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@6FJZSTYDemocratfrom Maryland  answered…12mos

No, for the simple fact that they were known for the sterilization of women of color.

@6M82FLWLibertarianfrom Arizona  answered…12mos

No. Planned parenthood is a racist eugenics organization that was created to eliminate all black people from the earth by legally murdering their babies.

@SincerelyLaurennWomen’s Equality  from Minnesota disagreed…11mos

Planned Parenthood isn’t simply for abortions. My mom had 5 miscarriages before having me. Those cost $10,000 each unless you want to pee out a dead baby, which is very traumatizing. Planned Parenthood makes things like that more affordable as well as birth control, which I use to regulate my periods and save myself from cramps. Before birth control, some cramps were so bad I missed weeks of school and had to be hospitalized. If you take away the idea of Planned Parenthood entirely, it makes like living hell for women who have these struggles.

@5PFC82VRepublicanfrom Minnesota  answered…12mos

If tax dollars go to abortion clinics, then the tax dollars allocated should be split with half going to abortion clinics, and half going to adoption agencies.

@9Q5G9PJGreen from Colorado commented…11mos

Yes, their services reach far beyond abortions and can save many lives through cancer screening, prenatal services, and adoption referrals

if u care so much about the children in orphanges, go adopt a child. save a child whoś physically breathing, who can feel and think and is struggling in the system. dont worry about some cells that arent even in your body but in another womans and you just feel entitled to tell her its wrong.

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…10mos

most people believe abortion is morally incorrect...... And yet you get offended for another race and you say not to worry about another person's body.

@6DCJNSZRepublicanfrom Kentucky  answered…12mos

No - there are other ways that people get funding for the cancer screening, prenatal services, etc... ever heard of Obamacare?? WIC?? Welfare?? Food Stamps??

@M6020100836Green from Florida answered…2wks

yes, women should be able to do whatever they want with their body, many people say i dont have tp get the vaccination and they say its their body their choice so why arent woman allowed to do what they want with their body.

@9XBVB6HVeteran from Oklahoma answered…2wks

I believe that abortions are wrong except in the case that someone is raped, sexually assaulted, or it is a danger to the mother, then they should have the option to do so

@9XMVPNKTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes, but funding for abortion should only go towards victims of rape, incest, or pregnant women with a medical reason to terminate the pregnancy.

@9XMF3F9Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…3 days

I think that as many people say that it is a women's choice her body, I disagree with that statement because if that child came out and was a day old and the mother decides she wants to abort it then that is murder because that baby has a life has a heartbeat but truly a fetus starts forming within the first 12 weeks which is when most women find our they are pregnant. So that baby is very much alive. It is murder so why are we funding it.

@9XM32G5Republican from Illinois answered…3 days

I am Catholic so cannot support abortion so do not want my tax dollars to pay for any abortion. Also Planned Parenthood donated $45,000,000.00 dollars towards abortion rights candidates in the 2020 election cycle - it seems to me that they do not need additional money from the government if they can just give it away like this

@9XJLDQZConstitution from Michigan answered…6 days

The government should fund a new health program that is free of corruption. With checks and balances in place to ensure the illegal selling of fetal organs and tissue can be curtailed.

@9XDMV3DSocialist from California answered…2wks

Planned parenthood still charges those who's income level doesn't qualify. And Obamacare should cover any of these treatments minus the abortions. Funding can be minimized for this program.

@9X8ZSWTWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…2wks

I feel like they should to a point like people could take full advantage of this and have several children and get loads of money, and or they shouldn't because the baby could die before it is born and the parents wouldn't have a child. Bottom line they should as long as there is a limit to how many children can be counted for this and should be taken place as soon as the baby is born.

@9X8WP4FDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…2wks

No, they should be funded by those who use their services within a restructured health-care system, as well as permitted to function as regional providers by traveling between unassociated private clinics on a bi-weekly basis.

@9X8VL7DRepublican from Kansas answered…2wks

No, birth should become a more impactful and thought about ordeal and instead we should just promote safe sex.

@9X8S7MSTranshumanist from Texas answered…2wks

They should but abortions should be scarcely done and only allowed under certain circumstances.

@Greyson-Holtzcla…Democrat from Texas answered…2wks

No because it is evil, as the majority of the abortions preformed there are on black women, and they have been recored selling aborted baby remains

@9X5ZRY6Republican from Indiana answered…3wks

We should just work in cornfields and go back to digging dirt by hands. That way with the government, he's not only doing that but helps if all cars, devices, and electric powered things were gone off the face of the earth. That way we have family just taking care of each other with herbal medicines from the garden.

@9VFMHNTVeteran from New Jersey answered…4mos

@9VC2ZX8Women’s Equality from Arkansas answered…4mos

Government needs to stop being so nosey, I think planned parenthood should be a privately funded institution.

@9V9D8WQVeteran from Michigan answered…4mos

The government should ban any and a abortions. They should physically penalize anyone who gets an abortion. I would support using the death penalty on those who perform and get abortions.

@9TTBRHQConstitution from South Carolina answered…5mos

No, the governments should stop funding this and advocated the rights of the child.

@9TSNQSRWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…5mos

Yes, as long as it does not fund ALL abortion procedures. There is some cases of abortion that I agree with

@9TRZPJ4Women’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

Yes but keep the services female centric rather than place so much emphasis on gender identity and transgeder issues and transing children, teens, and young adults

@9TK43NHLibertarian from Florida answered…6mos

@9TJ8FSLAmerican Solidarity from Missouri answered…6mos

If you put youreslf in a situation where you get an STD or STI you can handle it yourself and abortions are not always a required medical procedures don't get one if you don't need it

@9THSXXCConstitution from Texas answered…6mos

I don't think the government should support Planned Parenthood because some money is used towards abortions. I think they should start a new program that gets does all the same as planned parenthood without abortions and fund it.

@9TGKW9BDemocratfrom Maine  answered…6mos

Yes, as long as funding is not used for abortion procedures unless the mothers life is endangered or the child will have a birth defect

@9TFCMG7Republican from Texas answered…6mos

No, requiring a portion of all tax payer money to fund organizations like Planned Parenthood violates the First Amendment rights of many tax payers. This is the United States. Aren’t we supposed to have majority rule while protecting the rights of the minority?

@9TCR85SVeteran from Montana answered…6mos

They should fund for rape,incest, or danger to the mother or child.

@9TBXBCDTranshumanist from Ohio answered…6mos

as long as abortion isn't being abused because people can't take responsibility for having sex

@9TB8SPJEcological Democratic Party from Virginia answered…6mos

No, and abortion should be illegal excepting risk to the mother's life

@9T9JNWFSocialist from Kentucky answered…6mos

yes because they help with many other things and abortions are the women's choice and right and they should not be decided by other people due to their religon instead of the persons who's body the fetus is in

@Hunter-MartinRepublican from New York answered…6mos

Yes, but funds going to abortion must only be used in the case of rape victims, not irresponsible adults/teens.


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