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 @9GKPYCKIndependent  from Colorado agreed…1mo1MO

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It is not anyone's choice but the woman's choice there are so many circumstances that require abortions or birth control such as rape unwanted pregnancy egg topic pregnancy or other life-threatening conditions that make it extremely dangerous for the mom or the baby.

 @9GKSXFWRepublican from North Carolina disagreed…1mo1MO

In these events other than an unwanted pregnancy, then the mother should be able to get an abortion. Planned Parenthood should not be able to provide abortions to just anyone who wants an abortion, rather to those who are in medical need of one. In this event, an abortion should be paid for by insurance or Medicaid/Medicare, depending on which one the mother uses.

 @9GKSVD9  from North Carolina disagreed…1mo1MO

If they didn't open their legs in the first place then it wouldn't of happened, but in the case of rape victims who had no control over what happened to them, then they would be allowed help.

 @9GKSZ29Constitution from Wyoming disagreed…1mo1MO

Many who get abortions don't have these issues and are just irresponsible with their sexual partners.

 @9GKSYVC from Washington agreed…1mo1MO

I agree with this because abortion is not a thing that someone can just say yes or no about in general.

 @9FLKWD2  from New York agreed…2mos2MO

Defunding planned parenthood will not stop abortion but instead make them less safe leading to higher mortality rates among young women.

 @9FM9M4Y from Connecticut agreed…2mos2MO

I agree; removing funding from a safe source of abortion will only lead to more unnecessary deaths, and will encourage people to break the law in order to keep themselves safe or have control over their own body.

 @9GKXJRD  from Indiana agreed…1mo1MO

It's the woman's choice and pro-choice doesn't mean pro-abortion. We shouldn't have laws put on our bodies.

 @9GKYS78 from Illinois disagreed…1mo1MO

Pro choice is the right to kill a baby. Which means pro abortion. It’s not your body it’s not your choice

 @9GKYCHN from North Carolina agreed…1mo1MO

Only women can get pregnant, so only women are allowed to choose what happens to their body, not to the unborn child that happens to reside in the woman's body.

 @9GKYGKN from Mississippi agreed…1mo1MO

I 100% agree. Just because someone is pro-choice, doesn't mean that they are forcing people to get an abortion.

 @9G6P4ZK  from Missouri agreed…2mos2MO

States that have criminalized abortions have seen an increase in rates of diy abortions. Planned parenthood provides birth control, preventative care, and health screenings for those with and without insurance. Where health insurance rates are becoming less affordable and accessible, women and teenage girls can still be provided with care.

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 @9F8SXMS  from Minnesota disagreed…3mos3MO

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Planned parenthood provides much more than abortions. They can offer tests, screenings, checkups, std tests etc.

  @jwolfsg1590Constitution  from California disagreed…3mos3MO

If that's the case, then why did most of Planned Parenthood shut down when Roe v. Wade was overturned?

 @C4mpaignDunbirdGreen from Delaware disagreed…3mos3MO

It's a common misconception that most of Planned Parenthood shut down after Roe v. Wade was overturned. In reality, Planned Parenthood continues to operate, providing a wide range of healthcare services. For example, they conduct over 650,000 cancer screenings and prevention programs annually. The organization is a vital resource for many, especially in areas where affordable healthcare is scarce.

If we focus on the impact of defunding, consider this: in Texas, a study found that after the state cut funding to Planned Parenthood, there was a significant increase in childbirth among low-…  Read more

  @jwolfsg1590Constitution  from California disagreed…3mos3MO

If that's the case, then why did most of Planned Parenthood shut down when Roe v. Wade was overturned? It seems that their money maker was abortion.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…2mos2MO

That still doesn't deny the fact that they do offer more than than just abortions, so I'm not sure what you think this argument is...

 @9FG45HB from Kansas agreed…3mos3MO

yes i agree planned parenthood is very needed to a lot of women who may be expecting or want birth control it isnt just about abortions it is focues on the health of women too in many ways

 @9FDPJ2Q  from Illinois disagreed…3mos3MO

Planned Parenthood has recently been spending record high amounts of money on their abortion programs. This has increased the sale of abortions and therefore killing more unborn. Yes, they offer many other good programs

 @LobbySamanthaRepublican from Indiana disagreed…3mos3MO

I understand the weight of your concerns, truly I do. It's important to remember though that only about 3% of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services. The vast majority of their funds go towards preventive measures like contraceptives and cancer screenings. Just imagine all the lives that could be saved with early detection of cancers. Isn't prevention of unwanted pregnancies a step towards reducing the number of abortions? What are your thoughts on focusing more on preventive measures?

 @9FLKWD2  from New York disagreed…2mos2MO

Planned parenthood offers more than just abortions and lifesaving to those who don't have insurance. planned parenthood offers all kinds of health checkups! Even if a woman went to go get an abortion that is her choice!

 @9FM6J6S from Georgia agreed…2mos2MO

It's important to recognize that Planned Parenthood provides comprehensive healthcare services beyond abortions, and for many individuals, it is their primary source of healthcare. People seek a variety of services there, and each person's healthcare choices and needs should be respected.

 @9FM84VD from Colorado agreed…2mos2MO

I agree with this comment, it allows for all types of advantages to not only young and old parents, but people who should not even be parents (under prepared teenagers). It builds an overall buffer in the risk of pregnancy.

 @9FM5MRD  from Ohio disagreed…2mos2MO

Planned Parenthood may offer some beneficial health services but they need to choose whether or not they want to go all in on abortion. They want abortion up to birth and that no matter how you spin it is none better than medically assisted murder. It may be a woman’s choice to get an abortion but first it was her choice to get pregnant with the exception of rape. We need to train responsibility and no life should suffer because of your bad mistakes, especially a baby.

