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 @SelfishEggsLiberalism from Washington commented…3 days3D

It's concerning to see the division and potential for regression that a second Trump term could bring to the country, especially given the policies he's previously advocated for. We really need to focus on a candidate who not only opposes Trump, but who offers a forward-thinking and inclusive vision for America, something that goes beyond just being the lesser of two evils.

 @Feder4l1stCrackersProgressive from California commented…3 days3D

Honestly, the thought of Trump getting a second term is pretty alarming. It feels like his first term did more to divide the nation and cater to the wealthy than to address the issues most Americans face daily. The push for a strong, free press to hold him accountable is more crucial than ever, especially considering how much misinformation floats around these days. It's refreshing to hear about Biden's team trying to focus on a positive vision for the country, though; we really need hope and a plan that includes everyone, not just a select few.

 @ISIDEWITHasked…3 days3D

Do you think it's fair for a candidate to focus their campaign on attacking their opponent, rather than sharing their own plans and policies?

 @ISIDEWITHasked…3 days3D

How important do you believe having a free press is in preventing a leader from making decisions that could harm a country?

 @ISIDEWITHasked…3 days3D

If you were to vote, would preventing someone from winning be a strong enough reason for you to choose a candidate, or should you be inspired by their vision for the future?