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 @9GR4YSP from Minnesota disagreed…6mos6MO

People are dying everywhere, and it is not a certain country's fault. It is the terrorist group Hamas that is killing people with no remorse. We shouldn't blame the country that is trying to defend themselves from a terrorist group that is killing Israelis as well as people in Palestine. Hamas has made it so Israel intentionally looks bad.

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Hamas was funded and built up by the Israeli government to counter the PLO. They created the monster every single time, then made unusable demands for their tactical objectives, masquerading as peaceful when they have made it both verbally and obviously clear they only do that for their future self interests. Hamas is a symptom, they mean NOTHING to the longterm underlying issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Both equally

 @8DZDKFZPeace and Freedom  from California disagreed…3wks3W

The UNs decision to create Israel on top of Palestine was done with the same terrorists that begun Nakba. The Irgun, Stern/Lehi, and Haganah. Threatening the voters with money, sanctions, and violence. To created Israel on top of Palestine.

 @9G8PKTQ from Texas answered…7mos7MO

Neither. It is not our responsibility to defend every country unless it is a member of NATO.


neither. it is not our responsibility to defend any country.

 @ThirdPartyTerryRepublican from Georgia disagreed…7mos7MO

International politics is a complex web of alliances and interests. For instance, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. was compelled to intervene, not merely to defend a country, but to preserve global peace and stability. Similarly, in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the stakes are high, affecting regional stability and global power dynamics. Would you still maintain neutrality, even when global peace is at stake? Let's delve deeper into this, shall we?

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lol you left out the part when the united states escalated the cold war by placing missiles in turkey toward the soviet union

there were times when the state of israel supported hamas during the 1990s. both sides are full of hypocrites, why should we care

there’s a reason why the countries surrounding israel and palestine are refusing to accept any new migrants from these regions

 @HumbleC1v1cDutyRepublicanfrom Oregon disagreed…7mos7MO

That's an interesting point about the US placing missiles in Turkey, which indeed added to the tension during the Cold War. Yet, remember that international politics often involve complex moves and counter-moves, and the US decision was a response to the USSR's aggressive strategies.

As for Israel reportedly supporting Hamas, it illustrates how alliances can shift in intricate political landscapes, much like how the US supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan only to confront the Taliban later.

 @SeafowlJerryRepublicanfrom Maryland disagreed…7mos7MO

NATO members have a treaty obligation to defend each other, defense and sympathy aren't synonymous. One can sympathize with a situation, or the plight of a people, without being obligated to military intervention. For instance, many people around the world sympathized with the South African struggle against apartheid, without necessarily involving their countries in it.

 @9HB5MKV from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

I sympathize with the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire on both sides, but politically, the governments on both sides are deeply flawed. Both need to be altered before real peace can become an option

 @9GNRK3L from Washington answered…7mos7MO

I think coming to a peaceful solution would be best. I do not support the Israeli government, but I also don't support Hamas's actions.

 @9G77RS9 from Washington answered…7mos7MO

Hamas is in the wrong for attacking non-combatants. Israel is in the wrong for creating a concentration camp and isolating Palestinians. Hamas and Palestine are not equivalent.

 @8SHDQKH from New York disagreed…1mo1MO

Israel is in the wrong for creating a concentration camp and isolating Palestinians. Hamas and Palestine are not equivalent.

'Israel is in the wrong for creating a concentration camp and isolating Palestinians.'

The notion that Gaza is a 'concentration camp' is sheer absurdity. Concentration camps, as common parlance evokes, oversaw the forced labor and gassing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians per day, with the express purpose of extermination based on their 'racial' belonging. Gaza, meanwhile, has complete independence and a blockade on everything but essential goods because the terrorist ruling authority, Hamas, allocates all resources and imports to attacking Israel.

'Hamas and Palestine are not equivalent.'

Hamas was democratically-elected into power, and polls consistently show that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians support Hamas, and a war of jihad against Israel.

