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 @9F8BLRC  from New York disagreed…3mos3MO

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It is an essential part of history and explains much of our country, and all other countries backgrounds. No person is not affected by it. How can we do better if we don’t learn from the past mistakes and the systems that enabled those abuses.

 @9FCLG9RRepublican from California disagreed…2mos2MO

Critical Race Theory in itself, is racist. Teaching history is essential, but teach it the way it actually happened and do not insert any racial agenda. Things happened the way they did and that's all there is to it. This country will never get over racism and slavery because we seen to have a terrible problem with letting it go. Let it go.

  @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…2mos2MO

First thing’s first, it’s a college level class so it’s not being taught in K-12 schools in the first place. Second, it’s stated to be a theory, a theory that the institutions in society still hold a racial bias, especially the justice system. I’ve found that to be true in the lives of so many people, and it’s not something that liberals are “holding onto”, it’s something society still prevalent in so many ways. That’s the problem right now, the activism is there, but it’s doing little to nothing all while the actual deep rooted problems are left untouched.

 @SpiritedJellyfishRepublican from Connecticut disagreed…2mos2MO

Manhattan Institute surveyed 1,500 Americans aged 18 to 20 on topics related to CRT and gender ideology.

Ninety-three percent of respondents said that they had heard about at least one of eight CSJ concepts from a teacher or other adult at school, including “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “patriarchy,” or the idea that gender is a choice unrelated to biological sex. Additionally, 90% of respondents had heard about at least one CRT concept and 74% about at least one radical gender concept.

 @9F9GBMF from Iowa disagreed…3mos3MO

Critical race theory is driving a wedge between us. We’re teaching young children who siding even understand racism, racism.

 @9FF2D7TRepublican from Pennsylvania disagreed…2mos2MO

Its awful to implant the idea in a young persons head that if they are white they are evil and racist no matter what, and if you are a person of color you will never amount to anything because you are of color.

 @9F9PZ5VRepublican from Florida disagreed…2mos2MO

It shouldn't be taught in schools as it just teaches white children that they're inherently evil and it teaches young minorities to hate other cultures rather than encouraging peace. There are people who aren't affected by it but their cultures aren't centered around race. This problem is only going to get worse if we implement race-related classes in schools.

 @9GT9Q45  from New Jersey disagreed…3wks3W

It’s important for kids to learn the history of race and how it’s affected our country, so that we can move forward as a country and be more inclusive to the point of race not even existing or having an affect on the way our country operates.

 @9GTBWKTIndependent from North Carolina disagreed…3wks3W

It already doesn't have an affect on the way our country operates. To be successful, you work hard, race has nothing to do with it.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…3wks3W

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

Race does unfortunately have something to do with it, that's literally the problem with systemic racism and why we should be working to dismantle it.

 @9GTBN6P from Texas disagreed…3wks3W

I think that black people are more racist. They want everyone to feel bad for black people . Its not just racism directed towards them.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…3wks3W

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

Meanwhile you are here making blanket statements against an entire race...

  @Devroe  from Texas disagreed…3wks3W

Education should be fact based and should teach the full truth. Not a watered down version that aims to make America look better than it is by downplaying its past racism, genocide, and bad policies. Some of these policies are still in effect and continue to marginalize minorities in this country. The only way to fix a problem is to admit there is one and successfully identify it. No change can be made if we are unable to recognize that change needs to happen. And the only way to recognize this is by arming people with the facts.

 @9GRZ79X  from California disagreed…3wks3W

I think critical race theory is something that needs to be taught. It shows how America in its past and still now is inherently racist and discriminatory against people of color and minority groups.

 @9GS47VX from Texas disagreed…3wks3W

Events in history that involved racism and segregation should always be taught in school, however; I do not think that children should have the impression that America as a whole is inherently racist, only certain individuals are.

 @9GS3KPB from Indiana disagreed…3wks3W

I think that critical race theory shouldn't be taught to kids unless they want it taught to them, some things should be left in history and not be brought up

 @9GS393R from Utah disagreed…3wks3W

critical race theory is in the past. It may have been good to provide the civil right movement but today there is no reason for it. there is not a single law that oppresses black people and when it is implied it only benefits African and Hispanic people, not other minorities.

