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@McKaylie-BoydDemocrat from Idaho answered…3 days

No, people should be able to afford medical care no matter what

@9WWZ6X2Republican from New Jersey answered…4wks

@Jordan-ChaverWomen’s Equality from New York answered…1yr

If you are healthy, you should be required to work. Medicaid will still be your insurance if you’re making less than a certain amount.

@9F8CBJSDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…1yr

No, what if someone that needs to be on their are disable and can't work. It should be for everyone with low income even if you don't have a job.

@9F8BJJKWorking Family from Connecticut answered…1yr

If they are able bodied yes. If they're an addict yes but if they're truly sick no

@9WZJMP3Green from Illinois answered…3wks

No, if you are in a low income house, everything above low income, should be worked for

@9WXWKH4Peace and Freedom from Oregon answered…4wks

Yes, unless a person is really sick and could hardly take care of themselves

@9WGMHVJWorking Family from Washington answered…1mo

if you get a physical or a deemed able to work, yes you should

@9WCM9DZVeteran from New York answered…1mo

@SAB2021Democrat from Florida answered…1mo

Only if their employer doesnt offer medical insurance. However, you should receive it if you are unable to work.

@angel.uGreen from Maryland answered…2mos

No, healthcare should be nationalized and made free and universal

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

Yes, research shows people who are employed are healthier than those who are unemployed and this will help states reduce Medicaid costs.

@9W55KLZRepublican from South Dakota answered…2mos

@9W4DZWFIndependence from South Carolina answered…2mos

Not if they are disabled but if they are able to work even part time they should contribute to their medical care.

@9W33W8KAmerican Solidarity from Massachusetts answered…2mos

yes, except for the elderly, disabled , and recently unemployed

@9W2PXNMWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…2mos

@9VZHDRFPeace and Freedom from Georgia answered…2mos

if you are able to work then yes, but if they are disabled then no

@9VY82MKPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…2mos

Yes, unless one's ability to work or receive an income is unavailable or difficult. This encourages people to work and contribute tot he economy, but not working should be a strict cut off for healthcare.

@9VX9K5XLibertarian from Colorado answered…2mos

Yes, unless if there is a very serious underlying condition that prevents them from working in even the most simple jobs

@9VX26GCLibertarian from Alabama answered…2mos

@9VWNR5VAmerican Solidarity from South Carolina answered…2mos

@9VVVMJRAmerican Solidarity from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, unless they are elderly or disabled and cannot physically work.

@9VNBJNRConstitution from Virginia answered…3mos

If your using medicaid but are able to work you should be required to work, if not then it's given to the patient.

@97KJ6RHWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, you should be required to work unless disability is proven and diagnosed.

@9VKZVYTRepublican from Tennessee answered…3mos

@9VKR6T8Green from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, unless the person is disabled or cannot work for some other valid reason

@9VHSXZGDemocrat from Texas answered…4mos

If disabled, elderly, or they have low income than shouldn’t have to work, but if they are healthy they should ahve to work to get it..

@9VDW2SYWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…4mos

No, if you are able to it should be encouraged but for those who are unable to work for whatever reason shouldn't be denied healthcare.

@9VBXT6PTranshumanist from Iowa answered…4mos

@9VBVHYSDemocrat from Michigan answered…4mos

Yes, but only if it is financially feasible for the person to work, ie; no pre-school age children at home.

@9VBDZGDDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…4mos

@9V9YLTKVeteran from West Virginia answered…4mos

Yes, but stipulations must be in place for those unable to work such as elderly and disabled people.

@9V9JLZ5Peace and Freedomfrom Guam  answered…4mos

If they are in a condition that prevents them from working, they should still recive medicaid.

@9V4R88QGreen from California answered…5mos

@9V39JM2Independent from Maryland answered…5mos

Yes, but only if the individual is physically and mentally able to work.

@9V2P6TWRepublican from Oklahoma answered…5mos

@9TX748HWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…5mos


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