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 @8NYR63SDemocrat from Florida disagreed…4yrs4Y

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There is no evidence showing that the woman has her mental wellness affected from an abortion. Who is going to pay for all of that? The main reason why a woman gets an abortion is because she is financially unstable and cannot afford to care for a child. Sure, it would be nice for a man to have the chance, but the amount of stigma around pregnancy. A abortion is for a woman not a man. A woman's body is more affected by the outcome, and if the man wanted the child then most likely she would not be having an abortion. Plus, how are you suppose to enforce that? Is the clinic suppose to do…  Read more

 @8SXHBYT from Florida disagreed…3yrs3Y

The main reason why a woman gets an abortion is because she is financially unstable and cannot afford to care for a child.

I disagree with this, because why would a woman get pregnant, but be financially unstable. If this is the case, then why did she even decide to get pregnant if she could not afford to care for the child. Remember this was her choice to get pregnant.

 @iluvb00bs from Florida commented…3yrs3Y

not always the choice to get pregnant

 @93QNXYQ from Missouri commented…2yrs2Y

the idea that its okay to be having unprotected sex when you cannot financially afford a child is so irresponsible and so ignorant that the only answer is DONT HAVE SEX until you are mature enough to do it responsibly. Sex for young girls at ages under 18 shouldnt be considered a right. If a girl has not even finished high school when shes having sex then she needs to understand that she either is going to have a difficult time financially caring for a baby, or that shes going to have to put it up for adoption. She is ill prepared to make those chouces herself. Again...thats not a vood enough reason to have an abortion.

 @98C8N6P from Utah commented…1yr1Y

what about in the cases of rape or incest? What if the mother DID plan for a baby, but in early pregnancy is having complications? Your argument is just shaming women for having sex, nothing pro life about that.

 @98C8N6P  from Utah commented…1yr1Y

what about in the cases of rape or incest? What if the mother DID plan for a baby, but in early pregnancy is having complications? Your argument is just shaming women for having sex, nothing pro life about that.

 @bigmackk from Iowa commented…2yrs2Y

the choice was in the action of having intercourse, the risk is pregnancy. When you decide to get intimate, <u>and I actually mean in the case where both parties consent,</u> you consent to the risk. If not, its like consenting to jump off a bridge without a bungee chord but not consenting to severe injury or death.

 @8VC2Q88Democrat from Virginia agreed…2yrs2Y

While it usually would be the mother's choice, I do understand that there are cases where the mother didn't have a say in this or was misinformed. I disagree with abortions because I believe mothers should be held accountable for their choices and that abortions got in the way of that, but in cases where there is no accountability and the mother did this against her will, I do want to keep abortion as a thing because I believe that a woman should have a say in stuff like this, but to ensure she will commit to these responsibilities before doing the act. To infringe on that freedom is unacceptable and will be corrected.

  @CrowWatchingJustice party member from Utah commented…2yrs2Y

Bold of you to assume they weren't on birth control. 85% are btw.

 @99VD6VGConstitution from Washington commented…1yr1Y


Of course the assumption here is that they aren’t on birth control as we are discussing pregnancy. Can you get pregnant with birth control? Yes of course. But can we assume broadly that most people who get pregnant are not using birth control? Yes we can.

 @8YH9W65Progressive from Tennessee commented…2yrs2Y

It's not always a womans choice to get pregnant. And also, why do people buy drugs, electronics, and other things when they are financially unstable? Abortions should be normal healthcare, financially unstable or not.

 @99VD6VGConstitution from Washington commented…1yr1Y

This is something no one seems to get. No matter where the baby comes from, even if you wanted it, it's still as much a baby as it would be if you wanted it! Merciful heavens! Don't murder to make you feel better about something someone else did to you! You have no right!

 @8ZF6XM4Women’s Equality from Washington commented…2yrs2Y

Then it's also her choice to get an abortion. Plus sometimes she never asked for one so why get one.

 @9B7ZJLM from Washington commented…1yr1Y

There's actually tons of evidence right under your nose if you'd bother to look it up. More than half regret their decision.

 @8VC2Q88Democrat from Virginia corrected…2yrs2Y

There is no evidence showing that the woman has her mental wellness affected from an abortion.

Counseling is not just to guide someone whose mental wellness. There are Counselors trained for all kinds of things. A counselor dealing with abortion will probably ask the client why they want the abortion and will work with them to see if either getting an abortion is justified, or if there are programs that can suit the mother's needs.

 @8994C3S from North Carolina commented…3yrs3Y

They should have a say, but not the final say, they aren't the one giving birth, or being pregnant.

 @8NNWMBV  from Kansas disagreed…4yrs4Y

I feel he should have an equal say in the decision

The man in the relationship can something but the woman doesn't have to listen. The embryo is growing in her not him. The man has no say so in what the woman does with her body. If she decides she doesn't want to carry the embryo that is her personal choice. You cannot tell a woman what to do with her body, you can suggest something, but don't tell her she needs to do this and that.

 @99VD6VGConstitution from Washington commented…1yr1Y

It's not the woman's body, it's the babies. No matter how you feel about something or what you tell yourself, you can't change the fact that you are murdering an innocent life with Constitutional Rights. Liberty isn't doing whatever you want -- as Thomas Jefferson said, there are limits drawn around us by the equal liberties of others. This means that you are free but you most also respect the freedom of others, including that "fetus." People keep gushing about women's rights, but what about the baby's rights? It's got a heartbeat for crying out loud. How is it right to kill that child?

