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@9XKCFJJAmerican Solidarity from Louisiana answered…5 days

No, they should have to wait till their brain has fully developed to make this decision.

@9XFGD53Women’s Equality from Utah answered…1wk

Yes, but only for non-surgical treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Complete transitions can be decided once the child reaches the age of 18.

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, and they must be able to make these decisions independent from their family.

@9X27NTFPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3wks

@9WP48MFWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…1mo

@9WKHFV5Libertarian from Illinois answered…1mo

No, this selective procedure should only be made available to adults who are capable of giving consent

@9WHZFLDDemocrat from Alabama answered…1mo

Yes, but only if they are at least 16 years old. However, younger children should be allowed to use puberty blockers.

@9W572LCTranshumanist from Georgia answered…2mos

It should be a case by case basis, but I would not do any surgeries under the age of 18 and they should require a parents' consent.

@9W2PXNMWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…2mos

No, children under 17 should not be allowed to make expensive, irreversible decisions

@9VMJBK5Peace and Freedom from Michigan answered…3mos

@9V3TNJ8Democrat from Tennessee answered…5mos

Yes, as long as the child/teenager truly knows that this is the right decision.

@EllajgriffinPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…5mos

Yes for non-surgical and reversible treatments until they’re 15, yes to everything when they’re 16

@9T6KRKCLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…6mos

Yes, but I don’t think it’s right

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…5mos

Very fair, I too think healthcare decisions should not be mandated by the government.

@9T6KLXKGreen from Arkansas answered…6mos

yes. yes. omg. yes, why the hell shouldnt they? because you dont beleive in it? keep your oppinion to yourselves, they arent bothering you so shut up.! they have the right to be who they want to be, imagine if you were in their shoes? would you want to not be allowed to be who thhey want to be? I. will. fight. you. on. this.

@9T5L79JWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Depends on the kids decision. Gender transition treatments under 16 is not a good idea.

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…5mos

If a child is sure they are trans prior to puberty why would you legislate that doctors are not allowed to stop that puberty? Puberty blockers are entirely reversible but the effects of hormones are not. Forcing a trans kid to go through their puberty is effectively the same as forcing a cis kid to go on trans hormone treatments.

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…5mos

Yes. Some children have surgeries beyond their control, which can lead to psychological distress in their adolescent and adult years. Some surgeries can be deemed unnecessary and solely for profiting on the doctor's behalf. Sometimes children never really asked for these correctional surgeries due to their naturally born chromosomes (even if abnormal). I think those under 18 should have a choice as to whether they DO OR DON'T want gender transition treatments or any surgical operation pertaining to an autosomal dominant inheritance. A doctor should never instill fear, superficial opinion, or control as to whether the child should undertake any surgical operation. That decision should be left for the individual not the doctor.

@9V53FP6Transhumanist from Virginia answered…5mos

Yes, but only if the following applies: 1) They are at least 16 years old 2) They have parental/guardian permission

@9T5HSNWTranshumanist from Georgia answered…6mos

@9T5DDVDPeace and Freedom from New Mexico answered…6mos

@9T5ZZJRDemocratfrom Virgin Islands  answered…6mos

Yes, but only hormonal treatment that can be reversible

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…5mos

To be clear there are irreversible effects to hormone replacement therapy, these are the same effects that trans people commonly need reversed surgically if they are denied healthcare before puberty, or if they don't figure it out in time.

@9T5R3CQWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…6mos

Unless they are trans then they shouldn’t be allowed to

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…5mos

You know trans kids that are not allowed to express themselves commonly commit suicide, right?

@9T5R2SHTranshumanist from California answered…6mos

no, because people under the age of 18 usually don’t make the best decisions and they could change their minds. just like with tattoos

@Connor-BonhamPeace and Freedom from North Carolina commented…5mos

except its not like tattoos at all? detransitioners exists but that doesn't mean trans kids don't deserve medical treatment. I don't think you understand some trans kids experience gender dysphoria (the "i'm in the wrong kind of body" feeling) so severely that they take their life.

@9XNHD35Democrat from California answered…22hrs

@9XN6QC5Peace and Freedom from Florida answered…2 days

@9XMGPRJPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…3 days

I do believer this is important, but I do not believe myself to be in a position to decide this. I do not know enough to really say I can vote with confidence and stand by it. I do, however, believe that what the child wants does in fact matter and should absolutely be taken into account. It is important to at least make sure they heard and feel acknowledged.

@9XMFX84Democrat from Wisconsin answered…3 days

@9XMBG68Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…3 days

Yes, if they are educated enough and know that what they are wanting to transition to is what they are 100% wanting’s Equality from Ohio answered…3 days

yes, but only after serious consideration and consultations with a medical professional

@9XLS4LZTranshumanist from Indiana answered…3 days

No. Some of the was to transition are irreversible, and there should be lots of time put into making sure you actually are ready to transition


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