Yes, I support the concept but not the current implementation
No, teach to each student's potential instead of uniform testing
Yes, I support a national base standard but allow states and local districts to customize their implementation
No, education should be handled at the state and local level instead of the national level
Yes, national standards will help improve our national average and better prepare students for college
No, my state’s current standards exceed the Common Core standards
No, it is a waste of time and effort to change my state’s current educational standards

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Other Popular Answers

Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @5CCXLPPfrom New York answered…4yrs4Y

I support the core, but not the assessment culture that has been created to line the pockets of companies like Pearson. The assessment culture has warped the implementation of the core to something that can be measured by a computer. We're taking humanity out of education.

 @4XNWMQYfrom Illinois answered…4yrs4Y

 @5CCVT5Qfrom California answered…4yrs4Y

Allowing children to be individual thinkers early on would allow for higher standards in education. Ending the the ivy league choke hold on our youth or older individuals who crave knowledge keeps 99 percent of our nation from innovation!

 @56WSSWZfrom California answered…4yrs4Y

Currently common core standards are striving to instill critical thinking skills into student's curriculum. However, the study of the developmental nature of theses skills is not understood by many practicing teachers. Ethical reasoning is also a pocket of critical thinking that teachers education has ignored. Education should promote a populist of critical thinkers that can identify manipulative actions dressed as patriotism. Education should not be reduced to just getting a job. There are too many criminal minds, that know how to manipulate the weak thinker, the person with ego needs, and/or anyone with a button to push.

 @4XQ23ZYfrom Maryland answered…4yrs4Y