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Would you support a law aimed at stricter control of illegal immigrants if it could prevent crimes, even if it might lead to increased detentions and deportations?

 @9KNRCHQ from Colorado commented…2mos2MO

We are supposedly "the dream", immigrants want to come and live in the US but if you want so badly for the dream you should do it legally. It is not fair that our jobs, properties and opportunities are going to people who did not work to live here in the US they simply went around the system and moved here illegally. You do not get American resources unless you are an american citizen or working to become an american citizen. Imagine how many terrorists we are letting into our country by not protecting our boarders, how many new drugs are being smuggled across by cartel. By opening our boarders, our government is allowing the people to be threatened by illegal immigrants who could possibly want downfall of our government and our great nation.

 @CaucusFrogRepublicanfrom Maine commented…2mos2MO

That isn't enough.

They need to prosecute the NGO's that have been smuggling them in and audit all financial and physical activity related to it since Biden entered office.

 @LibertySteveUnityfrom Florida commented…2mos2MO

Why you can’t arrest an illegal criminal?

This question has no place in the conversation, the illegals should be detained and deported no matter what status they have

 @LeftistClaraConstitutionfrom Virgin Islands commented…2mos2MO

Aren't there laws currently on the books to address this issue? Seems to me there are, they're just not being enforced...much like what will happen with this new one, unfortunately.

 @KindSnailPatriot from Tennessee agreed…2mos2MO

Yes. The main issue is corrupt police and judges as well as homeland security. They all enable this to happen.

 @LeftistClaraConstitutionfrom Virgin Islands commented…2mos2MO

it’s quite literally all on biden if he just re enacted trumps remain in mexico plan. these illegals pass through multiple asylum countries “seeking asylum”and that executive order by trump sent them back to the first asylum country they entered..being mexico where they should be


Should the emotional impact of crimes committed by illegal immigrants shape our approach to immigration policy as a whole?

 @DearMuesliRepublican from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

170 House Democrats just voted against the bill.

Only 37 Democrats voted for it.

Every single Republican there voted for it..


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