Yes, but allow churches the right to refuse same-sex ceremonies
No, allow civil unions but don’t call it marriage
Take the government out of marriage and instead make it a religious decision
No, marriage should be defined as between a man and woman

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 @4XLXLXZfrom Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

This notion that gay marriage is a violation against God is BULL **** !!! I self identify as a Republican, but on the issue of abortion and gay marriage, I am abortion and LGBT friendly. If the Republicans changed their views on social issues, then the Democratic Party will be the party of the past. This is a free country, and these issues must fall into that meaning.

 @4WR6NB6from Michigan answered…4yrs4Y

 @52RKBQ9from Indiana answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, same-sex marriage in no way causes any literal harm to anybody, so I cannot in good will stand there and deny two people their true love like a strict parent not letting their child choose which flavor ice-cream that they would rather have, or forcing them to eat topings which they don't like on a hamburger.

 @598QPZ8from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

What the LGBT community needs to do is get over themselves and stop playing victim. I know people who are victimized by the LGBT community on a daily basis. I doubt anybody gives a hoot if the guy across the street is doing the other guy. You have your own church and religion that approve of your same sex marriage so you the LGBT community should stop and try to force your views and homosexuality on people who do not agree.

 @8N6QGZS from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

Look I’m straight, that doesn’t mean I care about other peoples sex preferences, I don’t judge people off of this, I judge them off of their personality, so yes and no, but I do have a few homosexual friends so it’s more yes than no

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