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 @9F83XVG from California disagreed…7mos7MO

Everyone has to deal with the consequences of their own decisions/actions. It is not up to the government to cover you in any action that is not mandatory.

 @9F8FW49 from Texas commented…7mos7MO

The challenge is when one individual's actions significantly impact another - disability caused by drunk driver collision, a company polluting the soil and causing cancer in a community - what should happen when the actions of others completely change the lives of people around them?

 @9F8TNF6 from Georgia agreed…7mos7MO

Because if the insurance companys want to keep money they should have free birth control. Babys are a lot of money for the company and the parents.

 @9F8C69C from Virginia disagreed…7mos7MO

The federal government simply has no authority to mandate anything on American citizens, as per the 10th Amendment in the United States Bill of Rights.

 @9F8FW49 from Texas disagreed…7mos7MO

When there are actions that may impact all of a community, I think it is ok for the government to mandate certain actions. Like seat belts, or vaccines for deadly diseases.

 @9F7TP6Y from Nebraska agreed…7mos7MO

If women are allowed to have free birth control then they won't have to worry as much about the risk of getting unintentionally pregnant and therefore the number of abortions will decrease.

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 @9F8YD9LDemocrat from Tennessee disagreed…7mos7MO

if a condom is $2.00 at a gas station to prevent getting a woman pregnant, why can't women have the same privilege with low-priced or no-price birth control that does the same matter?

 @9F6XVDR from Ohio disagreed…7mos7MO

Access to free birth control can help prevent the need for abortions, prevent the contractions of STIs, and help educate the American public on safe sex practices.

 @9FJ8FF9Women’s Equality from Georgia disagreed…7mos7MO

Debilitating children with special need of healthcare and basically putting their health on the line.

 @9F9SQS3 from Utah disagreed…7mos7MO

Birth control is just another form of medication. It’s used for more than just contraceptives too. It’s used for hormone balance. How are you going to be pro life and also not want to give the right resources to prevent pregnancy.

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No, the government should not decide what services a private business can provide

 @9FLK5Z9Peace and Freedom from North Carolina disagreed…7mos7MO

In general, more Americans say that government regulation of business is harmful than say it is necessary to protect the public. At the same time, when asked about regulating specific areas, such as food safety and environmental protection, there is broad support for strengthening or maintaining current regulations.

 @9FJDCX4 from Arkansas disagreed…7mos7MO

i think that its true because as people of america we have the right to do what ever we want on our property.

 @9F7JNZ9 from Oregon disagreed…7mos7MO

It may lead to bias or faking services, or inconsistencies between two companies supposedly offering the same services

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

Yes, except for religious organizations and charities that oppose the use of contraception

 @9FLT9SW from Texas disagreed…7mos7MO

Abortion is unholy and monstrous. It damages the mother, it outright murders a child, and it harms the family of the mother as well. Abortion should be abolished entirely, not made free and accessible. This is not my best counter argument by the way. I just don't have time to write everything I want to say.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

No, the government should support abstinence programs instead

 @9FK8XKD from Texas disagreed…7mos7MO

A counter argument to the position of supporting abstinence programs instead of governments mandates could be that comprehensive sex education programs have been shown to be more effective in reducing teen pregnancy rates and promoting safe sextual practices.

 @9F6Q99G from North Carolina disagreed…7mos7MO

Health insurance should provide females and males with anything non-harmful to a fetus for sex. Abortion needs to be better regulated but safety such as condoms, and birth control need to be a known and able way of protecting people.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

No, it should be covered like any other prescription

 @9FLK5Z9Peace and Freedom from North Carolina disagreed…7mos7MO

The suboptimal uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in many parts of the world has prompted unprecedented public debate concerning the ethics of mandatory vaccination [1]. It is imperative we learn lessons from this debate so we are better positioned to navigate policy proposals for mandatory vaccination in the future.

 @9975FV3 from North Carolina answered…1yr1Y

No, but the government should support abstinence programs based on a dharmic religious perspective.

 @5BPCT84from Illinois answered…3yrs3Y

All teenage girls should be given IUDs by the government.

