Yes, but only for non-surgical treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy
No, children should not be allowed to make irreversible life decisions
Yes, but with parental permission
No, and ban all gender transitioning treatments
Yes, but only if they are at least 16 years old
Yes, as long as treatment is not subsidized by the government

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 @8WW6WS3 from Virginia answered…2yrs2Y

No, no I do not. I am in full support of the trans community, but I don't think a child who hasn't fully matured should be able to make that type of decision. I'm all for people being comfortable in they're own skin, but I've heard countless stories of people de-transitioning because they made the decision so young and regretted it later in life.


Yes, and allow Trans minors to access gender affirming care without parental consent

 @98TM5LS from Virginia answered…1yr1Y

Yes. Definitely. However, there should be a requirement that children have received extensive therapy before considering gender transition treatments. But, there are children who do genuinely need these treatments and waiting until age 16 or later is much too late. Trans kids know their gender from the time they are born. I did. Making them go through puberty as the wrong gender is extremely cruel.

 @92JDFXX from Illinois answered…2yrs2Y

 @9BD9FFR from California answered…12mos12MO

 @8S4K68H from Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

Depends on the kids decision. Gender transition treatments under 16 is not a good idea.

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