 @9GS2T3W from Massachusetts disagreed…3wks3W

The best way to handle this is to show truth. Show as things happened and ways to make our society better

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 @9GFXS8W  from Texas agreed…1mo1MO

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Critical race theory is something they is very real in our world, the US has always been inherently racist, important to show students of young age how the US acted. The US has always been an oppressive state of colonial power and we still are, noting in the world is going to change if we don't learn from our mistakes that are still happening to this day which they shouldn't be.

 @9GHKYDP from Iowa disagreed…1mo1MO

every race are equal no race is better or worse there is no need to make white kids thing they are inferior because they are white you can just flip the script of what happened 100+ years ago white privlage isnt a thing all races can be getto,gangsters,ect just be a normal human and dont be evil.

 @9GGWBL3 from Oregon disagreed…1mo1MO

The US was not built on racism. It was built by Coloints sure but that was over 200 years ago. We need to calm down and realize that not everything is racist. We shouldn't be raising children to either believe they are horrible because of their skin color or need extra help and assistance because of their skin color. It's wrong. Yes, I feel strongly about this.

 @9GG8KR4Republican from Kansas disagreed…1mo1MO

children do not need to be told that one race is this bad one and the other ones are right and good all this creates is separation and leaves a bad mark on everyone having people grow up to resent one race

 @9GG4CV8  from North Dakota disagreed…1mo1MO

The usa is not an oppressive state. It is like any other country in the world, it has made mistakes. Thankfully, we have been trying to correct these mistakes, however, throwing money at the issue does not fix it. The only way to fix these mistakes is smart legislation and time.

 @9GR44ZCRepublican  from Texas disagreed…3wks3W

I strongly disagree with the Critical Race Theory, because it is turning children against the U.S. and saying that the U.S. is racist.

 @9GR4RN5 from Arkansas agreed…3wks3W

I do agree with this statement. I believe a lot of politics/what is being taught in school is dividing the American people. The majority of people (at least the ones I have spoken to) Do not care about critical race theory. All it is doing is dividing our people and causing more issues than there needs to be.

 @9GSZ44P from Colorado agreed…3wks3W

I agree with the comment. Its 2023, black and white people are treated the same. Nobody treats black people bad, statistics show black and colored people commit more crimes then white people. So from a police standpoint, of course cops are going to be more concered with colored people. They cause more issues.

 @9GR5M5S from Maryland agreed…3wks3W

i agree with this, schools should not be teaching this to kids since especially in k-8 kids are very impressionable and will belive everything they hear even if its not true

 @9GTFPKV from Colorado agreed…3wks3W

I support local schools choosing to teach kids what they want in respect to race however I would oppose a local battle against schools to fight critical race theory.

 @9GW47R7  from Texas disagreed…3wks3W

It causes black people to have a victim mentality and puts them in the position everyone is trying to prevent. Everyone should be seen as equal, but when you continue to bring up how different everyone is, it will never go away.

 @9GW4VVR from Alabama disagreed…3wks3W

It isn't a cause of pointing out the difference to divide people. It's to bring in history and understanding of one another. To dismantle hatred that children are raised into by teaching them an understanding of other races.

 @9FYS4HXIndependent  from Idaho disagreed…2mos2MO

The Critical Race theory assumes that everyone is inherently racist. We put racism behind us long ago and the people saying that anyone is racist at this point is causing further racism. In our current state, white males are said to be privileged but there are numerous points to prove the opposite and that more opportunities are given to everyone else from all the programs supporting women's, immigrants, racial (Black, Asian, etc.) that white people don't have that at this point, white people are often discriminated against now because of what HALF of the white male population in the USA did Centuries ago.