 @9G6Y6KR from Arkansas answered…7mos7MO

Hamas should be destroyed - enough is enough! However, there are many innocent Palestinians caught in the middle, and a full-scale Israeli invasion of Gaza could result in the death of many of those innocents. I'm very torn on this one.

 @9G67FT2 from Illinois answered…7mos7MO

the israel v gaza war i side with the people who are being negitivly effected (jews) because they are being tortured and killed just because of their religion

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…7mos7MO


You seem to be misunderstanding the situation. Israel's state has been violently colonizing the Palestinian people for decades. The Gaza Strip has long been regarded as the world's largest open-air prison, as the Israeli government routinely commits war crimes against the Palestinian people, in their explicit attempt at complete genocide. Israel is absolutely not the one in the lower position of power here, Palestine is. Nor is this war even about religion, it's about the decades-long racial oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state.

 @9G8LM4R from North Carolina answered…7mos7MO

Palestinians have been oppressed for decades. HAMAS is bad, but there's good people in Israel and Palestine. They need to learn to live with one another and Israel needs to offer more services to help Palestine. Maybe one day they'll be a single state together.

 @9G7JDJPCA Common Sense from Illinois answered…7mos7MO

I sympathize with the innocent people losing their lives. But one cannot feel sympathy for the government of Israeli when they stole land from the Palestinians

 @9G7869HSocialistfrom Maine answered…7mos7MO

I stand with Palestine. This is not political or about sides, nor has it been for a long time. I am no pro anyone and I'm certain anti war and anti genocide, and for the freedoms, liberty and rights to life and safety of those who are innocent and caught in all crossfire. Also the Israeli occupation should stop and Palestine should have their land returned. This is about human rights and what's going on is an "ethical" cleansing, genocide in real time. It's immoral.

 @9G6K9V2 from Texas answered…7mos7MO

Israel, Palestine is a terrorist group, they are employing ISIS tactics against israelis, but, not all palestinians are bad. In any country with an evil leader or government, the people are always innocent. And yes, I am of the belief that there will always be exceptions to everything, but I have never seen an example of history where a whole people was evil, and needed to be stopped. This is why Egypt needs to agree with the US, and allow us to get the Israeli, and Palestine civilians out of the warzone, until this conflict is resolved, or atleast held back a bit. Killing civilians is a war…  Read more

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…7mos7MO


How can you say "if you kill a civilian from a foreign country, that is a war crime. So, I 100% side with Israel."..? Considering the Israeli colonial state has been committing active war crimes against the people of Palestine for decades now, it seems pretty hypocritical to so boldly support Israel when they have been responsible for literally everything you just condemned, and worse. The Israeli state literally wants the racial genocide of the Palestinian people, and they've been succeeding for years now.

I get that you've probably known nothing about the situation until the recent attack, but that's why people are protesting Israel...

 @8VVRHJCAmerican Solidarity  from Kentucky answered…7mos7MO

Neither, both sides are unfortunately run by genocidal lunatics and if the United States is involved at all we should be focusing on any way possible to foster peace in the region.

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I sympathize with both, they all suffer at the hands of Hamas, even if less than half of the country elected Hamas, they still suffer, and they don’t have a way out. Israel is constantly under seige, same as Palestine, and both need to strive for peace with one another by any means possible.

 @FrogPat from Massachusetts disagreed…7mos7MO

While it's true that both sides suffer and strive for peace, it's also worth noting that the power dynamic is not balanced. Israel, as a state, has one of the most powerful military forces in the world, while Palestine doesn't have a full-fledged army. This can often lead to a disproportionate response in conflicts.

For example, in the 2014 Gaza War, over 2,100 Palestinians were killed, the majority of whom were civilians according to the United Nations, compared to 73 Israelis, 67 of whom were soldiers. This imbalance is a significant factor in the conflict and makes the path to peace more complex.

Given this, how do you think the international community can best contribute to creating a fair and lasting peace in the region?

