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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…14hrs14H

Oregon Planned Parenthood Leaders Pause Plans to Dissolve Political Arm Amidst Backlash


 @9P6JY25from Maine  answered…45mins45m

No, all this served to do was ensure private healthcare was available to all citizens regardless of income, it does noth…

 @9P54J85 from California answered…18hrs18H

No, I think businesses in health care and related should require vaccination but not by government mandate

 @9P4ZNT3 from Missouri answered…18hrs18H

If you do this, the rich and middle will be taxed more and therefore bring the problem again about eliminating the middl…

 @9P4ZLQ6 from Arizona answered…18hrs18H

The government should instead regulate the promotion of products instead of outright banning them (e.g. flavored vapes b…

 @9P4ZLQ6 from Arizona answered…18hrs18H

Even though scientific consensus can quickly change, doctors should be penalized for giving out advice that contradicts…