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@97TM6YL from Georgia commented…2wks

Police should be allowed to use military surplus equipment in order to apprehend a suspect so the suspect can no longer endanger any one else's rights.

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No, extreme situations should be handled by higher agencies with specialized training and equipment

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@97ZXH8XRepublican from Nevada answered…7hrs

@97ZTR2F from Michigan answered…13hrs

Yes, but with strict training on how and when to use the equipment Yes, but only in response to extreme situations

@97ZPZML from Oklahoma answered…1 day

military equipment is not required unless of a deadly attack or terrorist attack.

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2 days

@97ZLYW3 from Arizona answered…2 days

In part. Equipment used should be the same that is available to normal citizens. Body armor and increased accuracy of scopes are good. Reduce collateral damage and protect life. APCs and fully automatic weapons are not.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

Yes in extreme situations and strict, frequent training on how and when to use the equipment.

@97Z97CP answered…3 days

yes "Military grade" does NOT mean high quality despite what many may think. I believe they should have great equipment just don't use the term military grade.

@97Z39D9Libertarianfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…4 days

@97Z23BZ from Mississippi answered…4 days

"Military grade" does NOT mean high quality despite what many may think. I believe they should have great equipment just don't use the term military grade.

@97YXL52 from Alabama answered…5 days

They should be able to but a lot of officers take advantage of their current position which makes it difficult to decide. Affects the competent officers who do the right thing.

@97YVZPJ from Tennessee answered…5 days

@97YV9W5Republican from Florida answered…5 days

Yes, but military equipment must be defined. Also, some tasks should not be handled by local police departments and may ideally be handled by more equipped agencies.

@97YTXQX from New Jersey answered…5 days

Yes, they should be trained to use the equipment in only extreme situations.

@97YNV9B from Texas answered…5 days

They should be allowed to wear military grade protection gear but not weapons/ other equipment

@97YJW4D from New Jersey answered…6 days

@97YHDCBIndependent from Maine answered…6 days

@97YGLRF from Michigan answered…6 days

Only in specific situations, keep the bigger gun in back of car incase of emergency.

@97YG95F from Indiana answered…6 days

No, because if the situation gets too extreme, they should send in other people that are more experienced with those weapons.

@97YFPLP from South Carolina answered…6 days

It depends on the amount of training and the level of authority. Certain things should be allowed, but there should certainly have restrictions.

@97YC2YM from Georgia answered…6 days

@97YB5NY from Rhode Island answered…6 days

Yes, only when the equipment is to the community’s safety or the safety of the police department

@97Y66RS from Kentucky answered…6 days

@97XZCLDRepublican from Missouri answered…7 days

@97XYL8C from Illinois answered…7 days

@97XXFJM from Utah answered…7 days

Combining the first two stances, yes if they are strictly trained, and only in extreme situations.

@97XVH34 from South Carolina answered…7 days

@97XTY8H from Michigan answered…7 days

@97XT2XSWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…7 days

As long as they have the proper training and only use for extreme situations.

@97XNJV7 from Arkansas answered…1wk

To a certain extent, we can’t have police officers using tanks because their whole job is to protect and serve, not make a town look like an avengers scene.

@97XH2QY from Minnesota answered…1wk

"Military Grade" equipment is a made up term like "Assault Rifle"

@97X9P23 from New York answered…1wk

@97X6N6N from Florida answered…1wk

No the police are racist, homophobic, xenophobic and will use this weaponry to go after minorities.

@97X5VM6Progressive from California answered…1wk

I agree with the one about yes, but only with strict training on how and when to use the equipment. But only in accordance with the statement I made for the above question.

@97X4TRT from Louisiana answered…1wk

@97WXDVXRepublican from Idaho answered…1wk

@97WTRJ9 from Oklahoma answered…1wk

Yes but with strict training and only in the most severe situations


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