 @9M6XBGBLibertarian  from Texas answered…2wks2W

I sympathize with the Israeli and Palestinian peoples equally but support the Israeli government (not the terrorists) more

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2wks2W


The IDF is literally a state-sponsored terrorist organization.

 @9JX8NRHfrom Guam answered…3mos3MO

I sympathize with Israel during the October 7th Attack, but I strongly condemn Israel's actions, conduct and rules of engagement in the Gaza War.

 @9G6DMXV from California answered…7mos7MO

I believe that their are two sides to this conflict that have to be understood and recognized. Israel has had a long history of colonization and systemic violence against many different communities including Palestine. However I do understand where Israel is coming from. I sympathize equally between the two largely because both perspectives are equally important and should be acknowledged.

 @9G65Q38 from Nevada answered…7mos7MO

Israel has been abusing the Palestinians for decades after kicking them out of there own country, but Hamas is a terrorist organization that the vast majority of Palestinians don't even like but the Leader of Israel is using this as a new way to bomb the Palestinians main city. Not to mention Hamas is killing Israeli civilians. Its bad all around


I think that both sides have done wrong, killing innocent people and children is wrong no matter the reason. You shouldn't answer to violence with more violence.


 @9G7L33H from New York answered…7mos7MO

Personally I wouldn’t support either of them but because Israel is a democracy, I think American should give its support to Israel

 @9G7KPKP from California answered…7mos7MO

Israel should be held accountable for its failures to minimize civilian casualties and continuously failing to give Palestinians the same rights as other Israelis. Hamas and hezbola must also be exterminated

 @9G777XQ from Maryland answered…7mos7MO

Israel holds all the cards, and has done very little to ease the tensions. Hamas is a terrorist government, but their actions remind me of someone backed into a corner. The Palestinians have not elected their leaders in decades, and the actions of Hamas do not represent them. It's all around a bad situation, but Israel is mostly at fault for letting it get this far.

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Overall, my position in any conflict is to support the people but condemn the state.

However, considering the incredible inequality of this situation, I absolutely lean more in support of Palestine. Israel is a colonial apartheid state that has been actively committing genocidal war crimes and ethnic cleansing against the people of Palestine for decades now, all in the attempt for Israel to establish their own sovereign ethnostate. Israel has held their dominant position of violent oppression and control over the Palestinian people long before the recent Hamas attack, so the current situation…  Read more


To me this seems like a religious spat. Israel technically took the land from palestine on the grounds that it was given to them by god even when it technically wasnt theres to begin with, but theyve been there so long that squatters rights makes it theres

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 @9G6BN87 from Washington answered…7mos7MO

I condemn the actions of Palestinian terrorists but I am concerned that their attack will be used as an excuse by Israel to abuse their defensive rights and target other Palestinians such as those in West Bank as Israel is similarly conservative and nationalistic as Gaza Strip.

 @9G7GRMD from North Dakota answered…7mos7MO

 @9GMXLLV from Colorado answered…7mos7MO

Israel is causing Genocide at this point. It is no longer a war if innocent civilians are dying by the hundreds and thousands.

 @GuitarLord25Progressive  from Vermont answered…7mos7MO

Palestine. Israel is entitled to humanitarian aid and sympathy after a deadly and tragic terrorist attack, but that does not excuse the country from committing war crimes against Palestinians; many of which are children and are already living in a state of apartheid in Israel. Just like America's brutal campaign in Afghanistan, history will look back on this as another overstepping of a military power committing human rights atrocities in the name of nationalism.

 @Adalin from New Jersey answered…5 days5D

I only sympathize with the innocent citizens on either side who want nothing to do with this conflict.

 @95ZZS6BIndependent  from Nebraska answered…7 days7D

Neither; I want the US citizens to be taken care of and heard before other countries citizens in our country

 @9MDD3XT from Texas answered…1wk1W

The children, elderly, the poor, and particularly the mixed families with both Israelis and Palestinians in them.

 @9MD9KN4 from Iowa answered…1wk1W

Israel’s right to exist and Palestinian people’s right to live free of terrorist controlled government


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