Yes, but only increase for the elderly and disabled
No, and each state should decide their own level of coverage
Yes, but I prefer switching to a single payer healthcare system
No, and eligibility should only include the elderly and disabled
No, and the federal government should not increase funding for any social programs
No, and abolish Medicaid

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 @8HHQPHG from Georgia answered…4yrs4Y

i mean i get that the government wants to help them but it doesn't make since while one person is struggling while helping them by raising the taxs on other citizens causing half of the us falling to save one person

 @8X97FN7 from New York answered…3yrs3Y

the government would not have to spend so much money for medicaid if they regulated insurance companies more. Patents on medicine should be illegal and healthcare for those who are unemployed should be for US citizens who cannot work and their employers cannot supply acceptable healthcare benefits

 @9DBVZNS from California answered…10mos10MO

 @8FST4P6 from Georgia answered…4yrs4Y

It would seem that if my state opted in that my property, sales and state income tax would have to increase to absorb this. If this is the case it would impact me the same. I don’t think the federal government should have their hands in private sector.

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