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No, and the federal government should not increase funding for any social programs

@8FR53X5 from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes but the current guidelines are trash and to easy to screw the statem

@8FRL8D5American from Florida answered…2yrs

This system needs to be less complicated and allow healthcare professionals to determine what is best for people’s health

@8FST4P6Republican from Georgia answered…2yrs

It would seem that if my state opted in that my property, sales and state income tax would have to increase to absorb this. If this is the case it would impact me the same. I don’t think the federal government should have their hands in private sector.

@97ZYHMD from Texas answered…6hrs

I think the people need to figure out what they want and stop asking 'government' for anything. Be smarter people.

@97ZWR8J from Florida answered…10hrs

Medicare needs to change in who and what circumstances they provide to and for how long.

@97ZTK2B from Michigan answered…15hrs

Yes, but the healthcare system needs completely changed in the U.S.

@97ZSY2N from Utah answered…16hrs

@97ZRC6X from California answered…24hrs

Insurance is a scam and should be AT COST treatments with government aid and oversight on bills so big hospitals cant overcharge and at most charge 100% profit with oversight

@97ZM8CDRepublican from Minnesota answered…2 days

Yes, but it needs a serious amount of regulations on that low income individual as there are some loopholes where the individuals can get Medicare and yet still be rich. But if the regulations get skewed or becomes too complicated, then simply No.

@97ZJSKN from Indiana answered…2 days

Yes, but higher regulation and random drug testing should should happen.

@97ZJ6WP from North Carolina answered…2 days

@97ZHDS7 from New York answered…2 days

Yes, everyone deserves a right to healthcare and to be helped when they are sick mentally or physically

@97ZFWKN from Florida answered…3 days

 @@Jason2024 from California answered…3 days

Yes, and limiting it to just the elderly and disabled is discriminatory

@97Z255S from California answered…4 days

Yes, but there should be requirements for citizenship for long term care and illegal immigrants should receive any emergency care needed.

@97YQ4PB from North Carolina answered…5 days

Increase funding, but only for important healthcare. We should focus on ending poverty and increasing the number of educated people that come from these low-income people. That will reduce the need for healthcare through the government for many.

@97YKQLB from Wisconsin answered…6 days

@97YJFV5Libertarian from Virginia answered…6 days

Yes but in small amounts, having too much free health care as good as it will be for the people will also cause longer wait times and less equipment in hospitals.

@97YHWCR from North Carolina answered…6 days

Yes, Especially for low income areas, the elderly and the disabled

@97YFRVZ from Iowa answered…6 days

yes, specifically for low-income families, the elderly, and disabled people so they can also benefit from health care.

@97YFNNZ from Indiana answered…6 days

@97YC39L from Georgia answered…6 days

I think if you have a low income and are in a bad situation it should be provided.

@97Y6T9P from Minnesota answered…6 days

@97Y4NQQ from Idaho answered…6 days

@97Y3KFR from Iowa answered…7 days

Yes, but make it affordable for everyone that are in low-income situations, disabled, and elderly.

@97XYXTG from Michigan answered…7 days

yes but make sure who your giving to because there are people who take advantage of this who do absolutely nothing to deserve it

@97XYLRX from Illinois answered…7 days

@97XVMXL from Missouri answered…7 days

@97XV6TB from Ohio answered…7 days

All medical care must be funded by the federal government and must include state and federal elected and appointed officials.

@97XB7ZZ from New Jersey answered…1wk

No each state should decide their own level of coverage and the federal government should not increase funding for any social programs until we reduce the deficit

@97X865T from Maryland answered…1wk

I believe individuals should be able to create their own health care.

@97X5XHHIndependent from New York answered…1wk

@97X4DFZ from Oregon answered…1wk

I think that the government should make health care affordable for all individuals, no matter how rich or poor.

@97X3D49 from Texas answered…1wk

Yes, because Medicaid right now is a difficulty for the poor or disabled and is only getting worse.

@97WVMLC from California answered…1wk

@97WTZ6R from Virginia answered…1wk

I don't have enough knowledge to answer this in a way that is satisfactory for me.


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