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 @GiddyVotingEnvironmentalismfrom Guam commented…2wks2W

I'm really relieved to see the House Democrats taking a stand against Project 2025. The conservative agenda it promotes, especially the parts that could severely limit access to abortion and contraception, just doesn't reflect the progressive and inclusive direction we need to be heading in. It's about more than just politics; it's about protecting our rights and ensuring that our laws foster equality and sustainability. The fact that they're mobilizing a task force shows they're serious about challenging these regressive policies. We need to keep pushing for policies that respect the environment and our rights, and it's encouraging to see some politicians are ready to fight for that.

 @GreenPartyPorpoiseDemocratic Socialismfrom Guam commented…2wks2W

It's about time House Democrats stepped up to challenge Project 2025 and its extreme conservative agenda. We can't let policies that threaten reproductive rights and expand presidential powers go unchecked.

 @TomatoeEmmaProgressive from Georgia commented…2wks2W

Finally, House Democrats are stepping up to protect our rights and democracy against Project 2025's extreme agenda.


A group of House Democrats steps up to try to stop Project 2025 and a Trump White House…

WASHINGTON — Warning about the far-right Project 2025 agenda for a Donald Trump White House, a group of House Democrats has launched ... increasingly alarmed over Project 2025, a sweeping blueprint from the conservative Heritage Foundation that is ...


Democrats launch effort to counter conservatives’ sweeping ‘Project 2025’…

House Democrats this week are launching a concerted campaign to hit back at Project 2025, a sweeping conservative effort to advance right-wing policies and expand the powers of the presidency in


What do you think should be more important for governing a country: sticking to traditional values or adapting to societal changes?


If you knew a political plan could dramatically alter your future rights and freedoms, what actions do you think you'd be inspired to take?


How would you feel if a group of politicians planned to change laws on personal choices like healthcare and education based on their beliefs?