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No, children should not be allowed to make irreversible life decisions

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Yes, but only for non-surgical treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy

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@8WW6WS3 from Virginia answered…1yr

No, no I do not. I am in full support of the trans community, but I don't think a child who hasn't fully matured should be able to make that type of decision. I'm all for people being comfortable in they're own skin, but I've heard countless stories of people de-transitioning because they made the decision so young and regretted it later in life.

@944MJ7B from Florida agreed…3mos

Correct. This is one of the most logical responses here, and a very correct one. Thank you.

@93NHPVJ from Oregon disagreed…7mos

the number one reason people detransition is because of social and community pushback and the second is they can't afford to continue. the vast majority of detransitioned people do not detransition because they stop being trans

@98ZFTRQ from Washington D.C. answered…15hrs

Yes, if a medical professional has recommended it after evaluating the patient and following medical guidelines

@98ZC6GN from Michigan answered…17hrs

@RWM1999Libertarian from Texas answered…1 day

@48KP7BMGreen answered…2 days

No, but with the exception for non-surgical treatments. Puberty blockers should be fine, however not hormone therapy which is irreversible. They should be at least 16 and evaluated by a physician. If they aren’t diagnosed with gender dysphoria any other treatment should be halted. Young people are still mentally developing and finding their sense of self. They may be confused about their identity.

@98YNCZY from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, but only after extensive testing, paperwork, and reaffirmation.

@98YLQZP from Georgia answered…2 days

@98VFTPHDemocrat from Ohio answered…2 days

I feel they have the right to do what they want as long as they have their parents permission and are older than 16 at least.

@98Y5YM4 from Iowa answered…3 days

Yes, but they should be 16 years of age with parental consent. Anything before 16 can only be puberty blockers and hormone therapy

@98XY9GX from Virginia answered…3 days

God no at least 21 years old when the brain is "fully developed" and maturity for a decision like that has been reached.

@98XPVNJ from Virginia answered…4 days

Yes, but not subsidized by the government and parents need to approve final decision.

@98XJCWPDemocrat from Florida answered…4 days

@98XNN2X from New York answered…4 days

@98XG7TS from Florida answered…4 days

if they were to regret the change in the future they can't change back they should only get the surgery if they are sure and over 18 even then i believe that they should wait because they can't change once it's done if they regret it then they can't change it back.

@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…4 days

No, this is an irreversible life decision that should only be made by an individual of adult aged reasoning and judgment, and any such treatment should not be subsidized by the government

@98X7QP7 from Iowa answered…4 days

@98WYBDHDemocrat from Indiana answered…5 days

Yes, with parental permission and doctors sign off on it. 3-6 months of therapy. But at 16, they should start to offer top surgery to improve mental health and wellbeing.

@98WRLWF from New York answered…6 days

Yes, but only after thorough examination and psychological review to ensure this decision is understood completely.

@98WQW2R from Missouri answered…6 days

No, and their parents should not be allowed to make irreversible life decisions for the child

@98VND7M from Michigan answered…1wk

Only if it is reversible. Ideally, they should also be older, though I recognize that isn't always possible.

@98V3W2Zfrom Guam  answered…1wk

No, children should not be allowed to make irreversible life decisions and the treatment is not subsidized by the government.

@98TRVV9 from Illinois answered…1wk

No, that is to young for that age they can wait until they are an adult.

@98TR6YZ from Texas answered…1wk

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@7PTCG38Democrat from Wisconsin answered…1wk

No, this is is a lifelong decision that should only be made by an individual of adult aged reasoning and judgment, and treatment should not be subsidized by the government

@98TM5LS from Virginia answered…1wk

Yes. Definitely. However, there should be a requirement that children have received extensive therapy before considering gender transition treatments. But, there are children who do genuinely need these treatments and waiting until age 16 or later is much too late. Trans kids know their gender from the time they are born. I did. Making them go through puberty as the wrong gender is extremely cruel.

@98TL2RS from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, as long as the person is 16 years old or if the person requires either puberty blockers or hormone therapy for medical reasons.

@98TG7RH from California answered…1wk

Yes, but doctors should be liable if the child regrets his decision later.

@98T7MZS from Florida answered…2wks

They should have to pass a class or quiz before, some people might not know what there getting into and some people might not be the smartest person and not understand the gender or their controversy

@98SSTPF from New York answered…2wks

yes, but only if they are at least 16 and make it illegal for parents to choose for the child

@98SS3WZ from South Carolina answered…2wks

No, and the age for allowing transitioning should start at age 25. This allows the brain to fully develop and bone mass to and density to its peak. It should require heavy psychological therapy and require a documented 2 Years living as the inner gender and require 5 signatures from doctors familiar with the individual on a regular schedule. It should be a decision one doesn't regret. They can become a health care burden by making this decision and so it shouldn't be an easy one.

@98SLCB7 from Missouri answered…2wks

Yes. Surprised I'm saying this but it comes with a catch. Science shows that the human brain is not fully mature until the age of 25. That being said, you cannot begin any of the gender transformation process unless you are the age of 25.

@98SGLL3 from North Carolina answered…2wks

@98S89BV from New York answered…2wks

@98S2LYV from Maryland answered…2wks

@98RPVKW from Indiana answered…2wks

Yes, as long as they are fully aware and informed as to the nature of the procedure.


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