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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, research shows people who are employed are healthier than those who are unemployed

@98WRJR9 from Massachusetts answered…3hrs

@98WQKCP from Indiana answered…5hrs

If able to work, yes If parent with young child(ren), no If unwell, no until they become healthy

@98WJZ8T from Texas answered…10hrs

No, but make it a follow up situation to see if the person(s) covered are eligible to get their own insurance and cancel their Medicaid if so. Just like the healthcare marketplace plans.

@98WG3KZ from Connecticut answered…13hrs

if you are physically able to have a job and you dont then you shouldn't get Medicaid provided by the gov. this includes people who are fat but do not have a condition. if you are elderly or have a legitimate condition i agree that the gov should subsidize.

@98VZGKQ from Indiana answered…1 day

Yes, but only if they are part of the labor force, retired, or sick.

@98VZJN5 from Massachusetts answered…1 day

They should be actively looking for work unless they are not physically/mentally capable.

@98VCCYH from Ohio answered…1 day

@98VPCQXRepublican from Ohio answered…2 days

People should only receive the full benefits of Medicaid if they are elderly, disabled, or working.

@98VN5KP from Massachusetts answered…2 days

@98VMLDR from Iowa answered…2 days

Yes, they should have to work to recieve it, unless for some reason they suddenly become disabled or mentally ill.

@98VCT5JSocialist from Arizona answered…2 days

Older unable bodys should be still get reduced but able people yes

@98V69YK from Ohio answered…3 days

Yes, however if you are extremely ill and physically cannot work then you do not have to work to receive Medicaid

@98V5Q2R from North Carolina answered…3 days

I think that if someone is genuinely sick and can't work that they need medicaid but if they are just choosing not to work because they don't have to we should limit the amount of money they recieve.

@98V5688 from New York answered…3 days

@98V2YVJ from California answered…3 days

@98V229X from Montana answered…3 days

It depends on how long a person has been unemployed and if they are abusing illegal substances.

@98TXVVT from Oregon answered…3 days

@98TV6YX from Ohio answered…3 days

if they are able, they should work, but if they are not they should still receive it

@98TRVV9 from Illinois answered…3 days

No, I guess not, but if people are really sick, and it is hard to get better, I under stand, but some is just pure laziness as well as selfishness.

@98TM5LS from Virginia answered…4 days

@98TGFNC from Ohio answered…4 days

@98TFLVD from Montana answered…4 days

Yes if you are able to work then you should in order to receive it, if you physically cannot the no.

@98TFBSRRepublican from Minnesota answered…4 days

if they are eligible to work and have no reason against it then they should have to work

@98TCFXP from Ohio answered…4 days

Yes, unless the recipient has been determined unable to work by the Social Security Administration

@7YNGP9TIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@98STS2G from California answered…6 days

@98STQ5F from Texas answered…6 days

@98SQB2V from Florida answered…7 days

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…7 days

Yes, with exceptions to disability (short term and long term) and elderly who cannot find work but are not old enough to retire

@98SMR59 from Louisiana answered…1wk

@98S2CDF from Colorado answered…1wk

Medicaid can be distributed on a case by case basis, depending on ability to work

@98RSRSX from West Virginia answered…1wk

@98RSLG5 from West Virginia answered…1wk

@98RKNRK from New Jersey answered…1wk

@98RCZL4 from California answered…1wk

If you are not able to work and can legally prove it, then you shouldn't have to, but if you are able to you should have to

@98R83HRWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…1wk

Yes they should be working unless they are disabled and fiscally can not

@98R82P4 from Oklahoma answered…1wk

yes, unless people are disabled to the point where they can not work


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