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@9XNGNDCPeace and Freedom from New York answered…23hrs

Less, and the VA should be merged with a single-payer two-tier healthcare system.

@9XJWKPRDemocrat from Virginia answered…5 days

@AtheanSocialist from Delaware answered…2wks

@9X39MSVPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…3wks

This should be decided by veterans themselves. People who haven't served in the military have little to no idea if veterans' healthcare is reasonable or not.

@9X3SXKPVeteran from New Jersey answered…3wks

Veterans should be given free mental health and physical therapy treatment and given government-funded welfare like those who are making $40K per year for the amount of time they served.

@6WQFTBXSocialistfrom Maine  answered…12mos

All healthcare should be available to all citizens free of charge.

@angel.uGreen from Maryland answered…2mos

Less, healthcare should be nationalized and made free and universal

@9SKNYDXGreen from New York answered…7mos

There should be no privatization of veterans or anyone's healthcare, everyone should be in one state run healthcare system.

@9SBT27KSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

@9S6VYQZVeteran from Florida answered…8mos

Thank you President Trump for reforming Veterans' healthcare! Now vets can see the doctor of their choice. This has greatly decreased wait times. The Veterans' Administration is a great example of government run healthcare - it was a mess!

@9S5Q4VVWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…8mos

Veterans should be allowed to see any Doctor of their choice but not get charged for it on the back end. They risked their lives to protect ours and healthcare should be free

@9S4BBWGWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…8mos

Veterans should be able to see any doctor of their choice, but some veterans can't afford private insurance. They deserve the best possible that they can afford.

@9S2G7W4Veteran from Iowa answered…8mos

Veterans shouldn't be forced to pay for healthcare because of their service

@9RZ9S22Green from Pennsylvania answered…8mos

throwing more money is not effective; we should fix the current system

@9RXLLDXWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…8mos

Less, but a national single-payer healthcare system would be even better.

@9RN4W5ZVeteran from New York answered…9mos

Less. Those who serve a set period of time (for example 10-20 years) should have any expense related to medical conditions developed/made worse due to their service should be covered by the government so that we have fewer veteras on the streets dealing with their mental health issues alone.

@9RMJ6GJWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…9mos

Equal, EVERY U.S. Citizen should receive the same degree of medical care

@9RBK2THGreenfrom Maine  answered…9mos

Healthcare should be state funded and free at point of use, like in all other developed countries

@9R9MXXMWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…9mos

Make a goverment funded system with option of private healthcare

@9R9948NLibertarian from Kentucky answered…9mos

it should be either 100% government OR give them a stipend and let them buy in the regular market.

@9QYM4NKAmericanfrom Guam  answered…10mos

Less Veterans are our heroes we should do everything to improve their lives

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…10mos

healthcare should be free for everyone, and private businesses should be abolished.

@9QG9Z8QRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…11mos

Veteran's healthcare should be improved, private assistance can be part of that

@9Q7XBPKSocialist from Texas answered…11mos

Less, but We should be providing Healthcare for all citizens regardless

@9Q5Y55SLibertarian from Virginia answered…11mos

More. But only after the VA has reviewed the veterans medical status for disability rating purposes. The VA should act as insurance for the veteran with the government restricting prices that it can be charged by 3rd party hospitals. The VA should remain open at become a treatment center for specialized care unique to Veterans. Example would be burn pits or agent orange exposure.

@9Q32XV3Peace and Freedom from Washington answered…11mos

Veteran's Healthcare should be a part of the single-payer healthcare system (healthcare for all), which should also be expanded.

@9PKKZFCGreen from Michigan answered…12mos

@Gemini-JaneWomen’s Equality from Louisiana answered…12mos

I know they deserve better. Not educated enough on the specific subject matter to comment.

@9MPS6HVRepublican from Kansas answered…12mos

The Dept of VA should fall under DOD and, in turn, the DOD should be funded for the addition. This would help with staffing as active duty would have billets available for VA hospitals and clinics. It would also help with funding and electronic medical records system compatibility.

@mic_wazukiConstitution from Tennessee answered…12mos

More, except for those who suffered mental and/or physical injuries during their service

@9LVVL8VPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…12mos

Regardless, affordable and accessible, comprehensive, and complete health care for veterans, whether privatized or otherwise.

@9LYBQF5Progressive from New Jersey answered…12mos

@9LCXWHWIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…12mos

Less I guess. I think we need to completely turn our healthcare system upside down. It just feels very for-profit and I think it's flawed on a lot of levels.

@9KYG48XDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…12mos

Less. The VA should operate as an insurance program and promote health prevention. They should pay for PTSD, Agent Orange, and other problems suffered by active duty military.

@9KQNKB4Democrat from Kansas answered…12mos

Single-payer system for all with the option for private care.

@9KNDHPXGreen from Utah answered…12mos

Universal healthcare would care for all our veterans needs.

@9KBBSSYWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…12mos

@Monica-HartLibertarian from Utah answered…12mos

Less when a VA is near by and meets modern medical standards, more when a VA medical facility's distance makes care impossible/impractical or VA standards are subpar.


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