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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…19hrs19H

How a hush money scandal turned into a criminal case: The whirlwind history of People v. Trump

  2611 replies

Fact check: Bragg is prosecuting Trump for non-crimes. This is a terrible assault on the rule of law that will go down…

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…22hrs22H

Senators Warn RFK Jr. Could Tilt Presidential Election


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…18hrs18H

Trump Flip-Flops on Presidential Debates

  1914 replies

I would say there is a big difference between deciding not to get into a debate when you are leading someone in your own…

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…21hrs21H

The Political Teflon of Donald Trump: Trials Seen as Reality TV

  2312 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…1 day1D

Media Giants Rally for Biden-Trump Debates Ahead of Election

  1813 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…10hrs10H

High-Profile Trump Hush Money Trial Captivates the Nation


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…20hrs20H

Biden vs. Trump: The Race Tightens as Election Looms


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…7hrs7H

RFK Claims Trump Asked Him To Be His VP


His emissaries? Why not tell us who? I suspect if anyone did ask Trump had no knowledge.