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What is your stance on abortion?

End all programs, no abortive procedures period. Lock up all doctors, nurses, staff of any facility…

 @8NL5KB5 from Kansas commented…4yrs4Y

You see you don't understand the concept that it is not your body but it is theirs. Many people say that abortions are wrong but you have no say in what a woman does with her body. Yes, it may not always be the right thing to do but some people just can't afford to have a kid at the time. It doesn't mean that you should just go kill it instead have time to think if that is what you really, and if it is that is your choice. No one gets to have a say in what you do with your body. Say someone was raped and got pregnant, do you really think a woman is going to want to keep a child that came from a man who hurt her. In some cases they do keep the baby. It really is just that woman's choice. Not yours or anybody elses.

 @8Q2M24K from Michigan commented…3yrs3Y

I agree that a woman gets to choose what happens to her body- but only if it is her body. She dosen't have the right to kill a baby because the baby is its own seperate body, and the woman can't choose for it.

 @8QPRRZ2 from New York commented…3yrs3Y

The fetus has neither personhood, nor the right to a woman's biological products. On either grounds, abortion is moral.