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 @9H8CWLK from Florida agreed…6mos6MO

Border Security is a measure that limits, and, in the best case scenario, prohibits the passage of drugs/illegal substances, contraband, and people who pose as threats to society. If people are asking for heightened regulation on gun control (things such as psychological and background checks), then shouldn't it be reasonable to assume that the people in other countries with access to more deadly, less regulated substances and weapons should be kept out or severely interrogated and analyzed?

 @9GF265ZRepublican from New Jersey agreed…7mos7MO

Many cities have seen a massive increase in drug related crimes thanks to this loosening of our southern border. These are children ignorantly buying these drugs.

 @9F7VPL9 from Missouri agreed…8mos8MO

New Yorkers are suddenly anti-illegal-immigrant as soon as they have a few dropped on their doorstep. Border states have been dealing with this on a much greater scale for years.
Low-skilled workers (the poor) face far greater competition for work after mass migration, driving down wages, and availability of jobs.

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Yes, and allow border states to manage their own security policy

 @9FQ6Y66 from South Dakota disagreed…8mos8MO

The Supreme Court has long held that managing the border is an implied power of the federal government as part of its foreign policy powers. Just as we do not permit states to make treaties with foreign countries or enact tariffs on imported goods, we cannot constitutionally permit states to manage immigration for themselves.

Additionally, it is a bad idea to permit states to do this. It would hamstring the federal government as it ttempts to comply with international agreements on issues like asylum if each state could make its own decisions about who does/does not cross its border and under what circumstances. Because the Constitution guarantees free movement across state lines, permitting states to manage their own portions of an international border would lead to conflicts among neighboring states with differing policies on that management.

 @9G6DDHVIndependent from Louisiana agreed…7mos7MO

Different states have different needs when it comes to border security. I.e., Texas needs more border security than New Mexico. They could use this to regulate the influx of people coming to the country from especially the Mexican border.

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 @9FWGDWNRepublican  from Washington disagreed…8mos8MO

What happens if you leave the doors to your home unlocked or open 24 hours and then you have to provide financial support for everyone who comes into your home? Would anybody come in? Would it eventually become a non stop line of people coming in? Would you eventually go broke? The same thing happens to our country in a large scale.

 @9FWSRX5Republican from Nevada agreed…8mos8MO

I believe that an ineffective immigration system leads to disorderly and unregulated immigration, which is a current issue.

 @9GBDNWC from California disagreed…7mos7MO

Let's say you left your car unlocked and people who you don't know all too well go inside your car? Would you trust them to leave the car as it was?

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas commented…7mos7MO

 @9LS2XJS from North Carolina disagreed…4wks4W

You lock the door to your house and your car. We should be just as vigilant with the border. I know I wouldn't let someone just walk into my house and start demanding a place to stay and food to eat.

 @9HK4T7X  from Massachusetts disagreed…2mos2MO

Without a secure border, you don't have a secure country. You can't just let people cross your border at free will, while simultaneously working with our biggest enemy (China) to kill Americans. The top fentanyl trafficking place in America is the Southern Border. The Mexican Drug Cartels are a threat to our country. We also can't let illegal aliens come in and take Americans jobs and kill Americans on the street like Laken Riley. These countries should be sending their best to the US, but they are sending their worst. Build the wall and secure the border.

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No, make it easier for immigrants to access temporary work visas

 @9FQ6Y66 from South Dakota agreed…8mos8MO

We need workers in general these days and to do tasks frequently done my immigrants pretty much all the time. A fair proportion of those who cross the border illegally are seeking jobs. These two things are related.

If we had a more robust guest worker program, then those crossing the border to work would have access to legal routes for entry which would be safer for them, disrupt the thriving human smuggling trade that brings many of them to the border, and ensure businesses have the workers they need when they need them. Additionally, it would mean these workers had protections against unscr…  Read more

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No, and we should implement an open border policy

 @9F7Y5Y4 from California disagreed…8mos8MO

Our country is overpopulated and only certain people who will help this country should be allowed in.

 @9HP3WHQWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania disagreed…5mos5MO

We shouldn't let people flow into the US, there has to be some sort of restrictions for safety and health.

