call in the military for that

@9832947 from New Hampshire answered…2 days

Yes I think with the conditions extreme and the training strict with also having higher agencies responding to the situation.

@98327GL from Alabama answered…2 days

Yes, But with strict training and strict control and only in extreme conditions.

@98326RD from Alabama answered…2 days

I feel like they could just use the equipment that they already have. It depends though if the situation is very important.

@982ZDX7 from Missouri answered…2 days

It depends on the equipment and the crime and the situation things such as military-grade tech to help track and locate people then yes now does the police need a tank no not really but things such as these would need more training to use correctly.

@982YK82 from Kentucky answered…2 days

Depending on the situation, they should be able have them ready, but only use them when needed.

@982XG54 from Tennessee answered…2 days

in very extreme situations only but they should have raining with the weapon they use.

@982R2DCIndependent from Oklahoma answered…2 days

@982PG6Q from Arkansas answered…2 days

Yes, but only to extreme situations and with strict training on how and when to use the equipment

@982LLGB from Iowa answered…3 days

I think that police departments should have it available in their buildings and vehicles but should not be allowed to use it unless warranted.

@982KHHKRepublican from Florida answered…3 days

Training is definelty important and should also tie in with exxtreme situations

@982JJ33Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…3 days

They should have access to that equipment and training on how/when to use it, but, it serious situations other agencies with higher training should also be called in to assist.

@982FTW6 from Texas answered…3 days

no because they would abuse power and they already have the swat which is pretty much a mini army

@982BQ6H from Missouri answered…3 days

the basic tools and weapons to protect themselves is approprite but extreme equipment shouldnt be unless very nesscary

@9827J4YConstitution from Kentucky answered…3 days

No, this could make it easier for criminals to gain access to military grade weaponry and could end up tearing cities and communities to the ground

@9825FVX from Iowa answered…3 days

yes and no depending what it is because some places get high crime and dangerous people but i wouldn't say like tanks but some other things yes

@98239MK from Illinois answered…3 days

Why give police more power? They abuse it already because of a fact they are a cop


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