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 @9FBG3VQ from South Carolina disagreed…3wks3W

If you just throw someone into the abyss of recovery, they will want more of what they had. You can either release them after a week and the fall of the horse again, or you can help them and only give them a small dosage so they can ease off of it.

 @9FQXTKD from Oklahoma disagreed…2 days2D

I disagree cause we should treat addicts as a health crisis and we should do everything in our power to cure them of their illness and not as criminals the true criminals are those who deal the illegal drugs, we should shut down the border and reduce the risk of illegal drugs from crossing our borders

 @9FL67W6 from Michigan disagreed…1wk1W

Drug users brains are required when using the drug only once. It is natural selection as to who will fall to the perils of addiction, but for certain people will. By supporting safe havens, we can reduce death rates, rampant drug use, and promote rehabilitation and education.

 @9FLPRV5 from Georgia agreed…7 days7D

those suck they should be here or even thought of they suck and are enableing people and killing people.

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Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue

 @9FNKH34  from Ohio disagreed…5 days5D

Drug abuse should be treated as a health issue if and only if no one was harmed mentally or physically.

 @9FQXTKD from Oklahoma agreed…2 days2D

Did you know that 1/3rd of those diagnosed with clinical depression are likely to engage in drug abuse causes they get the counseling or proper treatment? That is a health crisis cause it's a way to self treat symptoms and not feel alone thats astonishing, and we should treat this with the upmost care

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No, this would encourage drug use and lower funding for rehabilitation centers

 @9FQXTKD from Oklahoma disagreed…2 days2D

The reason this wouldn't encourage drugs use is cause we would stop their supply of drugs and if they are in the presence of certified specialists they would get the proper treatment and counseling they deserve

 @9FL67W6 from Michigan disagreed…1wk1W

It would be 100% regulated. There is no free rein on drug use here. They would know exactly what they were getting and be able to experience just enough to get them by. The withdraw effects from certain drugs can be dangerous and even result in death. Funding for rehabilitation is already low.

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 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs6Y

Yes, this is necessary to reduce the drug overdose death rate

 @9FN2R9T from California disagreed…6 days6D

The reason why we shouldn't have Safe Haven is because they are not helping them individually and instead they making them more addicted and comfortable on staying on the drug.

 @8GN4YCZUnity from Virginia answered…3yrs3Y

No, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal one, but should be rehabilitated not enabling them

 @8NTXZ4DIndependent from Georgia answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only if they are offered multiple times help for addiction, and if their keys and license are taken for 28 hours. The worse drugs and stolen drugs shouldn't be allowed

 @8D3G76H from Indiana answered…3yrs3Y

This should occur only if the people taking drugs are willing to submit to counseling and/or therapy.

 @8DVCWKDRepublican from Kentucky answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, this is necessary to reduce the drug overdose death rate. Drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, NOT a criminal issue.

 @8LZ5V24 from Georgia answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but deny those whom use the most harmful drugs, and offer help to any who enter the area as well as take their keys and drivers license for 24 hours

 @9DYRT3B  from Texas answered…4wks4W

No, and incentivise charitable organizations that provide aide to those addicted to drugs in the form of medical, psychological, and financial assistance.

 @LobbyistUrchin from Pennsylvania asked…4wks4W

How do you envision these charitable organizations operating? Specifically, what kind of support should they offer to help these individuals reintegrate into society?

 @9FD8TTBSocialist from Pennsylvania commented…2wks2W

i believe their refering to places that provide ex addicts to get back on their feet with housing, and such

 @9B9XRGM from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

Yes, provided that the purpose of such facilities is to get the drug users off the drugs in the long term

 @8ZPZ9Q2 from Ohio answered…2yrs2Y

 @9DD4DQ9from Pennsylvania commented…1mo1MO

Wow it's so easy to guess who is R and who is D on this one. The name of the State, certainly helps (although there were a few surprises).

Wondering how many people have walked in downtown Philly, San Fran, Seattle etc. and wondering where people think all the money for therapy is supposed to come from, and wondering how people so messed up from drugs will ever make the choice to get clean to voluntarily accept treatment.

Drug addiction is awful. Safe-havens may reduce deaths by overdose, but they turn those cities into $h!th0les. Lookup Kensington, Philadelphia on YouTube.

 @GraciousWigeon from Arizona agreed…1mo1MO

I totally understand your concerns about the potential negative impacts of drug "safe havens" on cities. The example of Kensington, Philadelphia, is indeed a stark reminder of how these measures can seemingly exacerbate the problem on the surface. However, it's important to remember that the drug crisis existed even before the introduction of such initiatives. These havens are just one approach to manage the crisis, with the primary aim of preventing fatal overdoses and the spread of infectious diseases. With regard to funding, it's certainly a complex issue. However, perhaps the focus should be on creating a more comprehensive strategy that includes prevention, treatment, and integration initiatives in addition to these safe havens. What are your thoughts on a holistic approach like this?

 @9848QVX from Missouri answered…10mos10MO

Yes, drug use should be treated as a health issue and safe havens should focus on rehabilitation.

 @8HVMBCZLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…3yrs3Y

 @87P2SC3 from North Carolina answered…11mos11MO

Yes, this will lower the drug overdose death rate but the medical professionals should not only supervise, but also work to rehabilitate the patients

 @96P5F7Z from Maine answered…12mos12MO

Yes but not under the supervision of medical professionals. Make narcan unavailable and let darwinism run its course.

 @96M34CX from New York answered…12mos12MO

Addiction is a disease. The medical community needs to find the source of that disease for each patient and treat it, in addition to the addiction, or the addiction will never go away.

 @8QM3V4Y from New York answered…3yrs3Y

No, but increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation to lower drug use among the population. Drug use is a mental health issue and usually a symptom of other mental health issues rather than the originating cause. Treat on a case-by-case basis.

 @8GPW4YL from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

No, I believe that proper health care and education can allow a person who is addicted to become sober.

 @carolinesack from Indiana disagreed…3yrs3Y


While it is definitely agreeable that education and health care will help them become sober, we have to account for all the problems unregulated use causes. Addiction is a disease. Relapse is part of addiction, making it more easy to overdose ater tolerance decreases in a period of time. Someone will overdose, like thousands do every day. Also, not to mention the spread of HIV and other diseases through used needles left on the street or shared. These facilities aren't encouraging, they are preventative and will be centered on education and the long journey to sobriety. We already have tons…  Read more

 @9FR42X9Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2 days2D

there should be safe havens but it should be more of a rehabilitation program to get them off the drugs

 @9FQT82Tfrom Maine answered…2 days2D

Yes, drug abuse should be treated as both a mental and physical health issue, not a criminal issue. but this has proven to encourage drug use in san francisco. rehabilitation centers would be more effective

 @9FQN5RD from Illinois answered…3 days3D

Yes, unless drug abuse has been increasing in cities. Then cities should penalize drug dealers and treat people who are abusing drugs.

 @9FP9GWD from New Hampshire answered…5 days5D

Yes, but they are consenting to not receiving live-saving care if they overdose.

 @9FNB78L from California answered…5 days5D

 @9FN4DK5  from Oklahoma answered…6 days6D

 @9FMT3TN from Texas answered…6 days6D

 @9FLSKXH  from Ohio answered…7 days7D

No, but I support needle exchange programs and don't use alone hotlines.

 @9FLMFB4 from South Carolina answered…7 days7D

No, instead they should be encouraged to enter rehabilitation programs.


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