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Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

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No, kids should be racially color blind instead of being taught they are inherently racist or disadvantaged based on the color of their skin

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@959K74L from North Carolina answered…4wks

No,because Critical Race Theory is a Jewish supremacist doctrine that encourages racial hatred against people of European racial stock.

@8LVM8MB from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

No, while our history is tragic, as it comes to K-12 education, social theory won't help them. Understanding of what has happened on a factual basis can help individuals come to their own conclusions and offer a good discourse between different groups.

@8WFGR5H from Montana commented…12mos

I agree in principle but how do you decide what facts and more importantly from which sources you teach

@8NF2SYB from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

No, teaching a group of people they are literally, inherently evil will only serve to make them give up and just be evil instead.

@2BFTRTKfrom Texas  disagreed…2yrs

Critical Race Theory doesn't teach that any group of people is "evil". Please try to understand what terms actually mean before giving your opinion on them.

@942JMM2Democrat from Indiana disagreed…2mos

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

Or it could inspire change

@937FJVT from Illinois answered…4mos

American History, with all of it's flaws should be taught in schools. CRT is a graduate level course. Re-branding our history to whitewash it is morally apprehensible.

@8QBS95N from Wyoming answered…2yrs

@8NBSTFP from Ohio answered…2yrs

Teaching that our laws, etc. are biased as opposed to racist seems a more reasonable approach.

@8LYKGJ3 from New Hampshire answered…2yrs

No, there is only one race. The human race. This is what should be taught. All other races do not exist.

@8P2H2PB  from Missouri commented…2yrs

The Human race is a species, like everything else it can be divided. And if taught this they could realize how incredibly one sided this world is. You sound incredibly ignorant right now. And a 9th grader just told you how society works.

 Deleted disagreed…3mos

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

Race doesn't exist period, any attempts to specifically define it or push it almost immediately fall apart. What specific race are mixed race children? If someone disagrees how can I objectively prove someone is a specific race? This problem expounds once you realize that as early as 100-150 years ago Germans weren't considered white by the English.

@942JMM2Democrat from Indiana disagreed…2mos

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

So you think all the kids will magically belive this. kids can be STUPID, but not THAT stupid

@8ZSZ66N from California answered…7mos

No, Kids should be raised racially colorblind and should not be taught in school from a young age to hate the country they live in

 Deleted disagreed…3mos

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

If only this was what actually happens. CRT isn't even in public education it's a perspective on criminal justice, particularly the phenomenon surrounding racial crimerates despite race technically not even existing. It's a social construct we made up and redefined for several centuries. If you think we should be racially colorblind, I'm with you, but you can't pretend you're moving against that by blaming CRT.

@8P26X7CRepublican from Connecticut answered…2yrs

No, conflict theory in general is heavily flawed in terms of historiography. Conflict theorists, of which Critical Race Theory is a part of, set out not to show events as they were, but to prove a point. Conflict theorists like those who wrote the 1619 Project downplay examples of unity or outright ignore them at best and create utter lies at worst. Take for example the now deleted claim from the 1619 Project that among the chief causes of the American revolution was the rising sentiment of abolition in Great Britain. This claim was found to be so fraudulent that the New York Times had to

@8NGPNH7 from Indiana answered…2yrs

No. Children should be taught about our institutions, laws, and history, but in a way that helps them understand why those things have been founded or written in the way that they are. History and the beliefs that were relevant at the point and time should be discussed, but the Critical Race Theory should not be taught as something that is present in every aspect of society.

@942JMM2Democrat from Indiana disagreed…2mos

Yes, we cannot end racism until we acknowledge that our institutions, laws, and history are inherently racist

Yet it is. I live in Indiana too, and I see hate toward people of color every day

@96848B3Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…1hr

Critical race theory is taught in law school. No mainstream politician or group is proposing that it be taught in K-12 education.

@96845PV from Pennsylvania answered…1hr

CRT is not currently be taught in K-12, but we should teach about racism

@96842LCWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…2hrs

No; Critical Race Theory is a very specific college level thing. Instead, we should continue to teach about racism and the effects it had/has on the country and teach the history of racism, which is different from CRT.

@9683VQD from Virginia answered…2hrs

@9683SY3 from Texas answered…2hrs

@9682MY9 from California answered…3hrs

Yes, but not until they are teenagers and also add Intersectionality to the curriculum. AND use the word oppressive not racist, so people will stop being so close-minded about what the theory actually indicates.

@96832DS from Nevada answered…3hrs

I really think it's about teaching people in the United States that we are all equal, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, anyone, etc. and to know the difference between equity and equality.

@967ZFRS from Nebraska answered…4hrs

No, but it shouldn't be banned. Kids should be encouraged to have open discussion and think critically about race as well as history, laws, institutions, social constructs. Provide facts/data and allow people to process and draw their own conclusions.

@967YK3F from Wisconsin answered…5hrs

Yes, as long as no race is singled out and made to feel bad. Maybe wait until high school.

@967Y8W4 from California answered…5hrs

Oh, good lord. Critical race theory is hard enough for college students. The results of critical race theory analysis should be incorporated into childhood education, however.

@967Y3X8 from Colorado answered…5hrs

Like so many issues, this isn't simply yes or no. I agree there is a significant degree of inherit bias in our world and it has created the world we live in with all of the violence, injustices, and divisiveness we witness daily. Education can help but who chooses what gets taught and what is the motivation of teaching this material. Ideally, we learn that we're all the same species and deserving of the same respect.

@967XF9H from Texas answered…6hrs

No, besides the theory is not meant to be taught outside of high academics.

@967WQ2Z from Florida answered…7hrs

it should be taught but only when they are old enough to actually understand it; like in high school, because "we cannot end racism until we..."

@967VDGCPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…8hrs

Yes, I feel like it’s not a discussion because it’s just teaching them the right ways, because they are born into a generation where racism is kind of accepted and with classses being taught about different cultures and nationalities,

@967TWB5 from Washington answered…8hrs

No, kids should be raised to be racially color blind, but those who aren't should be criminally charged (or their parents if they're too young).

@967TNW6 from Florida answered…8hrs

No, we should acknowledge racism's existence in the past and present and how to prevent it, but we shouldn't imply that people, laws, and history are inherently racist.

@967TNHR from Colorado answered…8hrs

@967TF34 from Illinois answered…8hrs

Yes, but only for middle school kids and up. I feel like pre-k/ kindergarden kids won't really fully understand it.

@967TCHV from Illinois answered…8hrs

we should not tell them what to think but instead what has happened and what is happening

@967T2FK from Massachusetts answered…9hrs

Yes, but not academic CRT. Teach them about the inherrant racism within our institutions.

@967RWMRDemocrat from Colorado answered…9hrs

Critical Race Theory and basic U.S history seem to get confused. I don't think elementary school teachers are employing CRT in their classrooms, since it is something that involves political, sociological, and economic power. These are college-level analyses. But if teaching kids about the basic history of your country disturbs you then you need to reevaluate your privilege.


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