Yes, if they pay taxes
No, but they should be allowed to purchase private healthcare
Yes, but only for life threatening emergencies or infectious diseases
No, and we should deport all illegal immigrants
Yes, and grant them citizenship
No, but their children should have access
Yes, but they should be deported after treatment
No, and the government should never subsidize healthcare

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 @8L3QY7Z from Maine answered…4yrs4Y

If they weren't born in america, no if their children were born in america, yes

 @8MRSWZJ from Michigan answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, as long as the illegal immigrants in question are good, honest people with no criminal record who plan on becoming citizens. Anyone should be granted access for life threatening emergencies or infectious diseases, but then they need to be provided assistance to become a legal citizen.

 @4S4CH92from Illinois answered…4yrs4Y

This is insane. How can you use illegal and benefits in same sentence? Someone should not become a citizen just because they gave birth here. Mexico for sure does not allow this, and the rest of the world with exception for two other countries. This way of taxing others to pay for such expenses is insane.

 @4WXYGMHfrom Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

YES, WE ARE THE RICHEST COUNTRY ON EARTH..... our insurance companies and hospitals are making BILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 @4PXJH63from Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

Illegal aliens or if you must "immigrants", have broken our laws of entry, and should be eligible for nothing. that said, if there is an emergency situation /or they have an infectious disease, when they arrive yes by all means let them get treated at govt expense. If they have been here over three months, they should seek private insurance like the rest of us. They have had time. If they seek govt assistance for any reason, they should be detained and turned over to ICE and deported as soon as possible. If there is an "anchor baby", new born, it goes back to the coun…  Read more

 @4Q8DJCBfrom Minnesota answered…4yrs4Y

Illegal immigrants should receive required medical treatment to prevent and/or cure communicable diseases with which they are afflicted. The threat of deportation should not be in play, with the idea that sick people will be willing to get treatment if they feel "safe." Illegal immigrants should not be issued driver's licenses, nor should they be permitted to vote. Employers who willingly and knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be heavily fined. Employers who do not file tax info on any and all employees should also be heavily fined. This is cheating in my mind and should not be tolerated. No jobs, no possibility of "under the table" employment will quickly resolve the immigration problem. Americans seem to always want to get stuff "for cheap." This mentality is the problem.

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