Increase, but only for countries that have no human rights violations
Decrease, until we drastically reduce our national budget deficit
Decrease, and we should not give foreign aid to any countries
Decrease, and deny aid to countries that harbor or promote terrorism

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Other Popular Answers

Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @cryingleftist from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

Increase but only if the US gets a say in what the funds are used for. For example, if Nigeria was a country being funded the US should get to say that their funds should not be supporting SARS.

 @8JCJLWV from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

This is a complicated topic; for example, I read that some foreign aid distorts local industry and development. Much more thought is needed.

 @9GWQR8F from Kansas answered…8mos8MO

I am satisfied with the current amount of spending, but be more selective on who we give to and how much

 @58NVHL8from California answered…4yrs4Y

What agenda are we pursuing? If we seek the eradication of disease and human misery, then we should fund international agencies like the WHO. If we seek to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, we should stay home and mind our own business.

 @9MFBRSL from North Carolina answered…2mos2MO

Increase only for countries with clear humanitarian needs like Ukraine. Deny aid for countries that harbor or promote terrorism

 @97FJZ7M from California answered…2yrs2Y

Decrease for countries with Human Rights violations. HEAVILY decrease for Israel.

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