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@9WXRNTQWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…4wks

If they actually dont make enough to support what they have such as themselves if they cant work, single parents who are in really bad positions and dont have acess to certain things because of a proven reason.

@9XMF3F9Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3 days

We need to be helping as many people as we can when it comes to funding health care. We are trying to save lives, when families can not afford the actual cost of medicine then we should try to help as much as we can.

@9XM32G5Republican from Illinois answered…3 days

The government should not be increasing spending when we are almost 29,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Programs could be better managed.

@9XLRJNMIndependence from Virginia answered…3 days

Maybe for children from low income families, the elderly, and the disabled.

@9XLR2W6Democrat from Virginia answered…3 days

Yes, We need to be more like Canada so that everyone who needs to go to the hospital can do so without worrying about paying the bill, they do not need that much on their mind.

@9XKMGNVWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…5 days

I think it should stay the same, but should make evaluations of things that may need additional updating.

@9XJNKWXConstitution from North Carolina answered…5 days

Only the elderly, disabled, children without home,, and it can only be temporary, not long term for a person who is not disabled, a child, or old.

@9XJM2RKVeteran from Illinois answered…5 days

No, if we increase it then people have a bigger reason to not work.

@9XJLDQZConstitution from Michigan answered…6 days

No, healthcare costs should be regulated to make it affordable for everyone.

@9XGCQYRWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1wk

Yes, but monitor the funding to make sure it's used properly

@9XG95SWDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Not clear. How far low income? Medicaid is actually good. It’s lower income that are not low enough to get Medicaid that struggle. How about “expand Medicaid with sliding benefits for lower income levels”

@9XG3KWXLibertarian from California answered…1wk

No, Abolish healthcare in all forms and pay directly to hospitals

@9XG3JZ9Republican from Florida answered…1wk

Yes, but there should be mandates such as drug testing and time limits for those who are not disabled and unable to work.

@9XFXFHXPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1wk

I think it depends on the person and situation of who wants medicaid to be raised.

@9X7QZ6QVeteran from North Carolina answered…2wks

Yes, but only for people who are disabled and can't get a job or is elderly.

@9X7QMFNDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

There is no valid excuse that the government should take away Medicaid and health care from those who need it.

@9GYDBVJVeteran from Indiana answered…1yr

@9GY6B44Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9GY5GXWVeteran from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes but there should be a way to work yourself off government subsidies but medical coverage should be the very last thing to be stopped any only when the work place covers health care or the income is such that the worker can afford health care.

@9GY5834Libertarian from Georgia answered…1yr

The federal government should increase funding for public health and prevention

@9GXRXDDLibertarian from Virginia answered…1yr

@9GXQQ69Transhumanist from Kentucky answered…1yr

@9GX2YLBDemocrat from Florida answered…1yr

I prefer switching Medicaid to a single payer system for those who can prove that they need it and monitoring the system for fraud and abuse like pill mills, drs. who over prescribe, especially opiods and addictive or unwarranted drugs and appliances.

@9GWTYDSTranshumanist from Iowa answered…1yr

@9GWRC84Working Family from North Carolina answered…1yr

The government should help low-income families and individuals so that they can afford it one their own.

@9GWLC69Natural Law from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, but only after mandatory drug tests for each recipient.

@9GWD9SPPeace and Freedom from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

@9GVKJDXDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

No each state should decide their own level of coverage but price max should be set and regulated by the government.

@9GVHSSKVeteran from Utah answered…1yr

The price of services charged to Medicaid should be regulated, mostly in hospital costs.

@9GVGMDLDemocrat from California answered…1yr

@9GTV5Q7Republican from Georgia answered…1yr

It would seem that if my state opted in that my property, sales and state income tax would have to increase to absorb this. If this is the case it would impact me the same. I don’t think the federal government should have their hands in private sector.

@9GTTYKHVeteran from Louisiana answered…1yr

@9GTTGBTRepublican from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, if they are actively seeking to improve their living situation and not just free-loading

@9GTRYM9American from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, but only for people who physically cannot work to provide for themselves (this includes elderly and disabled).

@9GTQNRXConstitution from New York answered…1yr

Yes, But more Medical assistant should be provided to people with less income

@9GTQJQGTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…1yr

@9GTLKPJTranshumanist from New York answered…1yr

@9GTGCQ8Veteran from Texas answered…1yr

change the rules so you don't have to lose everything when you go into the nursing home.

@9GTBMZHIndependent from Virginia answered…1yr

I don't really know enough about the subject to agree or disagree on the subject.

@9GT4VGVRepublican from South Carolina answered…1yr

No they should not increase funding but to put in place drug testing for those who are on it and who are applying for Medicaid.

@9GT3MSJWomen’s Equalityfrom Guam  answered…1yr


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