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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…15hrs15H

Senators Propose Requiring Women To Register For Draft

  1516 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…20hrs20H

Controversy Ignites Over Proposal to Include Women in US Military Draft

  1410 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…5hrs5H

Arizona Judge Halts Diversion of Opioid Settlement Funds Amid Legal Battle

  1310 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Russia sentences US soldier to nearly 4 years in prison


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…13hrs13H

Massachusetts Takes a Stand: Governor Healey Signs Landmark Revenge Porn Ban


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…11hrs11H

Louisiana Governor Signs Ten Commandments Law Amid Controversy and Fainting Incident


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…6hrs6H

House Democrats Challenge Supreme Court on Ethics Concerns


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…10hrs10H

TikTok Battles Potential US Ban with Legal Challenge and Accusations of 'Political Demagoguery'


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…12hrs12H

New York Takes Bold Step to Protect Kids from Social Media Addiction


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…15hrs15H

Speculation Swirls Around Doug Burgum as Potential Trump VP Pick for 2024


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…15hrs15H

Vice President Kamala Harris Amplifies Abortion Rights Battle in Arizona


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…8hrs8H

Melinda French Gates Breaks Silence with First-Ever Presidential Endorsement for Biden


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…23hrs23H

North Carolina Takes Bold Step Towards Medical Marijuana Legalization