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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@4Y4S97JIndependentfrom Nebraska  answered…2yrs

Yes but set refugee camps close to border to help people that had to leave their home because of danger

@566G5R2from Ohio  answered…2yrs

Close the borders completely with 30 foot tall electrified walls with missile turrets

@4XV4YPVfrom New York  answered…2yrs

Yes, I also believe border security should be a part of the U.S. Military.

@593DY66from Guam  answered…2yrs

No, we should offer immigrants the same offer the coyote's offer. They can have safe passage into the US for a Fee. and of course pay taxes and immigration fees going forward. Provided they pass an extensive background check.

@4WVXX5Cfrom Nevada  answered…2yrs

Girls are paying to go across the border and thence made through are picked up by the people they thought were helping and used for sex and beaten. All this to have a better life, when what they really get is lied to and used. What if this was your daughter, mother, sister aunt, friend going to another country and used this way.

@8XBTGP3 from Virginia answered…1yr

I think yes because although many people come with a good purpose to this country, those who are running away from something they did in their own country just want to hide to avoid being caught. I think that there should be more restrictions in finding out people's background and records.

@97ZTQF4Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…17hrs

No, but allow states to manage their security rather than federal authorities.

@97ZSFPKfrom Maine  answered…21hrs

A reavaliuation of the border conrtol is to be done and reform it to the needs of the border reavaliuation

@97ZSBN2Socialist from Ohio answered…22hrs

@97ZRLK6 from Texas answered…1 day

No, just enforce the current border LAWS!!!!! Not the policies of whichever party happens to be in charge.

@97ZMVZC from Illinois answered…2 days

@97ZMRLW from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2 days

Yes, and it should be the federal government's job to do this, with border states not necessarily being required but strongly suggested to help.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

This is a matter of entering the United States, a country; the federal government should be handling this and border states should offer what help they can.

@97YM3CRConstitution from Iowa answered…6 days

Yes, and the border states should be allowed to increase security to a reasonable degree if needed.

@97Y27LP from New York answered…7 days

Restrictions should be increased, while still making the process easier.

@97XSJBF from Connecticut answered…1wk

People should not be able to come into the country illegally but the process of becoming an American citizens should be easier.

@7YS3KJPIndependent from Arizona answered…1wk

No, just enforce the current border policy and make it easier for immigrants to get work visas.

@97X37SP from North Carolina answered…1wk

As it stands we need to change our immigration requirements to make them more accessible and for people coming in on a work visa should automatically be given consideration of citizenship. After that is implemented the problem of excessive illegal immigration will no longer exist and the boarder employees can decrease.

@97WFFSF from Mississippi answered…2wks

No, it is obvious that these individuals are running from real threats to their lives and need help. We do need more pressure on Mexico to fix it’s organized crime problem.

@97W4JCN from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

We need to have strong security on our Southern Border, but we also must make it easier for immigrants, who are not involved in any criminal activity and just want to come to America for a better life, to become American citizens.

@97W36W7Natural Law from Nevada answered…2wks

The main security issue is the smuggling of weapons and drugs and sometimes ever trafficking issues. So there should be a better way to elaborate the rules to bust the bad guys.

@97T936JLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Regardless we should allow border states to manage their own security policy

@8TYH38SIndependent from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but make it easier for immigrants to access temporary work visas and increase the number of immigration courts

@97Q5PRW from Washington answered…2wks

@97Q5H8JIndependent from Washington answered…2wks

The government needs to update its entire policy on border security

@97PX6NRfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Streamline the immigration process. Security is necessary though. Our borders need protection.

@97JXKS5 from California answered…3wks

Yes, we need to work on improving the national, economic and social structure for natural born US citizens. However, this doesn’t mean make citizenship an undue burden on those that wish to come.

@97JFYT5 from New Jersey answered…3wks

Yes, but also fund more programs to help those who want to be citizens achieve their citizenship faster.

@97H77TC from Colorado answered…3wks

No, but need to improve legal immigration policy to prevent mass illegal immigration.

@97DXZDFfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3wks

Yes, but make it easier form immigrants to access temporary work visas.

@joslog1Republican from Illinois answered…3wks

Yes make it harder for illegal immigration but easier for legal immigration

@97DDWPS from Alabama answered…3wks

No, our immigration policy is dated and needs large scale reform in order to give immigrants an efficient path to citizenship while also ensuring national security and ensuring humane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers.

@97CVDCXRepublican from New York answered…3wks

The border should be restricted to only those who have the proper documentation to immigrate or visit the united states.

@97BSPWBConstitution from New York answered…3wks


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