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 @Dry550Independent  from Illinois commented…3wks3W

Life doesn’t begin until you’re outside the womb, would you be willing to raise the fetus’ that would be aborted? Most people who are on the pro life side of this seem to care more about a fetus than the actual baby once it’s born. These the same people who would shame a single mother for raising a bastard child when they don’t know the full story and should keep to themselves…so on that last part, we can agree in earnest.

 @8WM5VVQ from Oklahoma commented…2yrs2Y

Science has concluded that life begins at conception. I would accept the libertarian argument to let each person make their own decision regarding this issue if the same standard was applied to other issues by the left. The same people advocating for COVID vax and mask mandates argue that its not the governments position to rule on abortion. I believe this statement would be true if the idea of power to the individual was applied everywhere else. Unfortunately, its not so that's why I disagree with your statement.


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