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 @9GHH4K9  from Maryland agreed…1mo1MO

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Kids killing kids is a problem in today's society. A man with easy access to guns, can simply go out and buy one. Get in the bus with it hidden, and go to your child's school and massacre everyone in that school, including your kid.

 @9GHJWNN from Virginia disagreed…1mo1MO

The 2nd amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms. While murder is totally wrong, it would be unconstitutional to deny people the right to carry a gun.

 @9GHH958 from South Carolina disagreed…1mo1MO

Trained personnel, in the right places, would ensure that this would never happen. Mass shootings, like the one in Maine yesterday, wouldn't have occurred if a concealed weapons permit holder with a weapon, had been around. There will always be evil men and they will always find a way to enact their depravity. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens others are safer because of.

Additionally, nine of my ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War to give us the right to protect ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic. I will NEVER give up my right to protect myself and my family!

 @PleasedFalconRepublican from Iowa disagreed…1mo1MO

According to the FBI, the majority of gun deaths in the U.S. are suicides, not homicides or mass shootings. That said, it's crucial to have responsible gun ownership and proper mental health support in place. However, overly stringent restrictions might not necessarily prevent these incidents but could infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

 @9GHHT74 from New York agreed…1mo1MO

This should cause the increase in gun control, and increase the requirements to obtain a gun. And in addition, increase the security of the school.

 @9GG5MHY from South Carolina agreed…1mo1MO

Guns should be restricted for people with reasonable intentions with it. The person should also show history to prove there intentions. Such as gun training and licences.

 @9GG6PGGIndependent from Rhode Island agreed…1mo1MO

yes, but only handguns in populated areas and restricted hunting rifles in more rural areas idk the question but guns should be waayayayayya more limited

 @9GG6QZZ from Connecticut agreed…1mo1MO

I agree that all people who want to own a gun have to go through gun training and have a licences. Along with that, there should be a full background check.

 @9GFFTZP  from Kentucky agreed…1mo1MO

if people weren't able to walk around with guns then other people wouldn't feel endangered, and they wouldn't feel that they'd have to carry around a gun as well.

 @9GFHMC2Libertarian from Tennessee disagreed…1mo1MO

It is our constitutional right to own and carry firearms and no laws are going to prevent bad guys from owning and carrying firearms either

 @9GFMBV8 from Texas disagreed…1mo1MO

A gun isn’t the issue, it’s the mentally ill people that walk around thinking it’s okay to kill children that are the issue.

 @KindheartedGranola from Missouri commented…1mo1MO

That's a utopia I'd love to see. But in the meantime, in the real world, people carry guns for a myriad of reasons, often for their own personal security. Your suggestion seems to overlook that reality.

 @PollsterUnicornSocialist from Kentucky disagreed…1mo1MO

We can ensure that responsible, law-abiding citizens who feel the need for protection can still obtain firearms.

Take Australia for example, they implemented strict gun control after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. The regulations didn’t prevent people from owning guns entirely but made the process more rigorous. Subsequently, both gun-related homicides and suicides saw a significant decrease.

 @DelegateElephantRepublicanfrom Tennessee disagreed…1mo1MO

Switzerland has a high rate of gun ownership and still has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This suggests that an armed society does not necessarily lead to a feeling of danger or the need for everyone to arm themselves.

 @9GLY5H2Independent from Kansas agreed…4wks4W

In recent years, there have been such an increase in public shootings, especially schools for example. I think that there should be a background check, and a training class that is required in order to even buy a gun.

 @9GLZCG4Constitution from California disagreed…4wks4W

There are already background checks. The best solution to gun violence is through public edification.

 @9GLYPJL from California agreed…4wks4W

Guns have been a issue throughout the U.S. as instead of being used for self defence, it is mostly used for murder.

 @9G3MTS2  from Idaho agreed…2mos2MO

Every day, 116 Americans lose their lives as a result of gun violence. Guns play a crucial role in the majority of suicide deaths. In comparison to other nations, America has some of the laxest gun laws. In America there are also more guns than people, with about 120.5 guns for every 100 residents.

 @9G3NTS6 from Nevada agreed…2mos2MO

Agreed. I think guns should still be allowed in America obviously, but they need to do stricter background checks and verification before a person can buy one.

 @9G3NLDB from Kansas agreed…2mos2MO

There has been too many cases of people being victims of shooting be those who are not mentally well so there should be more restrictions on gun control to prevent this

 @9G3PL5HLibertarian from Kentucky agreed…2mos2MO

They need to change the caliber and size of guns certain people can purchase based on experience and trust with types of firearms

 @9FV6M6NSocialist  from New York agreed…2mos2MO

Every day, 116 Americans lose their lives as a result of gun violence. Guns play a crucial role in the majority of suicide deaths. In comparison to other nations, America has some of the laxest gun laws and the highest number of firearms.

 @9FV7YWV from Georgia agreed…2mos2MO

Gun possession should be accompanied with adequate liability insurance to cover the loss of injured and dead.

 @9FV7QLKIndependent from California agreed…2mos2MO

I believe we should raise the regulations on guns, but keep the constitutional right for anyone of age to bear arms.

 @9FV826VSocialist from Illinois agreed…2mos2MO

There should be many restrictions to gun use and purchase instated, such as mental health screening and intense background checks.

