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 @9F7S8WRWomen’s Equality  from Michigan agreed…2wks2W

The amount of school shootings has gone up significantly in recent years do to the ease of buying guns

 @9FDQQLC from Wisconsin disagreed…1wk1W

This is more due to extremism and increased violence as violence rates in general have gone up as well.

 @9FDK88HDemocrat from New Jersey agreed…1wk1W

allowing people to have guns can cause more violence as people could use it whenever they feel even if it is not justified.

 @9F83SMT from Washington agreed…2wks2W

Just as it is not safe for people to handle heavy machinery, cars, or other potentially dangerous tasks without proper training, license, and evaluation, it is not safe for people to handle deadly weapons without proper training, license, and evaluation either.

 @9FBSSDY from South Carolina agreed…1wk1W

my one question would be : if you had a kid and sent them to school and there was a school shooting and you never got to see your kid again how would you feel? the peson that commited the crime could have bought the gun themself the day prior with " good intensions to keep his family safe and not to harm anyone'

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 @9F9PSDLIndependent  from Alabama disagreed…2wks2W

I really think they should be banned but I know that's too much to ask so I think we should go the Japan route. Make them expensive and require a lot of yearly training and fees.

 @9FBVYCPNatural Law from Colorado disagreed…1wk1W

We should ban all guns so that this wouldn't be become a safely problem for the people. Restrict guns only for police and military services.

 @9F9TRQMIndependent from Connecticut disagreed…2wks2W

do you want lots of people to die because someone that was not in their right mind bought a gun at walmart and killed a bunch of people for no reason.

 @93TNN45 from Arizona disagreed…2wks2W

The Turks disarmed the Armenians, and it cost millions their lives. Strong gun laws only make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.

 @9FBDRBZIndependent from Illinois disagreed…2wks2W

Guns are used for protection many say, although most of the time the person killing others is using a gun, Innocent lives are being taken all because we don't have stronger restrictions on guns. Gun control needs to become stronger in order to prevent innocent lives from being taken.

 @9FBL7S3Constitution from California disagreed…2wks2W

Guns are just as often used in defense of a person such as police using them to kill someone's attacker.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs11Y

Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

 @9F9PSDLIndependent  from Alabama agreed…2wks2W

They should have a psych exam and go through multiple training and handling courses. They should also not be allowed to own a gun if they have any red flags in the background check. You should also get references from people outside the family.

 @9FB647V from North Carolina agreed…2wks2W

They should take a psychiatric exam and undergo various training and management courses. They also shouldn't be allowed to own a gun if they have something wrong on their background check.

 @9FB3KSM from New Jersey agreed…2wks2W

They should have a psychiatry exam and have to go through multiple training and handling courses. They should also not be allowed to own a gun if they have anything wrong in their background check.

 @9F9KSGC from Florida agreed…2wks2W

Most events with gun violence are usually caused by characters with mental illnesses like PTSD, schizophrenia, or anything that causes the individual to have a skewed perception of reality. People must be trained in proper gun use, as well as background checks- if the character in question had a violent history with gun violence, why would you give them another one unless they're properly trained?

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

 @97Z4H4N  from Florida commented…10mos10MO

This is very important because if someone breaks into your house, your going to want to be able to defend yourself. The government removing self defense is the same as murder.

 @9963BKTSocialist from Virginia commented…8mos8MO

Yes, require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training

I'm all for owning a gun, but is being able to own a weapon strong enough to mow down entire crowds really necessary? I mean at the very most you should have a pistol and a hunting rifle, that is literally all you could ever need!

 @9B3G9B6 from Texas disagreed…6mos6MO

The firearm in question i assume is an AR15, and the reason it is needed is because we (as responsible citizens) should be properly equipped and trained to be effective in guerrilla warfare and the AR15 is a great firearm for this. We need to become the minutemen our forefathers were, to be ready to defend those we love and our way of life at a minutes notice.

 @9BYHRVG from Washington agreed…4mos4MO

No, and the government should pass a national “stand your ground” law

Thank you! Am writing a book about that right now!

  @DanielKolbin1105Independent from Indiana commented…8mos8MO

The easier it is to get a gun, the easier it is for incompetent people or criminals to become more dangerous.

 @9F7GDZD from Idaho agreed…2wks2W

The second amendment allows us the right to bare arms to protect ourselves from criminals and tyranny. It also states that the government cannot infringe upon that right.

 @9F4NG2M from Colorado disagreed…2wks2W

I disagree. 71% of all homicides involve gun violence, if the U.S. had more strict background checks to purchase them there would be a much lower crime rate and fewer shootings. Having a national "stand your ground" law would put guns in the hands of millions of mentally unstable people and end the lives of millions more.

 @DeterminedD1plom4tLibertarian from Florida disagreed…2wks2W

Studies suggest that criminals often obtain their guns illegally, bypassing background checks entirely. For instance, a survey by the Department of Justice in 2016 found that more than half of prisoners who possessed a gun during their offense didn't obtain it through a retail source where a background check would be necessary.

As for the "stand your ground" laws, it's important to note that these laws aren't intended to put guns in the hands of unstable people. Rather, they aim to allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves in situations where they're in immediate danger. However, the…  Read more

 @9FCH75D from Georgia agreed…1wk1W

the second amendment, as well as the entire constitution, is the legal precedent for everything. if any law were to even slightly violate one part of it, that law is unconstitutional. in fact, we shouldnt even need to pass a stand your ground law because its already in the constitution. self defense is an inalienable right and i will fight and fight and fight to keep my rights from the filthy hands of democrat tyrants and their mindless sheep.

