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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

No, but provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

@8G5FNF4Libertarian from Tennessee answered…2yrs

No, but they should offer more scholarships and grants for all students of all types of income.

@95VL9NJ from Indiana answered…4hrs

No, but they should lower the requirements to receive fafsa money because there is much that is unused every year

@95VK7YBIndependent from New Jersey answered…6hrs

The government shouldn’t pay for tuition or guarantee loans. Then banks will stop lending. And college costs will go down. Or at least allow students to eliminate debt in bankruptcy

@95VK7M6 from Missouri answered…6hrs

College shouldn't be as expensive as it is, i.e you used to be able to afford to get a 4 year degree making minimum wage. Now..... LMAO

@95VK5Y5 from Arizona answered…6hrs

Yes, all education should be free and accessible to every citizen.

@95VJFCR from California answered…7hrs

Instead have the laws about university change, so they can have a proper debt, because universities prices are to high.

@95VHDG8 from California answered…8hrs

State legislation should have power over this, not the federal government.

@95VGJQ2 from California answered…9hrs

I believe that all people should have an equal ability to apply and attend college not based off of an income. It would be ideal for the government to pay for all two year tuitions but that may come with some push back and lack of effort put into that schooling due to the fact that it was "free'. I believe that there should not be tuition since most jobs do require either Bachelors or Masters degrees, but book should have to be paid for personally.

@95V4Q9BLibertarian from Tennessee answered…13hrs

@95V2SVGIndependent from Utah answered…14hrs

No, but help make college more affordable for all and help the disadvantaged afford school

@95V2GDP from Massachusetts answered…15hrs

Yes but if this is not possible to fully fund a 4yr degree then attending college should be made way more affordable than it currently is.

 Deleted answered…16hrs

Yes, in fact our government should pay students to receive education to find careers to further the progress of our country, the world, and the human species.

@95TWS42 from New York answered…17hrs

Yes, but only for public 4 yr universities and for vetted majors.

@95TS4SSDemocrat from New York answered…19hrs

@95TQKFDIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…20hrs

@95TN83R from Oregon answered…22hrs

@95TMH6W from Ohio answered…23hrs

No but regulate cost of education, engage in realistic education on ROI, and loans at cost.

@95TKX7G from Texas answered…1 day

No but federal government should pay for 2-year tuition for community colleges and jr. colleges.

@95TJQKC from California answered…1 day

Yes - but with academic standards that students mustaintain or the funding provided turns into a loan - payable based on income 6mo after graduation or dropping out.

@95TJNHCfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…1 day

@95TJB2T from Utah answered…1 day

All current loans should stop interest and going forward education loans should be private with mandatory low interest. I’d like to see it required that students plan their degree with future wage prospects

@95THWBH from Virginia answered…1 day

the gov should instill laws that make college affordable, so student can graduate without debt

@95THC3J from Missouri answered…1 day

No, but put a cap on interest rates for student loans and address the tuition rates of universities to make sure that universities are not charging more for tuition than is necessary.

@95TH3CD from New York answered…1 day

@95TGTBVProgressive from New York answered…1 day

Yes, but increase oversight of public universities to prevent wasteful spending and excess price hikes

@95TGPT8 from Ohio answered…1 day

yes but public colleges should be free while private shouldn’t be free

@95TGGMH from Texas answered…1 day

No, but university tuition should be capped like in other countries with a stronger focus on academics.

@95TFYSZDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1 day

Public colleges should be free Private colleges should not be so expensive and student loans should have no interest

@95TFXDQRepublican from California answered…1 day

For all students with a 4.0 or higher no matter income level. If they work hard they earned it.

@95TFTZMIndependent from North Carolina answered…1 day

We should have a higher education system the same as K-12 that is state owned and operated. Not by private entities looking to make a profit.

@95TFHRJIndependent from Massachusetts answered…1 day

No, but the government should regulate tuition costs to an extent - with different schools being granted different levels of rankings based on their professors’ qualifications. Room and board costs can be unregulated.

@95TDSSR from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@95TDG7T from Washington D.C. answered…1 day

Yes but only for public universities and there should be tuition reforms

@95TD2S5 from Maryland answered…1 day

@95TCXVVProgressivefrom Guam  answered…1 day

Yes, but regulate cost of education, forgiving student loans and offering additional subsidies will help individuals but does nothing to slow institutions charging more and more.

@95TCWMVfrom Guam  answered…1 day

@95TCRPQ from Connecticut answered…1 day


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