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 @9RDYHWH from Michigan answered…18mins18m

Pro-choice. I believe that schools should 100% implement a more stricter approach on the importance of planned parenthoo…

 @9RDW54Z from Utah answered…4hrs4H

Pro-life, and but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child, and providing birth control, sex edu…

 @9RDTWQN from Alabama answered…4hrs4H

Money is fine but not nationalize a single religion like forcing 1 religion in public schools laws etc

 @9RDS7VG from Washington answered…6hrs6H

Complete abolishment, women who commit abortion should be held as a criminal that has committed murder

 @9RDNQLX from Virginia answered…7hrs7H

Personally pro-life, but think women should have a safe place to go. I think making it illegal will do more harm.

 @9RDML6X from North Carolina answered…8hrs8H

No but the government run by white men do not need to be telling women of any color,race, or creed what to do with their…

 @9RDMF5F from Texas answered…8hrs8H

I want to say yes because I know many women who are capable of combat fighting, but I also know many women who were not…

 @9RDKXM8 from California answered…8hrs8H

Yes as long as the applicant meets the qualifications of a desirable applicant in all--the company should not be filling…

 @9RDKQL2 from Wisconsin answered…8hrs8H

Government buildings should only fly National and State flags, so no. But people can personally fly any flag they choose…

 @9RDKBW2 from Connecticut answered…8hrs8H

As a man I don’t feel comfortable answering this. This decision should be left to women. I wouldn’t want a bunch of old…

 @9RDC3QW from Colorado answered…10hrs10H

There shouldn't be gender categories in sports. Competitions should be categorized by body weight and build.

 @9RDBMH3 from Minnesota answered…10hrs10H

The government should fund pregnancy help, better sex education in schools , efforts to detect and to end sex traffickin…

 @9RD9G6Z from Michigan answered…11hrs11H

Abortion beyond 20 weeks should be illegal in all circumstances. Sex education should be taught more aggressively and te…

 @78MJYZM from Indiana answered…11hrs11H

Yes, but with a requirement that the child has gone through extensive therapy before considering, as well as only offeri…

 @9RD684X from Minnesota answered…12hrs12H

The federal government should not be making these decisions for everybody and leave their hands out of it. It’s up to in…

 @9RD3FFM from New York answered…12hrs12H

pro-choice, but when the baby is almost fully developed it should be banned. also allow it if the pregnancy poses fatali…

 @9RD3245 from California answered…12hrs12H

Gov and companies should be trained on racial, sexual and gender identity, class disparity, religious, ethnic, and disab…

 @9RD2Q3J from Illinois answered…12hrs12H

I don't believe that is an effective separation of church and state. That appears to be more performative than anything.

 @9RCZM4J from California answered…13hrs13H

It should be up to the states to decide. Every ten years there should be a national requirement for states to issue abor…

 @9RCZ43P from Wisconsin answered…13hrs13H

No, except in situations where pregnancy could be harmful to the mother's medical state or a woman is receiving medical…

 @9RCXTT3from Maine  answered…13hrs13H

Both within reason; students shouldn’t be coddled but they also need to understand how to manage themselves.

 @9RCWLDP from Texas answered…14hrs14H

No, because it puts too much focus on race instead of focusing on everyones abilities and character.

 @93L9X56 from West Virginia answered…14hrs14H

Yes, no one should be forced to provide a service that goes against their religious beliefs, but that does not give them…

 @9RCT6FN from Arizona answered…14hrs14H

Pro-education and pro-contraception to prevent the number of abortuons. Putting laws in place without the involvement of…

 @9RCRHR4 from Ohio answered…15hrs15H

Pro life, including the life of the mother, thus if her life is threatened by the baby she needs to be allowed to abort.