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No, only for criminals and the mentally ill

 @9F8SQZQ  from Texas disagreed…2wks2W

Many of the criminals or mentally ill citizens that perform acts of gun violence are not consider criminals or mentally ill until after they have performed these crimes. The stakes are too high to assume that an otherwise healthy and stable person cannot one day become an unstable person that may harm other people.

 @9FDYCQVPeace and Freedom from GU agreed…7 days7D

When it comes to people who have guns, it is unpredictable to know how they might use it. It may be used for self-defense or to harm others. But in the end, it is best to have a person have a proper gun license and ensure that they are mentally and physically trusted to have a gun.

 @9FG27XW from Texas disagreed…6 days6D

Yes, I believe there should be a way longer process including, being able to shoot, handle, and be able to be safe with a gun. also i believe there should be a certain age i have to be to buy a gun.

 @9FD9WKQDemocrat from Massachusetts disagreed…1wk1W

some of the deadliest school shooters weren't criminals until they murdered 18 elementary school children. some of the deadliest school shooters were found to be mentally fit and still bought assault rifles used in the military and viciously murdered innocent people.

 @9FBXNLQ from California disagreed…1wk1W

All people have the capacity to be dangerous such weapons should not be available to the public without harsh process of license so people who have them are well evaluated and educated.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs11Y

Yes, and ban all guns from public use

 @9F7GDZD from Idaho disagreed…2wks2W

Why should I be forced to give up my most effective personal defense weapon when bad people still find ways to get illegal firearms. Look at Chicago for example. It has some of the strictest gun control in the country. yet gangsters are still running around with Glock switches which are highly illegal in all 50 states. Besides in my state where guns easily attainable, there is very little gun violence.

 @9F4H9R4 from Texas disagreed…2wks2W

Criminals don't follow laws, only citizens do. That puts the guns in the wrong hands.

 @9FCQFQQ from Pennsylvania disagreed…1wk1W

Ban on selling manufacturing and distributing guns will keep them out of the hands of people who will misuse them

 @AmazedRadicalRepublican from Ohio disagreed…1wk1W

While a ban on selling, manufacturing, and distributing firearms may seem like a logical solution, it doesn't necessarily guarantee safety. For instance, during Prohibition in the 1920s, the U.S. banned the production and sale of alcohol, yet consumption continued, and organized crime flourished. Similarly, a complete ban on guns could potentially lead to an increase in illegal arms trafficking and black market activity. So the question is, how can we ensure that stricter control measures won't inadvertently create a thriving underground market for firearms?

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…1wk1W

America is a mass producer of firearms, so a universal level of restriction and manufacturing security is a great start. Increase the requirements to buy a gun such as training, health checks, and to reduce violence, ban the use of guns to anyone with a history of domestic violence. We need to ban certain types of guns case-by-case, and regulate the industry as tightly as possible. The same way as drugs, hey shouldn’t be illegal, but they should be reasonably controlled, something america has failed to do.

 @9FB4N9R from Florida disagreed…2wks2W

I really think that anyone that wants can break the laws; gun should not be easy to access regardless of being a criminal or not. There should be a lot restrictions on guns because we already have learned that when guns are in the wrong hands it can cause chaos and tragedy as we seen on the multiples school shootings on the past years.

 @PragmaticEmiliaRepublicanfrom Maine disagreed…2wks2W

While it's true that firearms in the wrong hands can cause tragedy, it's important to note that most gun owners are law-abiding citizens. In fact, a study from the CDC showed that defensive use of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence. So, taking guns away from these individuals may leave them vulnerable. Furthermore, stringent gun control doesn't necessarily equate to lower crime rates. For instance, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US, yet it experiences one of the highest rates of gun violence.

However, I agree that we need to keep guns out of the hands of those…  Read more

 @9F9NKTM from Pennsylvania disagreed…2wks2W

I think it is better to prohibit carrying weapons for people who do it simply for pleasure and allow it for people who really use them to defend people.

 @9F9MV2Z from Ohio disagreed…2wks2W

There is no difference between a criminal and a citizen until they break the law. They should be treated the same way up until that point.

 @9FBVYCPNatural Law from Colorado agreed…1wk1W

For example, in China, where gun is not allowed, there is less violence happening and less people dying. In US, people are dying for no reason because of gun violence happening everyday.

 @9F77T5Q from North Carolina disagreed…2wks2W

Guns are a tool mainly for self defense and restricting the use of guns from responsible gun owners will encourage them to get them illegally. We shouldn't reprimand something because the tool was in the wrong hands

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs11Y

No, but increase penalties for gun-related crimes

 @983DK9Q from Pennsylvania agreed…10mos10MO

The problem with guns isn't that they're inherently dangerous, its the damage someone bent on harm can do with one. To criminalize an unthinking and inert object while doing nothing about the thinking being who wields it, is to not only turn the purpose of the law on its head, but reality itself. Further, any law introduced that bans certain firearms (or any firearm) will NOT be complied with by the very people who pose a danger with guns (criminals). You will do nothing but embolden criminal activity while decreasing the options peaceful people have to deal with such aggression. All the gun-control schemes I have seen proposed are a "feel-good" solution that solves nothing.

 @99J2R76 from Texas commented…7mos7MO

No, only for criminals and the mentally ill

Also, some of the laws currently in place by the ATF do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining/using said guns or modifications, and instead just hamper law abiding citizens.

 @9FF647K from Pennsylvania agreed…7 days7D

Criminals should be charged with damaging our public mental health as well as the crime they commited by abusing the seccond amendment.


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