 @9FV87B3 from Georgia agreed…2mos2MO

I agree with this comment about gun control. America needs to enforce stricter laws on gun control and the processes of purchasing a gun.

 @9GNCPPN from Illinois agreed…4wks4W

there are little to no restrictions on who can get a gun, what gun they can get, and unless there was a system of extensive assessments by a psychologist to prevent certain people from getting them; also there is absolutely no valid argument to allow for semi-automatic or automatic guns.

 @9GNDK2C from Illinois agreed…4wks4W

I agree, when the second amendment was created they had no idea what guns would be like today, there is no reason why a citizen should have an automatic weapon. Hunting or self defense do not require guns like that.

 @9G3PBHW  from Utah agreed…2mos2MO

Gun violence is the highest cause of death in the US. More than heart disease, more than car crashes, more than smoking. The argument that guns shouldn't be regulated is ridiculous; how can anyone say that when ~316 people are shot every day in the US. Anyone who says this isn't a prevalent issue that needs to be regulated is lying to themselves.

 @9GNRTNQRepublican  from California agreed…4wks4W

as people theres no reason to own fully automatic ar15s. A shotgun and pistol are only needed for slef defense.

 @9GNT22F from California agreed…4wks4W

No, defensive gun ownership is a myth. You and members of your household are more likely to get hurt because there is a gun in the house.

 @9GNSMTM from California agreed…4wks4W

No guns because i feel like most people who have guns always do something very horrible like kill people for No reason and even their own family memebers.

 @9GNSJDQ from Tennessee agreed…4wks4W

I 100 percent agree with this. A shotgun and pistol can be handeled properly. Where as ar15s can cause loads of damage.

 @9GNSBCG  from Florida agreed…4wks4W

People should have the right to own any gun of their choosing but, there should be a very extensive background check and also the people should be required to take classes on the proper ways to hold and shoot a gun.

 @9GJ2TSY from Kansas agreed…1mo1MO

It should be more difficult to purchase a gun than it is to adopt a child. Civilians do not need weapons used for mass causalities. Gun lobbyist are too influential and control how guns are used, not the government.

 @9F7S8WRWomen’s Equality  from Michigan agreed…3mos3MO

The amount of school shootings has gone up significantly in recent years do to the ease of buying guns

 @9FDQQLC from Wisconsin disagreed…2mos2MO

This is more due to extremism and increased violence as violence rates in general have gone up as well.


i think being able to protect yourself and your family is important but also knowing that people who shouldn't buy a gun are able to should be changed. it should require more rules and paper work to be allowed to carry or own a gun. its not the gun who kills people its the person behind the gun who does.

 @9GCQHH4Democrat from Illinois agreed…1mo1MO

I don't believe guns should be so easily accessible. I think we should provide through background checks to make sure that the buyer doesn't have any serious mental health issues or past imprisonment that could lead them to using the gun horribly.

 @9GCQ9YY from Kansas agreed…1mo1MO

I believe the way our government and our country are set up its sad that we have to use such a powerful weapon to protect ourselves.


i think guns should be in the hands of students or un eligible people they need to have stricter gun control


Yes I agree with it, because in today's society, there are too many young people use the guns inproperly.

 @9GKZF7B agreed…4wks4W

yes i belive there should be a backround check on he/her and there family and make sure a family member knows they have that gun before they buy it

 @9GL2DRF from California agreed…4wks4W

I agree there should be an in-depth background check on individuals and their families that permits normal individuals (not government officials) to buy a maximum amount of guns of 1 or 2 per permit.

 @9GL2B2G from California agreed…4wks4W

yes i agree with this this sort of second act of safety is very important to keep in such time of struggle.

 @9GL27V7 from Virginia disagreed…4wks4W

They should require a license and responsible use of the weapon, since many in the country possess guns without the legal requirements and the background check should inspect if he/she has a criminal record and need for it

 @9FDK88HDemocrat from New Jersey agreed…2mos2MO

allowing people to have guns can cause more violence as people could use it whenever they feel even if it is not justified.

 @9GGK8JQPeace and Freedom from California agreed…1mo1MO

Many lives are lost due to giving guns to the wrong set of hands. Guns are a weapon, not a toy. They need to be under serious control and not be sold like an object. Innocent lives are being taken with no valid reason and the people committing the crimes aren't being punished enough. There's no need to buy a gun, no need at all. School shootings are the last thing that this world needs. Newer generations don't need to be worried for their own safety. Therefore, in order for that to happen, gun control should be taken seriously and more secured so no more lives can be lost.

 @9GGKLYD from Utah agreed…1mo1MO

I do agree that gun control should wildly more regulated. I think that guns are very dangerous and people who use them need to be held accountable for how safely the gun is stored, as well go through classes and mental checks yearly. My only real problem with making guns illegal is the same reason why I think a lot more drugs should be legal, people will get them anyway. I also know that hunting with guns is a big part of where funds come from for saving wildlife which is very important.

 @9F83SMT from Washington agreed…3mos3MO

Just as it is not safe for people to handle heavy machinery, cars, or other potentially dangerous tasks without proper training, license, and evaluation, it is not safe for people to handle deadly weapons without proper training, license, and evaluation either.


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