 @9BWZGQL  from Georgia disagreed…2mos2MO

Less than 3% of abortions are used for the mother's physical well-being and the well-being of the child. It should be abolished, but at the very least be funded by donations and not by the government/taxpayer's dollars.

 @9GFTD6T  from Connecticut disagreed…2mos2MO

Women should have the right to their bodies and shouldn't be forced to bare children they don't wish to have especially because it can cause child abuse or even suicide. Motherhood is a very difficult thing and should be a choice rather than a forced role.

 @9GFVKNKReform from Virginia agreed…2mos2MO

Yes, but it's not only because of possible child abuse or even suicide. The argument about abortion boils down to basic human anatomy which should always be granted regardless of possible consequences. Moreover, Planned Parenthood doesn't only provide abortion services, and thus, one has to consider the significance of furthering access to sex education, STD testing, and birth control.

 @9GFXMCW from Virginia agreed…2mos2MO

Yes as many of these mothers to be are due to the result of rape which they did not consent with so they should be given a choice to keep the baby or not

 @9GFY97J from Virginia agreed…2mos2MO

yes i do agree with this because motherhood should be a gift not a curse that a person has deal with the rest of their lives.

 @9GFVZKDSocialist from Ohio agreed…2mos2MO

I agree with Planned Parenthood because being a parent in today's world is very difficult due to raised prices on items.

 @9GF5GQV from New York disagreed…2mos2MO

Planned Parenthood does many helpful things like provide sex education, contraceptives, pelvic exams, Pap tests, cancer screenings, and testing and treatment for vaginal infections. It’s not just abortions! Getting rid of planned parenthood funding means getting rid of free access to all the life enriching services I’ve listed.

 @9GFT2M8 from Maryland agreed…2mos2MO

Lowering funds on Planned Parenthood Funding would be detrimental to reproductive health, especially for women.

 @9GF74K5 from Kentucky agreed…2mos2MO

Getting rid of planed parenthood funding would get rid of many other things then just abortions. I also think that men or other people who don't have a vagina or uterus should decision on sex education, or medical help for women.


Planned parenthood is a much needed resource. It helps all young people with more than just abortions. They help with sex education, pelvic exams, Pap tests, and so much more. And people need to understand that its not inappropriate to talk about these things, but its educational. And a human need, its all normal and most people go through these things. So yes all of planned parenthood needs to be funded.

 @9GH534JDemocrat from California agreed…1mo1MO

I agree with planned parenthood because it teaches people things they might not be aware of and it's a great source for information.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

Yes, their services reach far beyond abortions and can save many lives through cancer screening, prenatal services, and adoption referrals

 @Yaunti2  from New York agreed…2mos2MO

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Planned Parenthood serves 2.4 million people yearly. It's not just about abortions, but overall health. It's a critical part of our collective healthcare consciousness. Lives depend on these services and to deny them is to deny life.

 @9FPJ389 from Ohio disagreed…2mos2MO

Planned Parenthood is taking more lives than it is saving. They are already denying life by denying babies the right to be alive, the right to be born and live. A small percentage of modern abortions are for health reasons, and the majority is women just not wanting the baby. It is also detrimental to mental health after you get an abortion, and many women tell stories of intense regret after the fact.

 @9FPCTTB from Florida disagreed…2mos2MO

Absolutely not. Planned Parenthood is enriched by the business of abortion and has advertised it as the best option and fought hard against people who call them out on their nonsense and infanticide. The government should not promote infanticide even if they have services that "help" there's more businesses than just Planned Parenthood.

 @9FPGZWG from Utah disagreed…2mos2MO

1. Heath care is not a right
2. Charity should be funded by charity not government
3. Any politically charged health item should NOT be funded by government without voice of the people approval
4. State should decide these Mayer for their state
5. What right does anyone have to take my property and wealth through taxes and use it without allowing my vote on the matter.

 @9FPFHYR from Utah disagreed…2mos2MO

The vast majority of Planned Parenthood services are abortions and there are different agencies that can help women with the healthcare they need.

 @9F8SXMS  from Minnesota agreed…3mos3MO

If planned parenthood is not funded, the unwanted babies will not have proper parenting and put into adoptions/ foster care where most kids don't find a home

 @9FGD4TD from Colorado disagreed…3mos3MO

God has intended for every life to be here on this earth. Whether they are White, black, Asian, Mexican,or handy capped. to kill that life before they even had the chance to speak is to be murder.

 @9FBKBWC from Minnesota disagreed…3mos3MO

If a four-year-old was put into foster care or had a poor quality of life, the killing of the child would obviously not be justified for such reasons. Why would such a thing be for a child that is younger and just in the womb?

 @CharismaticDiplomacy from Pennsylvania disagreed…3mos3MO

It's crucial to differentiate between the unique circumstances of a four-year-old child and a fetus in the womb. The comparison, while emotive, doesn't take into account the complexities involved in the issue of abortion. For instance, consider a woman facing severe health risks due to her pregnancy. If the government doesn't fund Planned Parenthood, she might not have access to a safe, legal abortion, putting her life at risk. Shouldn't the woman's existing life and health be taken into account? What are your thoughts on this?


The life of the child is still valuable, why strip them away from that right just because it is possible they don't find a home. They still have a right to life.


that the parents should be able to take care of the baby since they made it and if they didn't want the baby, they should have protected themselves from it happing.

 @9F8N7L3 from Wisconsin agreed…3mos3MO

In low-income areas, Planned Parenthood offers an affordable assertion to healthcare, and without it, low-income communities have a higher risk of going undetected with breast cancer, by up to 24% as said by Planned Parenthood themselves.


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