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 @9KFTJHT from South Carolina commented…3mos3MO

 @9KFSGFCProgressive from Pennsylvania commented…3mos3MO

No because it destroys sovereignty and undermines the will of the people.

 @9KFNLPJ from Utah commented…3mos3MO

I would support it if it was going to help. Sometimes we cannot handle issues on our own and so if someone else is willing to step in and help, I say take it.

 @9KFNK36 from New York commented…3mos3MO

They shouldn't intervene with our affairs and should be private business.

 @9KFMZGG from California commented…3mos3MO

I support it. South Korea is heralded as a success. Japans surrender also lead to economic prosperity after US occupation. South Vietnam possibly could've ended the same if not for the Democratic Party pulling funding and support from South Vietnam after Watergate and dooming the countries survival.


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