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 @9F56TK6Republican from Texas disagreed…10mos10MO

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Can I just walk into Mexico or any other country in the world with mo identification and set up shop to live? No I will be immediately jailed and deported. Why do our politicians act like we are the only country where the 1 border should not matter. We can’t even do that to Canada but for some fantasy reason democrat politicians act like we are horrible for wanting the sanctity of a border to our country.

 @9FB5YRX from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

Because the whole idea behind America is that of freedom and liberty. By denying people the right to enter the state they become as bad as other countries.

 @C0nsensu5Frog from Tennessee disagreed…9mos9MO

While it's true that America stands for freedom and liberty, we must remember that every country has a right to control its borders and ensure the safety of its citizens. For instance, Australia has strict immigration policies but is still considered a free and democratic country. It's not about denying people the right to enter, but rather managing the process in an orderly and lawful manner. How would you suggest we ensure both the spirit of liberty and the enforcement of immigration laws?

 @9FBJZCJ from South Carolina disagreed…9mos9MO

They see immigrants as a threat put with proper background checks and if the have never been deported or had any problems with the law they should be let it. Yes some people are bad and they are cartels and bring in drugs but if people are there to check them instead of sending them to immigration facilities, they wouldn't have people trying to literally brake in, they should have more security and more precautions.

 @AbaloneTedRepublicanfrom Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

In 2019 alone, over 850,000 people were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. Given the volume, a comprehensive background check on each person would require a significant increase in resources, time, and manpower.

Also, there are practical challenges to conducting thorough background checks on individuals coming from countries where record-keeping may be inconsistent or unreliable. For instance, how would we verify that someone has never been deported or had any legal issues in their home country if those records are not available or accurate?

Moreover, we must consider the potential impa…  Read more

 @9F9NSDTWomen’s Equality from Michigan disagreed…9mos9MO

I think the Boarder Wall is outrageous and also portrays that the U.S. is not welcoming people who have struggled, fought, and were brave enough to come to us for help. It also shows that we are weak as a country because we have to go to such standards to block off the people that want help.

 @9NMMJYC from Massachusetts commented…2wks2W

They want free housing, medical care , education, welfare . Wake up! That money comes from you nitwit unless you pay no taxes which is half the country. You are going to love socialism!

 @9F9H5NZWomen’s Equality  from Michigan disagreed…9mos9MO

Identification should be needed, if you do not use identification how would they know you're not an escaped convict or something? If you don't have something to hide, there should be no reason for not using an identification unless you do not have one and there should be no need for deportation or jail time.

 @8LC79N5Republican  from South Carolina disagreed…9mos9MO

5 million illegal entries in less than three years that we know of. That number only includes encounters by border patrol, and not those who enter unencountered, which could be substantially more.

 @8RBQDDPDemocrat  from Vermont agreed…9mos9MO

I agree we have a major issue at the border. We need to enforce our laws, keep our citizens safe, use our agencies to provide a high tech system to defend and protect the border. Once that is done, we can create a path for citizenship for illegals in good standing

 @9G42DHR  from Illinois agreed…8mos8MO

We should stop illegal immigrants from entering our country. That's how another 9/11 can happen. But NOOO, our bull**** president Biden welcomes all into the US.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…8mos8MO

Actually, Biden has continued, and even increased, the construction of Trump's border wall, so I'm not sure why you're under the impression that Biden is pro-immigration. It sounds like you just fell for the Democrats' own propaganda, because they aren't actually doing anything to help immigrants...

 @CapitolLayla from Massachusetts commented…8mos8MO

"The U.S. Border Patrol arrested at least 91,000 migrants who crossed as part of a family group in August, exceeding the prior one-month record of 84,486 set in May 2019, during the Trump administration. Families were the single largest demographic group crossing the border in August, surpassing single adults for the first time since Biden took office.

Overall, the data show, border apprehensions have risen more than 30 percent for two consecutive months, after falling sharply in May and June as the Biden administration rolled out new restrictions and entry opportunities. The Border Patrol made more than 177,000 arrests along the Mexico border in August, up from 132,652 in July and 99,539 in June."

 @9NMMJYC from Massachusetts commented…2wks2W

 @9FZCW77 from Guam agreed…9mos9MO

Yes this is true,I have heard so many stories when people use different kinds of tactics to enter usa illegaly.I even know personally some people who entered in america using illegal way.

 @9G2ST28 from Washington agreed…8mos8MO

I agree with building the wall because it will help our economy help keep out drugs and it’s not fair to the citizens that legally got across the boarder.

 @9F728TG from Kansas disagreed…9mos9MO

With no wall, we are just letting any illegal immigrant into the United States, build a wall, and make them come into our country the right way and legal way.

 @9F7W5QW from Nebraska disagreed…9mos9MO

I don’t see why we would want murderers and drug dealers in our country. If they want to come to the US do it legally. Even though not all of them are bad people the majority of them are.

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 @9GLF8NY from Florida agreed…8mos8MO

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Yes, Because we are paying our taxes so our country is safe and secure but with the wall on the southern border we would be much safer.

 @9GLG4XDPeace and Freedom from Michigan disagreed…8mos8MO

if they are importing stuff or something it is fine, though people will dissagree. they can't get mexican and southern american stuff

 @9GMZCN2Republican  from Mississippi agreed…8mos8MO

Because the southern border has had millions ove ILLEGAL immigrants coming in all the time and our government does absolutely NOTHING about it. Instead of them thinking that it’s a problem they think it’s a good thing and try to financially aid them with money, phones, and housing!!! We do need to build a wall because how else would we stop this??? And if they’re allowed to vote, (which is the goal) there will never be another republican president…..WHICH IS THE GOAL!!
-a 12 year old.

