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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…21hrs21H

Public schools close under Ron DeSantis "School Choice" Program


 @9MZBLLP from Illinois answered…8hrs8H

Our educational system is failing. The US educational system is falling behind in the world. We need to teach the basics…

 @9MZ5HVT from New Jersey answered…13hrs13H

Funding should be given without regulations on what children are taught. Educators should be paid more and given more fr…

 @9MZ5HVT from New Jersey answered…13hrs13H

Race is a construct created by humans as a way to try and one-up each other. While biologically the color of skin holds…

 @9MZ33H7 from Hawaii answered…14hrs14H

Don't make it a requirement, but also don't ban it if it is taught at higher level courses (i.e.: AP classes)

 @9MYP55X from New York answered…18hrs18H

Yes. We should start them young—because children (especially children under 11/12/13) absorb information more easily and…

 @9MYMGYN from Georgia answered…18hrs18H

This is a red herring. No, critical race theory should remain as a legal studies elective in college but HISTORY should…

 @9MYJQQL from Missouri answered…19hrs19H

No, further regulate public university tuition costs to ensure affordability while focusing spending on academics and ed…

 @9MYDFG7 from Texas answered…21hrs21H

This just keeps the same drumbeat going. Our children should be educated to be All American, a citizenry striving to uph…

 @9MYDFG7 from Texas answered…21hrs21H

Only if candidate is able to make grade point in a viable engineering, computer science, AI degree. Also tax breaks shou…

 @9MYCPF7 from Florida answered…22hrs22H

Yes, as 1st in family to attend college, took 25yrs to repay debt. I'm now happy to help others to achieve that same ste…