 @3XHTYDXRepublican commented…1yr1Y

This comment is exactly why there will never be agreement. You call it an embryo. Then because of this you say it’s the woman’s choice as it’s the woman’s body. That logic is clear if you believe it’s an embryo. I can. It a baby. I think life begins at conception. Therefore not an embryo but a baby. With this logic, termination is ending a life. And it is not the mothers body, it is a new human being.

I can understand why people who believe the former think they’re being oppressed. It just boggles my mind people on the other side can’t understand my…  Read more

 @922N4H7 from Kentucky commented…2yrs2Y

It takes two people to have a baby, so I personally believe that the parents should agree on the decision to abort the baby or not. Both opinions should be taken into consideration and talked about between the parents on what is best to do for them personally.

 @99VD6VGConstitution from Washington commented…1yr1Y

Why are people discussing if men should have a say in abortion instead of discussing how evil it is? With all you libs whining about racism, im shocked you can't see that we're heading down towards another civil war -- one over slavery. Just like the abolitionists had the moral high ground then, we have the moral high ground now.

 @9B7ZJLM from Washington agreed…1yr1Y

 @9CFSCL7  from North Carolina commented…11mos11MO

The woman cannot tell her baby that it doesn't have a right to live. Shouldn't have had sex irresponsibly if she wasn't prepared for the possibility of carrying a child to term. The only permissible abortion is if it would save the mother's life or in the case that she was raped, and that's only if there isn't brain activity yet.

 @8SKKHSB from Oregon commented…3yrs3Y

  1. The person who is carrying the fetus in their body should have a say. Unless the father is the one carrying the fetus, or unless the baby was born prematurely and is not in someone's body, then the mother, who is carring the fetus inside her body, should be the one to choose. Otherwise, the father would be effectively forcing someone to give birth, which is cruel and unusual, and sexist to boot. Men should have no say over the body of a pregnant person, regardless of if that man is the one who caused the pregnancy.
  2. Counseling should be available, but not required. Otherwise, we would be effectively forcing women to spend time doing something they don't want to do, once again violating their freedom and bodily autonomy

 @WhatisaWoman? from Michigan commented…11mos11MO

Why do you call it a fetus? Is it not a human being?

 @RationalQuestRepublican from Washington D.C. disagreed…11mos11MO

The term "fetus" is used to describe the stage of development in the womb, specifically from the end of the eighth week of pregnancy until birth. It is indeed a potential human being, and many people believe that life begins at conception. For those who hold this belief, the fetus is considered a human being with the right to life. One example of this perspective is the belief that even at the earliest stages of development, a fetus has a unique genetic makeup that distinguishes it from any other living organism. What are your thoughts on when life begins, and how do you think society could address the concerns of both pro-life and pro-choice individuals?

 @WhatisaWoman? from Michigan commented…11mos11MO

A potential human being? I believe that it is a human being, from conception.

  @8R7PZ45 from California commented…3yrs3Y

but the man isn't having the baby. maybe the woman is having the abortion because she doesn't want to give birth or deal with the pregnancy. if a man really wants a baby he can adopt or have a woman be a vessel for a baby (there is a job title for this but I forgot what its called, sorry ) overall its the WOMAN´S choice alone what she wants to do with HER body.

 @8R86G2CRepublican from Michigan commented…3yrs3Y

96% of biologists and Princeton disagree.

 @97XS7SJ from Kentucky commented…1yr1Y

As you do have your ideals and opinions, I believe that the father should have some say with the baby with it also being his.

 @93QNXYQ from Missouri commented…2yrs2Y

i think that all medical reasons should be allowed.

There should be determining factors for abortions, limits on when an abortion can be performed, including age health of the mother. Both biological parents must be equally informed and agreeing and must be a very early abortion like within 8 weeks of conception.

In cases of rape it must be reported first of a rape to the authorities or cannot be considered rape if no rape was reported and a rape kit performed by a hospital. in cases of incest there should be charges following against the perp.

no mid term or late term abortions permitted unless serious medical complications for the child or mother. Read more

 @98GDXWK from Washington commented…1yr1Y

Abortion is pure, hateful wickedness and an abomination far worse than slavery. It is the blatant hitleresque butchery of human life. And don’t you tell me it’s a compromisable issue, that it should be left to the states. The prupose of government is to protect the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of its citizens, and is this is a blatant disregard of the baby’s rights to life, it is the government’s constituional responsibilty to cure our nation of this filth. Come, Civil War II, if that’s what it takes! Give me Liberty or give me Death!

  @BlueOrbeeSkyrim  from Texas disagreed…2yrs2Y

I am appalled by this sentiment. Abortion is not somethi8ng taken lightly. Do you think people go willy-nilly and don't feel sad no its a major decision. But it's not one another person can make only the women can make that choice it is her body after all. I may not agree with abortion for moral reasons but it's still not the governments job to get involved in it

 @9BZPSJJ from Tennessee commented…1yr1Y

The father of the baby should have the right to see his child no matter the circumstances of the situation.

 @98XBQVK from New York commented…1yr1Y

Men aren't the ones that have to carry the child, if a woman says she doesn't ant to have the kid she should have every right to say no. Our bodies our choice!


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