Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions
Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child
Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it
Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest
Pro-choice, but ban after the first three months

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 @4RZFDJGfrom Washington answered…4yrs4Y

If the Father of the unborn child is willing and capable of caring for the child and wants to assume legal custody of child and is a fit parent, I feel he should have an equal say in the decision. There should be rights for Fathers who are able and willing.
I think this may encourage people to be more thoughtful about intimacy. I believe Men should have a say in the decision of the termination of their unborn child.
I also believe in required counseling before and after abortion as it often leads to eventual traumatic disorders and depression.

 @8LY3TR9 from Ohio answered…4yrs4Y

I am pro life but if you are raped, then you can have a abortion but if your were stupid and had sex at a young age then don't abort it.

 @5MBK6ZXfrom Texas answered…4yrs4Y

I'm personally against it but strongly believe that it's just like the presidential election, if you don't vote you can't say anything. If you disagree with abortion what are you going to do to help those kids who didn't get aborted and are now in foster homes? If you're going to be against it, do something to help. Adopt that baby of the mother you judged for wanting an abortion.

 @528MY4Mfrom Texas answered…4yrs4Y

I do not agree with a helpless human life being ended purely because of any unfortunate circumstance which may have created that life. But I DO NOT agree that my beliefs should be FORCED upon another. Let each make their choices until science can factually determine when life begins.

 @4VXBP8Qfrom Maine answered…4yrs4Y