 @9H8CWLK from Florida disagreed…6mos6MO

An open border policy allows anyone, and that means truly any person, to cross our border and enter the United States. In the event that this occurs, there is no measure to ensure they aren't some kind of spy, suicide bomber, terrorist, or other threat to society. If you are going to allow people from one place to another, there needs to be some form of regulation to ensure whomever is entering is not a threat to society nor the economy.

 @9G6DDHVIndependent from Louisiana disagreed…7mos7MO

If we implement a full open border policy, I believe that it would be encouraging to people who could be seen as threats to our country to enter the country illegally and cause harm to the citizens living in the US

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 @8FYQYQH from Michigan answered…4yrs4Y

No, and we should implement an open border policy, but with background checks

 @9D437JK from Texas answered…10mos10MO

Yes and decrease the price of the immigration process

 @AmbitiousSeafowlLibertarian from New York agreed…10mos10MO

Absolutely! Ensuring border security is paramount, but making the immigration process more affordable could potentially encourage people to pursue legal paths to citizenship. Just imagine, a young talented individual who wants to contribute to the American dream, but is deterred by the exorbitant fees associated with the process. By making the process more affordable, we could harness the potential of such individuals and stimulate economic growth. How do you think we could balance this with the need to maintain rigorous screening procedures for national security?

 @4Y4S97JIndependentfrom Nebraska answered…4yrs4Y

Yes but set refugee camps close to border to help people that had to leave their home because of danger

 @566G5R2from Ohio answered…4yrs4Y

Close the borders completely with 30 foot tall electrified walls with missile turrets

 @4XV4YPVfrom New York answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, I also believe border security should be a part of the U.S. Military.

 @9D8N5W6 from Indiana answered…9mos9MO

 @593DY66from Guam answered…4yrs4Y

No, we should offer immigrants the same offer the coyote's offer. They can have safe passage into the US for a Fee. and of course pay taxes and immigration fees going forward. Provided they pass an extensive background check.

 @8XBTGP3 from Virginia answered…3yrs3Y

I think yes because although many people come with a good purpose to this country, those who are running away from something they did in their own country just want to hide to avoid being caught. I think that there should be more restrictions in finding out people's background and records.

 @4WVXX5Cfrom Nevada answered…4yrs4Y

Girls are paying to go across the border and thence made through are picked up by the people they thought were helping and used for sex and beaten. All this to have a better life, when what they really get is lied to and used. What if this was your daughter, mother, sister aunt, friend going to another country and used this way.

 @8NNKTLS from Colorado answered…4yrs4Y

Militarize the border and use any force necessary to prevent any new illegal crossings.

 @9HPVW3L from Kansas answered…5mos5MO

Make work visas easier to get. Increase immigration courts, if possible increase it to the point that those asking for asylum can be held until their case is decided. If that is not possible, give all asylees over the age of 16 work visas and check in on them regularly. If someone awaiting court has a significant conviction, or if they do not stay where they are supposed to be, deport them with no chance of return.

 @9GN5KWP from North Carolina answered…7mos7MO

No, we should focus on improving our immigration system and easing the path to citizenship. More draconian measures are a waste and will punish innocent families more than dangerous criminals

 @9GD44MN from Texas answered…7mos7MO

Yes and increase border patrol and coast guard and trafficking units funding increase military presence along our borders and coasts and conduct tactical operations along our borders and coasts

 @9CDJXFRGreen from Arizona answered…11mos11MO

No, we need to decrease restrictions on our current border security policy

 @8WZLK7KDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…3yrs3Y

 @9LQMZX7 from California answered…4wks4W

The US border should remain open with the exception of extensive background checks and other security policies.

 @9MFZB7P from Oklahoma answered…5 days5D

No just let Border Patrol do their job and the US should create a immigration system like Ellis Island

 @9MFX8R7 from Missouri answered…5 days5D

We should end the welfare state, replace the criminal justice system, repair the border. And love your neighbor, stranger, foreigner, etc., and invite them into our land.

 @9MFBRSL from North Carolina answered…6 days6D

Yes, but make sure that new restrictions target criminals like drug traffickers and not harmless families

 @9M4HHY2Independence from Oklahoma answered…2wks2W

Yes and no we need stronger immigration security and we need to protect immigrants because we are land of immigrants, but we need a immigration security law to keep your border secure and say we are open and closed


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