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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

No, extreme situations should be handled by higher agencies with specialized training and equipment

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@965SSSWIndependent from Utah answered…15mins

Yes, but with strict training on how and when to use the equipment and only in response to extreme situations where higher agencies with specialized training and equipment would not be able to respond quickly

@965SDXL from Virginia answered…40mins

Yes, but they need to have the military training to operate the military equipment.

@965NHDQ from Virginia answered…4hrs

The question is biased to the point of being flawed. What, exactly, do you mean by military grade equipment? Boots? Gloves? - the military has specific definitions for these. Cars?

@965KWXY from Wisconsin answered…5hrs

@965HBGTRepublican from Utah answered…6hrs

Maybe some, relevant, military-grade equipment, for emergency situations, and have all policemen completely trained in the safety of the equipment and all authorized policemen in the use and determination of when to use the equipment.

@9657T9B from Michigan answered…9hrs

No the polices that i see on the internet use so much force and they sometimes kill the people they do that to and if they got military equipment they will over use it on a time when its really not needed.

@96578PD from California answered…9hrs

Depends on the equipment, theres a certain point when the US military may as well be called in alongside police but I believe yes they should have access to equipment as needed.

@9656QMY from California answered…9hrs

@9652LPQ from Kentucky answered…10hrs

for emergencies yes because if its something that might actually hurt them due to where or what type of thing it is then yes.

@964ZZCXRepublican from Georgia answered…11hrs

Yes, but with very extensive training and only in situations where that type of equipment is needed.

@964QDYF from Texas answered…24hrs

Yes, as long as citizens have the same opportunities to buy said equipment

@964Q428 from Missouri answered…1 day

No, they would not need military-grade equipment if we greatly increase gun control

@964PT4X from South Carolina answered…1 day

In my opinion they should not use that type of equipment put they should be able to call a certain group of people that know how to use it.

@964P4V2from Maine  answered…1 day

@964FVDK from Virginia answered…2 days

Yes and civilians should be able to own the same weapons. Abolish the NFA

@964B9XC from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, but have military grade equipment be reserved for SWAT teams.

@9648KQS from North Carolina answered…2 days

@96488CY from Utah answered…2 days

Police departments should only be allowed to use "military grade" equipment that is available for the public to purchase.

@9645GKMLibertarian from Maryland answered…2 days

Yes. The term "military grade" has no definition. Let them use what they need to do their jobs.

@963SGMY from Kansas answered…3 days

If the government can have it the people should also be able to as long as they are tested, trained, and have background tests.

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…3 days

Yes but only in extreme situations with rigorous proper training. It should only be allotted to places that is most likely to be hit terrorist attacks or high stake situations

@963R5VL from Oklahoma answered…3 days

Yes but they better be prepared to justify the need or face criminal charges for steamrolling over individual rights. Might does not make right.

@963NXKHLibertarian from Arkansas answered…3 days

@963N2L7 from Kansas answered…3 days

Yes, but only in extreme situations and only if they are given strict training on how and when to use said equipment.

@963K5G6 from Massachusetts answered…3 days

no, but there should be other departments that can they should be smaller and harder to get into

@963K2JN from Missouri answered…3 days

@963HMP5Independent from Illinois answered…3 days

it depends on which equipment and what the situation is that it needs to be used in

@963HBQ7 from California answered…3 days

@963GQW4 from Ohio answered…3 days

Depends on how serious the threat is but it shouldn't be something they carry around on a daily basis

@963FX22Democrat from South Carolina answered…3 days

Yes, but only with highly trained people in using the equipment in the police department.

@963DM3S from Maine answered…3 days

yes but only if the crime is high where they are at and if hard for higher agencies to get there in time.

@963D9HD from Oregon answered…3 days

No, unless there's a serious shooting or other emergencies that the military couldn't go to.

@963D4NG from Missouri answered…3 days

Yes and no there are just pros and cons since they already have military-grade weapons.


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