 @97HJXBYWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania commented…1yr1Y

Is it mandatory, cause that would be taking away the teens rights, it sould be offered for free when the teen is alone and the parent and goverment are not abe to influance the teen and it is only the teen girls choice.

 @4Q859QMfrom Northern Mariana Islands answered…3yrs3Y

Just make it over the counter (and hence more affordable) like many other countries do.

 @5C9J8TFfrom Washington answered…3yrs3Y

No, because birth control kills a life that has just been made. The second that an egg is fertilized, a baby is created, and it is alive. Using birth control is killing a baby. It is no better than abortion.

 @93YSQZ8 from Louisiana commented…2yrs2Y

This depends on what form of birth control you are referring to. Oral combined OCPs prevent ovulation, meaning there is no released egg to be fertilized.

 @4Y7NVCFfrom Arkansas answered…3yrs3Y

no, that's abortion.

 @97HJXBYWomen’s Equality  from Pennsylvania disagreed…1yr1Y

An abortion is killing the baby but when a women is on birth control it can ether make sure an egg is not releaced it keed the sperm from attatchingg to the unerice... Its not made to kill but rather provent, the pill that would kill if you took it is a diffrent pill and has a diffrent action.

 @4VG7CWGfrom New York answered…3yrs3Y

If free birth control, then free ED drugs for men. Only free birth control for women is discrimination against men who have to pay for a limited amount of prescription drug.

 @4SV9Y48from Kentucky answered…3yrs3Y

Yes. If Viagra is covered then so too should the preventative measures designed to deal with Viagra's aftermath!

 @595QCBQfrom Missouri answered…3yrs3Y

Yes! We make such a big deal about pro-life, but won't give birth control to people who need it. If a person can't afford birth control every month, do you really think that they can afford a child? People are going to have sex. It's natural and in our DNA, but we are smart enough creatures that we can get our fix without having a child. Religion says all these things about it, but religion should have nothing to do with you insurance or government.

 @595BWHNfrom Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

Sex is a leisure activity, just like sky diving. You don't have to do it; but if you do pay for your own parachute.

  @928PJ8QLibertarian from California commented…2yrs2Y

No, the government should not decide what services a private business can provide

Unfortunately yes, birth control is needed in this hyper-sexualized society that progressives utterly adore, but I'm not having a single penny of mine cover for the recklessness of others.

  @928PJ8QLibertarian from California commented…2yrs2Y

No, the government should not decide what services a private business can provide

Crap wrong comment

 @4VGVQ7Ffrom Florida answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, population growth is out of control and is an existential threat to humanity.

 @5BLW78YRepublicanfrom Georgia answered…3yrs3Y

no, birth control is murdering a human being and that action will be charged on company as well

 @4VH2F6Jfrom Texas answered…3yrs3Y

Yes. I believe it should.. the number one seller in America is sex and if it's going to continue that way than I believe it should be offered free to the people who feel the need to be on BC... Especially in teens nowadays. It can stop the abortion rate to an extent.

 @4WPZMYGfrom Washington answered…3yrs3Y

Publicly funded abortion and contraception should be more widely available. Planned Parenthood's funding should be increased and more governments should adopt policies that discourage population growth.

 @97HJXBYWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania commented…1yr1Y

THANK YOU, people are thinking that all birth control does is kill when in reality it provents an unwanted pregnency.

 @58P3LFGfrom Iowa answered…3yrs3Y

Yes until pro-choice is approved and no longer an issue, women should have another option.

 @4SNFWHPfrom Indiana answered…3yrs3Y

Only required to provide for teenagers

 @8QN8L65 from Illinois commented…3yrs3Y

No, the government should not decide what services a private business can provide No

The shouldn't be having sex at that age

 @4S9MD9Nfrom Maine answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, but only to people of certain age (11-18 y.o.)

 @8QN8L65 from Illinois disagreed…3yrs3Y

No, the government should not decide what services a private business can provide No

No one under 21 should be allowed to have sex

 @4Y3LJFZIndependentfrom Texas answered…3yrs3Y

No, because I don't want my insurance company deciding what type of birth control I should use.


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