Yes, I support a majority of the plan but not all aspects
No, open the markets so insurers can compete across state lines and reduce costs
Yes, but a mandatory single payer system would be even better
No, government should not be involved in healthcare
Yes, and allow consumers to choose providers and import pharmaceuticals from other countries

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 @8LBTY8Pfrom Maine answered…3yrs3Y

I support the part where people with preexisting conditions cannot be denied healthcare, but generally healthcare shouldn’t be controlled by the government, since it increases wait times and becomes really inefficient and expensive. Also, i think that health care shoud be free

 @4RTCKHBfrom California answered…3yrs3Y

Too much emphasis is placed on current medicine! "Modern " medicine is still not very good!

Many Americans get too caught up in medicine when IN FACT health is easily maintained, for example eat natural healthy foods, exercise, and have a good Attitude, etc.

 @4RVPH5Qfrom Arizona answered…3yrs3Y

I find it hypocritical for Congress to enact a law from which they have excluded themselves.

 @kmwhite59from California answered…3yrs3Y

No, it is just a ploy by pharmaceutical companies and the government to get the American people hooked on pharmaceuticals from the womb to the tomb.

 @4RV5KMQfrom New York answered…3yrs3Y

Probably one of the top three most complicated and important issue. I am not opposed to a single payer system but quality of care can not suffer for cost. I think that insurance companies are literally killing this country. I am willing try almost anything at this point.

 @5B2RSHRfrom New Jersey answered…3yrs3Y

Big Pharma needs to be dismantled, and the cure for Cancer needs to be made available. What do you think people are stupid. You gotta bunch of fat cats making millions off of hospital bills, drug costs, and treatment for people's health. They literally destroy lives, emotionally, financially and mortally

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