 @9FYVC8YSocialist from Maine disagreed…2mos2MO

I think the biggest reason we should teach critical race theory is a) not everyone is white, and b) critical race theory just means we are teaching history while being critical of it's inherent bias

 @9FYS4HXIndependent  from Idaho commented…2mos2MO

Bias towards whom? The only Bias would be the people winning the wars vs the people losing them "the winners write history" there isn't bias and at the moment, the history is written as it happened and people have gotten the recognition deserved and rights/amendments have been put in place. Yes we should learn from history, yes we should teach about the slavery, but there's no need to accent it from a "racist" point of view. Our society was built to mesh everyone together and work together but all we're doing is ripping each other apart. By teaching critical…  Read more

 @DecimalPartisanPolarGreen from Washington disagreed…2mos2MO

While it's true that amendments have been made and progress has been achieved, it's important to remember that remnants of past injustices can still have an impact on the present. Critical race theory does not aim to say that all people are racist, but instead it seeks to examine the ways in which systemic racism has shaped and continues to influence societal structures and institutions. For instance, consider the topic of redlining. Though legally abolished, the impact of this discriminatory practice is still visible today in the form of wealth and education gaps. Acknowledging and…  Read more

 @9H38ZT8 from Michigan disagreed…2wks2W

white people are often discriminated against now because of what HALF of the white male population in the USA did Centuries ago.

This is rarely ever true. White people aren't facing mass amounts of discrimination and prejudice because of their past. While it is true that discrimination against white people is higher than it was in the past, it is nowhere near a level of actual relevance

 @9GZPMXS  from California disagreed…2wks2W

and the people saying that anyone is racist at this point is causing further racism

I definitely think people are still racist today and that racism exists. Calling out racism is perfectly acceptable and fine. However, this is not any reason for kids to be taught CRT. No one is inherently racist or inherently disadvantaged because of their race. Saying that is ignorant and causes harm to society by creating further tensions. Calling out individual racist people is fine but calling an entire race of people "racist" is plain idiocy.

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No, kids should be raised to be racially color blind instead of being taught they are inherently racist or disadvantaged based on the color of their skin

 @9FQ6KW2  from Oklahoma disagreed…2mos2MO

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The best way for people to understand racism is to teach them about it early on. Most racism comes from a family's home life so if it was taught in school there is potential that ones mindset could be changed,

 @9FQPWKZ from Colorado agreed…2mos2MO

Children should be taught about racism when they are able to understand the concept and develop their own thoughts. With that they should be taught the truth of racism through history without hiding any information to make other groups appear better.

 @9FQLTVN from California agreed…2mos2MO

Teaching about racism in school early on can help people better understand it. Racism often starts at home, so if schools teach about it, they might change how some people think about it. I agree that teaching about racism in schools can be a good idea because it can help combat racism from a young age and promote understanding and tolerance.

 @9FQ8XTQ from Texas agreed…2mos2MO

If we give enough evidence that the family cannot prove is most likely they will stick the what they where taught in school.

 @9FQ73JS from Alaska agreed…2mos2MO

We must break generational cycles of racism and prejudice by educating ourselves about how current socioeconomic growth is limited by a history of race-centric policy making.

 @9FPSC9YProgressive  from Texas disagreed…2mos2MO

Children are aware already of the racial and ethnic differences from a young age. Choosing to ignore that racism happens in school won't get rid of the racism outside of school. It would only create more ignorance. By teaching children the things that have happened in history, you are validating the people affected and showing others that it isn't okay to be prejudiced.


I agree with this person. We need to teach children about the history of racism in the United States (but make it as basic and as un-scary as possible until students are mature enough to handle the truth).

 @9GGG7S9 from California disagreed…1mo1MO

Kids should learn about critical race theory because it affects people of every race, it affects people who are minorities and who aren't. To be raised racially color blind is the equivalent to being raised not even acknowledging the fact that some of your peers or even possibly yourself could be racially discriminated and treated differently just because of the way you look and you will not understand until it is too late and by then it will be such a difficult concept to even comprehend. It is better to learn at a younger age because a younger mind is the equivalent to a sponge, they…  Read more

 @9GGKT4Z from California agreed…1mo1MO

I agree because kids should be aware of what is happening in the world around them. Raising them/teaching them to be "racially color blind" is them not facing reality and not being prepared. They will walk into the real world and realize that the color of your skin does matter in most situations or it will affect the way people see you. Being blind to race will confuse them about the true reality, but they will find out either way in a history class or two. History has a lot of examples of critical race theory.

 @9FT7MNK  from Virginia agreed…2mos2MO

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If you teach raise kids in a racially color blind setting then they will be less likely to make generalizations about different groups of people.

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Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist


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