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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@957QQY7 from North Carolina answered…5mos

No,but abolish the 1965 immigration system and establish a brand new immigration system that will benefit the American people.

@9438QSR from North Carolina answered…6mos

No,but we should abolish the 1965 immigration system and establish a brand new immigration system that will benefit the American people.

@8N5XVFL  from Texas commented…2yrs

Yes, there should be a high tech surveillance barrier but my reasoning is not because of immigration. A lot of sex trafficking happens along the border and it is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

@8NL5KB5  from Kansas commented…2yrs


This is very true some may say that wanting to build a wall or get better surveillance on the borders makes you racist, but that is not the case. Some people want better for the US. Wanting to keep out the drugs sex trafficking, guns and many other things. I'm saying that America doesn't have any of these things because we do. We smuggle things into Mexico and other countries and we don't get questioned because we are privileged, but those who are of colored or from other countries get questioned because they don't look as we do. Fair skin.

@8GHYHFC from Texas answered…2yrs

Rule and regulations should be changed to allow a easier path to become a U.S. citizen.

@8C6BVB2 from Washington answered…2yrs

@98WS7LZ from Tennessee answered…43mins

Not all people who come here are bad some just want a better life. I think that for people who come here there should be background checks and evaluation should be done to see if they are a threat or no t.

@98WPVCY from Washington answered…6hrs

feel like there should be a easier way to get your green card or anything to get in side america.

@98WP3VHLibertarian from Idaho answered…7hrs

No, increase spending to develop and reform our legal imagination process while spending money on more effective forms or security at the border like drones.

@98WLLW7 from Wisconsin answered…9hrs

I don't there should be a wall but better border control and more military presence.

@98WL947 from Michigan answered…10hrs

To keep out anyone who tries to get here illegally. If their trying to get here illegally then the intentions they bring are not good.

@98WJW9DIndependent from Tennessee answered…11hrs

Yes, but make it easier to get into the U.S. Make sure the people we want in get in, and the jerks who give immigrants a bad name stay out.

@98WG4TR from Illinois answered…13hrs

@98WG2CW from Kansas answered…13hrs

Yes and military presence should be placed in case someone gets over.

@98WDKM8 from Louisiana answered…14hrs

i don't have a preference but i would say just leave what they got and stop building

@98W8W88 from Illinois answered…1 day

@98W7LCH from Tennessee answered…1 day

Yes, but we need to have a smoother process for getting into the country.

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…1 day

Yes, but make it security presence and surveillance prioritized over a physical barrier

@98W5SNTWorking Family from Oregon answered…1 day

yes, and make it a high-tech surveillance barrier as long as a physical one.

@98W4F6YWomen’s Equality from New Hampshire answered…1 day

yes, but it should be easier to get through with personal belongings.

@98W3YDJ from Wisconsin answered…1 day

If we build a wall they will just go around it. Don't underestimate those who are desperate for a new life.

@98W28P7from Maine  answered…1 day

@98VZX7J from California answered…1 day

@98VZVSZ from Wisconsin answered…1 day

update the wall and create more jobs to speed up citizenship for fledging imigrants

@98VYQB6 from California answered…1 day

no it would be too costly and ineffective and would it would also be best to increase a millitary presence in the southern border


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