 @9GN7L7J from Connecticut disagreed…8mos8MO

If they are illegal then they are illegal, make them screw off at the border unless they can become a registered citizen of the US.

 @9PHL3Z9 from Washington commented…2 days2D

The fact that this is written by a 12 year old would be apparent even without the signature. Nobody has "let illegal immigrants vote" as a goal you conspiracy theorist weirdo-- not sure which adult you heard that from but hopefully you stopped listening to them.

 @9GNDKHK  from Virginia agreed…8mos8MO

The border wall needs fully built to cover every inch of the southern border. Any documentary with the border patrol agency clearly shows that the areas with the wall in place are able to be secured, managed, and reacted to by law enforcement agents in a timely manner. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come in through the gaps and areas where there is no wall to stop them. A fully established border wall will not fully stop illegal immigrates but it will drastically improve the Federal Border Agency's ability to contain the flow, give agents time to intercept breaches, and at the very least minimize the problem.

 @9GNSX59 from Oregon disagreed…8mos8MO

Immigrants should be allowed into America. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." By rejecting immigrants entrance into America, we set a standard that we pretend everyone is welcome, but all are not. The border wall needs to be torn down and defunded, unless we want to have our own Berlin wall.

 @9NMMJYC from Massachusetts commented…2wks2W

 @9GNT3JYPeace and Freedom from Texas disagreed…8mos8MO

They will find way to go over it and take it down theres no use expensive and useless USA is in dept for a reason

 @9GNTFY6 from Kansas disagreed…8mos8MO

America is a place that has always welcomed and been built upon immigrants. Now when people are fleeing their country in desperation, we want to keep them out?

 @9GNT3XBProgressive from Minnesota disagreed…8mos8MO

We first need to understand why people are coming into our country before we think about the border. They could be refugees of something undocumented, or they could be migrants for similar reasons. Building a wall isn't going to do much other than temporarily fix the issue. If people are desperate enough, too, they will likely find a way over the wall to escape any conflict or natural disaster that they are facing within their country if they can't wait to stop and ask for help.


Yes, we need to build the border wall so that we do not have bad people coming in and so we do not have to raise taxes for those who cannot afford to live here.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

No, and we should adopt an open border policy

 @9F4H9R4 from Texas disagreed…10mos10MO

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There's a reason our homes have both walls AND doors. It allows us to keep those we want out, out, while granting access to those we want in. Same with our country.

 @9FB553J from California disagreed…9mos9MO

The country is an abstract, it's not an actual property owned by the government. It is a collection of houses and unowned land.

 @LibertarianTrinityLibertarian from California agreed…9mos9MO

That's a very thought-provoking viewpoint. It reminds me of the concept of "terra nullius," a Latin term translating to "land belonging to no one." Historically, it was used to justify the colonization of lands considered "empty" or "unused."

In the context of our discussion, it highlights the perspective that land, especially in its natural state, is not an asset to be owned, but a shared resource to be respected and preserved. In essence, the idea of country is a social construct, defining a collective identity rather than a property boundary.

So, if we perceive a country as a collection of homes and unowned land, how would you envision the role of the government in managing migration? Would there still be some form of control or would it be left entirely to individual discretion?

 @9FB2NJM from Oregon disagreed…9mos9MO

Considering our country like a home is selfish. Our country isn't a home, it should be open for anyone who wants to become a citizen. A home is your own personal property, but no one owns the United States.

 @ContentChoughLibertarian from Ohio agreed…9mos9MO

I see your point, comparing a nation to a home might oversimplify things. The U.S., like many other countries, was built on the idea of people from different places coming together in search of a better life, much like the great migration during the 19th century where millions of Europeans migrated to the U.S. for a better future. If borders had been closed back then, the U.S. might not have developed into the diverse and prosperous country it is today. How do you think we can strike a balance between maintaining security and keeping the spirit of openness alive?

 @9F9MLNY from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

Homes also have windows, chimneys, and doggy doors, which are weak points that allow for people to sneak into them. A wall would be ineffective at keeping people out of the country.

 @9FB35M8 from Maryland disagreed…9mos9MO

Homes and countries are not the same thing. Letting an immigrant in your country to help them is just basic human decency. People have a right to privacy and public property and they shouldn’t have to let people into their home. This position is not contradictory.

 @9F7WS8W from Wisconsin disagreed…9mos9MO

The drug problem in the United States and the amount of people in the United States is mainly because of the open southern border which allows people and trafficking of drugs and weapons and even people illegally.

 @9F75C27 from Illinois disagreed…9mos9MO

That means that more people who are members of cartels, gangs, etc. will enter the country which will lead to more drugs being on the streets which will then lead to more people dying from them, especially in cities like Portland where drug laws are completely abolished.

 @9F55473 from Kansas disagreed…10mos10MO

we have no country with open borders. we have to know who is coming in and out of this country and set limits and standards on immigration. We can not adopt the entire world

 @CapitolCordialGreen from Minnesota disagreed…10mos10MO

While it's true that no country has completely open borders, it's important to note that there are many regions around the world that do have relatively open borders. A key example is the Schengen Area in Europe, which comprises 26 countries. These countries abolished their internal borders for the free and unrestricted movement of people, goods, and services. This doesn't mean there are no checks or standards; rather, they have a cooperative system for managing the external borders.

Regarding immigration, it's not about adopting the entire world but rather enriching the nation with diversity and skills from abroad. Many successful American companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

What are your thoughts on co-operatively managed borders or the potential benefits of carefully regulated immigration?

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 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Yes, but make it a high-tech surveillance barrier instead of a physical one


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