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There's a limit to everything, satire can 100% go too far but people should have freedom of speech, up until they threaten people or incite something. People also have a moral responsibility to know what they should and shouldn't say.

 @9H7TQYJ from Texas answered…6mos6MO

Satire should only be used in appropriate settings and I draw the line at personal and sensitive topics such as one's health and family.

 @9HBTK3SRepublican from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

Satire should only be used in appropriate settings and I draw the line at personal and sensitive topics such as one's health and family.

 @9H7RNV5 from Michigan answered…6mos6MO

When it gets too aggressive to the point where it's harassment. Not everyone has the same perspective. So if someone can't take a "joke" you should not be considered in the wrong

 @9H7JP8Dfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

I don’t think Satire can go to far. It aims to make a social commentary. It does not claim to hold a moral high ground. It’s just making light of life with a hint of comedy.

 @9H95588 from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

satire is an extremely powerful tool to provide a moral lesson with a didactic purpose

 @9H8H5D4 from Missouri answered…6mos6MO

Not really, I may not find it funny however freedom of speech means it doesn’t matter what I find to be good or bad satire

 @9H97WZWDemocrat from Kansas answered…6mos6MO

Satire is someone’s opinion. Sometimes, they don’t even believe in that opinion. So it is our job to see if they are joking, or are not and actually believe in it. If they do, we should observe, learn, and understand their opinion and try to respect them. If it is the former, then it’s a joke. As long as they mean no harm, then it is fine.

 @9HBTRZ5 from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

I believe that Satire is fine as people should have the common sense to see the exageration used in these instances.

 @9HBN7KLRepublican from Georgia answered…6mos6MO

Satire should only be used in appropriate settings and not personal and sensitive topics.

 @9HBNVBC from Utah answered…6mos6MO


Satire can go pretty far in many cases especially through social media. I think there's one way in joking around once or maybe twice but continually using satire at the expense of yours or someone else disrespect is when that line is by far passed.

 @9H6TJ3K from California answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7BV2K from Michigan answered…6mos6MO

I think that satire is fine, but people use satire to excuse their blatant hate. For example you can say something extremely hateful in a joking tone and you can excuse accusations as people being offended by jokes or say that you didn't really mean it.

 @9H7FDV6 from Missouri answered…6mos6MO

Yes, satire can go too far, especially if it is not made clear that the speaker is using sarcasm. If the rhetoric promotes violence, hatred, or disrespect - or encourages people to take physical action that harms others, it has gone way too far.

 @9HBHNDX from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

In the topic of satire i draw the line at racial religion and terroristic prejudgestice

 @9HBGWPYfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

In a way it can go too far that that opinion can then affect someone differently.

 @9H7KMHJIndependent from Massachusetts answered…6mos6MO

Satire can go too far when people are trying to benefit themselves. It is ok to use satire when trying to influence other people to think the same as you.

 @9HBHPPH from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO


I think it can go to far when you start making fun of someone belief or race.


it clean simply straight forward and has a follow up opinion inviting for more conversation

 @9H7SMZM from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

very subjective question. i dont really know where i draw the line since i dont really care

 @9H87ZKL from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

I believe that satire can go too far. There are certain topics that require sincerity, which satire does not provide, and it can unneccessarily aggravate and provoke other individuals who expect common courtesy and decency from others. Satire is applicable in some but not all cases.

 @9HBGV7Bfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

Yes it can go far, it should only be used in appropriate setting, not personal or sensitive topics.

 @9HBSYRK from California answered…6mos6MO

I think satire will not be able to go too far but I will draw the line at a truth.

 @9HBTSXC from South Carolina answered…6mos6MO

Satire can go too far if it has to do with race. We need to stop acknolodging race and make the new generations racially blind.


 @9H8HD7M from Minnesota answered…6mos6MO

Satire should be used to prod at the powerful. If it's being used as a weapon to punchdown on the weak, then it isn't satire: it's hate

 @9H92XY3 from California answered…6mos6MO

I think satire can go too far, and I think you shouldn't make satire content on things that don't directly effect you.

 @9H8ZY79 from Ohio answered…6mos6MO

It is too far when it begins to have real-world consequences like if someone says something out of satire but a crime is committed in response then that satire went too far.


i believe the moment it becomes belittling especially over things they can't control it crosses a line.

 @9HBBQ3F from Maine answered…6mos6MO

 @9H95P9ZPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…6mos6MO

I draw the line at people literally shaming women for whatever they were, really

 @9H5WJZS from New Jersey answered…6mos6MO

We have the freedom to say what we want, however people should be more vigilant of how comedy and information are merged. If something is playing on "satire", yet claims to be commenting on "truths", ask what the punchline is.

 @9H8XMZB from Kentucky answered…6mos6MO

Yes, I think Satire could go too far as to say that; people could historically laugh without taking offense towards any joke that goes within their personal life, or just telling jokes about tragedies that happened in the past 10 years.

So I think that Satire could go as far as to say that, offensive jokes or "Jokes" that talk about tragedies in the past 10 years could not be taken as a joke but instead taken as an offensive argumentative statement

 @9H5SJD9 from Ohio answered…6mos6MO

 @9H84NYL from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H8V8DJ from Virginia answered…6mos6MO

satire is important for calling attention to issues, and should not have a line drawn

 @9H7H24R from Mississippi answered…6mos6MO

When it comes to dead family members and being racist towards black people specifically it’s a problem

 @9H5T2K9Republicanfrom Virgin Islands answered…6mos6MO

I think satire should not be use when it is inciting violence to a specific part of society or a direct ideology. But when it is used to express ones ideas it should be respected because we live in a free speech society.

 @9H8H6WS from California answered…6mos6MO

Satire is a powerful form of expression. And it shouldn't target individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

 @9H8C9W8 from Idaho answered…6mos6MO

If the satire loses its element of what makes a satire, which is poking fun, or mocking, then it becomes more of a statement.

 @9H7B234 from Washington answered…6mos6MO

Defaming satire by a mainstream politician or media personality that may actually cause harm to one's livelihood or insite mass public vengeance demonstration should be considered an illegal offence.

 @9H946PY from California answered…6mos6MO


Satire is protected under our first amendment however if it is being used to defame someone then strict scrutiny should be used to evaluate whether their right to publish or speak satire can be limited.

 @9H6C4P9from Guam answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7W9MG from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

 @9HBBZB7 from California answered…6mos6MO

Satire can go too far and can potentially be detrimental in modern society. Such criticism can also harm a politicians, reputation or destroy a certain project from developing.

 @9H9F4T5 from Virginia answered…6mos6MO

It can go too far when it is of really bad stuff like current wars or of things like the Holocaust and other genocides

 @9H65494Reform from Iowa answered…6mos6MO

Yes. I draw the line at joking about another's traumatic situation and jokes about any kind of abuse.


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