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 @8MYMNJ3 from Minnesota commented…4yrs4Y

What??? Are you joking or are you litteraly being serious, you know my Aunt almost died since she almost could not get an abortion since you guys think it’s murder. If you been all abortions then you may be saving babies, but you are not saving women, you do not avocate for them. Also a fifth teen year sentence, that’s a bit extreme, also I know you might not be familiar with the term, but...have you ever heard of rape?

 @1019965Republican from Washington commented…2yrs2Y

How long is fifth teen years? seems like that must be a pretty long time

 @78MRXTHIndependent from Illinois commented…2yrs2Y

What you are taking part in is call an 'Ad-Hominem' fallacy...

You clearly know that she means fifteen....But, instead of staying on topic you focused on this minor detail to try and establish a false sense of superiority in the argument.

These unaborted children are coming into this world to interact with you....not much of an improvement.

 @8NL5KB5 from Kansas commented…4yrs4Y

You see you don't understand the concept that it is not your body but it is theirs. Many people say that abortions are wrong but you have no say in what a woman does with her body. Yes, it may not always be the right thing to do but some people just can't afford to have a kid at the time. It doesn't mean that you should just go kill it instead have time to think if that is what you really, and if it is that is your choice. No one gets to have a say in what you do with your body. Say someone was raped and got pregnant, do you really think a woman is going to want to keep a child that came from a man who hurt her. In some cases they do keep the baby. It really is just that woman's choice. Not yours or anybody elses.

 @8Q2M24K from Michigan commented…3yrs3Y

I agree that a woman gets to choose what happens to her body- but only if it is her body. She dosen't have the right to kill a baby because the baby is its own seperate body, and the woman can't choose for it.

 @8QPRRZ2 from New York commented…3yrs3Y

The fetus has neither personhood, nor the right to a woman's biological products. On either grounds, abortion is moral.

 @8SRXMZK from Virginia commented…3yrs3Y

We were all once in the fetal stage of development that doesn't mean we weren't always human beings. Regardless of your definition of personhood, we morally don't have the right to end another life for our convenience. As for the stealing of a "women's biological products," we all better call our moms to apologize for the "theft." While we're at it, we can thank her for choosing life.

 @8TKDSQ9 from Virginia commented…3yrs3Y

What is personhood? Does this definition from match what you mean? (

Do newborn infants that are 100% reliant on others to care for them in possession of personhood? What about people in comas, or those who have dementia?

 @8P4F8NH from Colorado disagreed…4yrs4Y

oh my lord please shut up. lets say you were sexually assaulted and ended up pregnant. would you carry and raise that child ???? no. if you had an illness that if you gave birth you would lose your life. would you continue the pregnancy??? not a single should has the right to dictate what a woman does to her body or with her body. if youre not getting the abortion, dont worry about it.

 @8RB569Pfrom Ontario commented…3yrs3Y

Why do you think you can have control over another person's body?

 @8TKDSQ9 from Virginia commented…3yrs3Y

Does your definition of "control over anothers body" also include the body of an unborn child?

 @8SKKHSB from Oregon disagreed…3yrs3Y

To imprison someone for life for killing even a single-celled zygote when we mass-slaughter cows and pigs for profit reeks of hypocrisy, moral relativism, and weak reasoning. Your stance is entirely driven by emotion, and utterly unscientific.


It would be, unless there was a hierarchy. The Christian view is usually that man is created in God’s image & His Supreme creation. my attempt at a moderate application of this is: we should respect His creations but still not go PETA crazy. 👌 And non-religious Americans obviously wouldn’t be included in this “we,” and that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for religious people to be pro choice. But that doesn’t mean that religion shouldn’t be respected, like the lives of these innocent children, of course, before, during, and after their…  Read more

 @8YBSTSF from Minnesota commented…2yrs2Y

It is the woman’s choice not yours you disgusting pig.

 @1019965Republican from Washington commented…2yrs2Y

If you can choose what happens to a baby that is not you, how about you let people decide your entire future for you.

 @8WM5VVQ from Oklahoma commented…2yrs2Y

I agree that abortion should be illegal but going after the mother is unfair. Often times these are desperate people like teenagers or those in poverty. Abortion laws should be enforced via fines and closures of medical centers that perform them not on individual people. This is assuming Roe v Wade is overturned and your state enacts a law like my state has banning abortion.

 @8PSZX5CRepublican from Michigan commented…3yrs3Y

I agree with the beliefs, but I think we should get abortion banned and just forgive and forget. I don't see how you can kill anybody, especially your own baby. That baby could've been you. Giving up a child for adoption is an option. If you are raped, which I agree is an awful thing that nobody should have to experience, it's still life. If you have an abortion ever, just think of this: you're murdering a person who could've been you. They could've lived a real life, could have had a family, and could have lived to an old age and been like your grandparents. But no. You murdered him because you didn't want the inconvenience of giving a baby to an adoption center. You awful people.

 @abbyldw  from California commented…3yrs3Y

you're disgusting. say you're a woman who has been raped, would you really want to keep the baby of a rapist? even if you were not raped, you might not be able to take care of a child, or you might be risking your life to have a baby. if a woman makes the choice to have an abortion, no else should be able to have a say in whether or not she can abort it or not.


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