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@97JH7N3  from Florida agreed…3mos

Every person should be able to choose whether or not to have a child and still be granted basic comforts in being able to enjoy an intimate relationship with someone they love without having to worry about having a child. Children born into families that are not ready for them live terrible lives and are generally regarded as mistakes. This breaks children and increases suicide rates among the parents and the kids. Anyone arguing that people should not get a choice need to try living that and tell me otherwise only then because my life is terrible because my mother couldn't get an abortion when she had me at the age of 15. There is no argument because its a difference between a kid living a horrible life and not really living a life, and a chance for adults to really live their life. Prove me wrong. Oh wait you can't.

@98ZTTPC from Maine commented…15hrs

My mum was in a domestic violence relationship with my dad and she still didn’t abort me i was abused and bullied as a kid suffer from depression but now that im 19 and an adult i dont look back in life and i actually get up off my arse and work go the gym and train in mixed martial arts 6 times a week. Whats your excuse? I have a friend how had his child when he was 14 and the mother was 13 and they managed fine i have another friend who had a child at 16 and shes a single mum and she loves her baby. The fact that you can get condoms for free up to 25 and free contraception in this country doesn’t excuse abortion unless its for rape

@98ZTTPC from Maine commented…15hrs

No you make you life living horrible your choice. Not your mum! You seem like a full grown adult so what happens in your life is your fault and from your choices. Stop making excuses

@987J62RRepublican from Florida commented…2mos

so youd rather die than to try to have a better life?

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…4wks

they are saying they would rather have died they didnt say they want to die now. before you start talking read what people say

@979LZZ6  from Kansas agreed…2mos

I don't care how far along the pregnancy is, or even if it was a grown adult person attached to your body, you would STILL have every right to sever that connection, even if doing so would kill the other person, because that's what it means to have bodily autonomy. Your right to your own body, and the decisions over what procedures you will or will not have, or who can or cannot use your body, is one of the single most important rights you can have.

@98ZTTPC from Maine commented…15hrs

I dont think anyone has the right to kill their child whether its born or unborn the fact that people see an abortion as no big deal is shocking. Parents kill thwir child for their own selfish needs yet they created that child with their actions they should be made to face the consequences! Unless the women is raped incest or ectopic pregnancy of course

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…6hrs

If you kill a child that is already born, then that's just normal murder, whether it's yours or not. However, an "unborn child" is different, because it fundamentally relies on the use of another person's body, hence it's right to life is entirely dependent on the consent of the host individual. If you don't want it to continue using your body, then you have every right to stop it from doing so, regardless of whether you initially wanted to be pregnant or not. Surely you agree that another individual does not have the right to use your body without constant consent, right?

@98BGB9K from Florida commented…2mos

What about that persons rights? They have the right to live as well.

@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…4wks

unborn children don't have rights yet I can get being against abortion if its after 6 months in but other than that 100% pro choice

@98ZTTPC from Maine commented…15hrs

life starts a conception even scientist have confirmed this. I dont think it’s justifiable to kill an unborn baby because of the mother and fathers actions and their selfish needs? Do you?

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…6hrs

Of course life starts at conception, because the original cells have to be living in order to grow in the first place. Literally no one is debating the fact that the cells are alive, because they would have to be alive for it to even be a living fetus (even though you and science are likely talking about a different meaning of "life" here). The entire abortion argument is about bodily autonomy and consent...the "life" of the fetus is completely irrelevant. YOU have sole and total say over who can or cannot use your body, at any time, for any or no reason. So to answer your question: yes, it is absolutely justifiable to abort an unborn baby if the mother does not consent to it using her body, even if her reasoning is purely because she doesn't want to be pregnant anymore...

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…2mos

Sure, everyone has their own right to live, but no one's right to live takes precedence over any other person's right to their own body; that's why organ and blood donations are optional and not enforced by the state, because even if a person will die/is dying, you still have the right to deny them access to your own body. Your right over who can or cannot use your body, at any time, for any or no reason, is absolutely more important than any other person's right to life; simply having the right to live does not entitle someone to another person's body, even if their life literally depends on it.

@98M62D3  from Utah disagreed…4wks

The problem with your logic is that while you may have the right to deny the saving of ones life, you do not posses the right to kill someone. Bodily autonomy does not give you the right to murder a baby.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…3wks

This is entirely a question of philosophy, most notably on the discussion of "killing vs let die" as well as violation of non-aggression. Firstly, by severing the connection between yourself and another being that is relying on this connection to live, are you actually "killing" the being, or are you simply "letting it die" by denying it access to your connection? There really is no objective answer to that, as it's entirely a question of your own beliefs. Secondly, and probably more important to the discussion, is the issue of another being that is using your body beyond your consent. Since you no longer consent to this being's direct use of your body, you would again have every right to rid yourself of this now-invasive being, by whatever means necessary.

@98GJMZZIndependent from Ohio commented…1mo

I understand where you are coming from but I will choose to disagree

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…1mo

That's what having the personal choice means; you don't have to get one if you don't want to.

@98GJMZZIndependent  from Ohio commented…1mo


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