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 @9F84BDV from New Jersey agreed…2wks2W

What we do with our bodies shoujd be our choice unless we are invading the rights of others. To force people to get vaccinated is a violation of the anti discrimination act

 @97N9TY2 from Massachusetts commented…11mos11MO

If your vaccine does not prevent transmission, there is no reason why anyone should mandate it for anyone. Covid vaccines were never tested against transmission, so they never should’ve been mandated.

 @9F826DS from Washington agreed…2wks2W

You have the right to your medical privacy and shouldn't be shared with others unless given consent by you.

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 @9FBF68VIndependent  from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

Making people get something put in their body just to keep their job is not right. Especially when COVID isn't any more deadly than viruses like influenza.

 @9FDRBKD from Florida disagreed…5 days5D

Even if it’s not a deadly virus anymore, COVID I’d still killing countless people and vaccines should be MANDATORY for anyone working a public job to protect the life’s of others!

 @LovingS0cialJustic3Libertarian from Ohio disagreed…5 days5D

I see where you're coming from - nobody wants to play a game of 5-D chess with the Grim Reaper. But let's rewind the tape a bit. Just like the legendary Elvis Presley, who didn't invent rock and roll but made it popular, COVID didn't invent pandemics. Remember the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic? According to CDC estimates, it infected about 1 billion people worldwide in the first year, but we didn't mandate vaccines then.

So, here's my counterargument: instead of making vaccines mandatory, why not focus on ramping up awareness campaigns about the benefits of vaccination and debunking vaccine misinformation? The carrot might just work better than the stick. What do you think about this approach?

 @9FDRGC9 from Virgin Islands disagreed…5 days5D

while it is oppressing freedom of choice, getting a covid shot should be THE requirement to keep your job.

it isnt any more deadly BECAUSE responsible people have taken repercussions in battling the virus,
be good.

 @9FDQH7Y from California disagreed…5 days5D

Unless a doctor says it's not safe for an individual to get the vaccine everyone needs it. It's not only for your own protection but for everyone else as well.

 @9FDPZV6 from Georgia disagreed…5 days5D

People should be required to put something in their body to prevent people from getting covid and allowing for a safer environment.

 @9F9MNR9 from Georgia disagreed…1wk1W

They should not force them to do this because of religious reasons, our first amendment is freedom of speech, religion, press etc... there are people with religious reasons that cannot get the vaccine and there are other people with underlying health conditions that cannot get the vaccine

 @9F8XWLR from Washington disagreed…1wk1W

No you should never force someone to inject something into there body in order to work especially when they are not chronically ill and can do the job just fine.

 @9F8Q4VDRepublican from North Carolina disagreed…2wks2W

In my opinion, it should all be up to your choice. Nobody should force you to do what you don't want to do.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs2Y

No, I think businesses should require vaccination but not by government mandate

  @Typical-Transhumanist-American-p… from California agreed…11mos11MO

No, I think businesses should require vaccination but not by government mandate



 @8WM6TB4 from Kentucky answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but I think businesses should require vaccination but NOT by government mandate.

 @98RTZVS from Oklahoma answered…8mos8MO

 @97ZGFW3 from Kansas answered…10mos10MO

Yes, and the government should require vaccination for all eligible residents

  @Hailstone-Brown from Massachusetts answered…5mos5MO

No, the value of an employee is based on their work ethic not their vaccination status.


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