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 @9H9Y227Green from Washington agreed…10hrs10H

"Planned Parenthood claims to be the largest provider of reproductive health services in the United States, offering sex...


 @9H9TYJJ from Wisconsin agreed…11hrs11H

Taking personal feeling out of it, Planed parenthood is a very important resource, it dose many cancer and std screening...


 @9H9YZZP from Wisconsin agreed…9hrs9H

I agree with the pro life stance but i do believe that the victim of rape had their rights violated and they shouldn’t b...


 @9HB6NZG from Illinois agreed…7hrs7H

if people want to better plan for birth then they need funding through planned parenthood so we should put more money in...


 @9HB6NZG from Illinois agreed…7hrs7H

if someone is in danger of death, or was raped or it was incest then she should be allowed to receive an abortion but on...