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 @9GJSPV7Republican from Texas agreed…9mos9MO

Yes, I agree. We should be able to know what we are eating, our children are eating and overall putting in our bodies.

 @9GJS9LX  from Washington agreed…9mos9MO

Just so we know what we’re purchasing and so nobody can cry around later if something happens to their health or body. Bc they knew wtf they was buying

 @9GJSBGB from California agreed…9mos9MO

I agree the people should be able to choose what goes into their bodies and have the right to know whats in everything.

 @9GJTCQV from Texas agreed…9mos9MO

GMO labels need to be shown because even if you have products using ingredients you are okay with, some others may not be.

 @9GJSWM9 from Connecticut agreed…9mos9MO

I agree entirely. I would even take this a step further by making it mandatory for all food suppliers to include warning labels on any ingredients linked to health issues(titanium dioxide, red 40, etc) excluding general ingredients such as salt, sugar, etc


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