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@9865BJJ from New Jersey answered…21hrs

No, unless the child is missing school because they are providing for their family

@9863QSW from Minnesota answered…1 day

I believe that schools should have mental health days excused because this is a problem for some students.

@9863P3Z from California answered…1 day

Yes, we should instead consider the individual needs of the student and family and that circumstances are different for everyone.

@9863N82 from Massachusetts answered…1 day

No only for sickness injury or mourning the loss of a relative or friend

@985X7M8 from Oregon answered…2 days

Yes, but there need to be other incentives to keep children in school.

@985WS5T from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes, they should but students shouldn't go to jail for just missing days in school.

@985J4D9 from Georgia answered…3 days

@98563ZK from Maryland answered…3 days

Yes, but consider tardy and absences when determining whether to move to the next grade

@9854Z8LRepublican from Illinois answered…3 days

I think the parent(s) holding their child accountable, creates avenues for the family dynamic to face a teaching/learning challenge that could invoke growth. If done correctly. Should it be a crime? No. Kids are still growing and maturing. Hopefully, if the parent(s) are mature, they can instill the importance of being responsible for personal growth through education, or other categories.

@9853CDF from Minnesota answered…3 days

@984XNXR from Texas answered…3 days

There should be certain circumstance were they can't be prosecuted by the absences .

@984TC98 from Indiana answered…3 days

@984TB8XLibertarian from Indiana answered…3 days

Yes. Not everyone can be at school all the time, and truancy is taken too far nowadays. Some people have SEVERE issues that require them taking time off. However, even with doctors notes and the school sending the kids home themselves, truancy is still an 'issue.' Truancy needs more leniency and care consideration.

@984RR9X from Illinois answered…3 days

I agree that it should be decriminalized, but there should still be a punishment like a fine instead of jail time.

@984KLF2 from Ohio answered…4 days

Yes, some younger children do not always have the means to be able to get transportation to and from school

@9847NN6 from Pennsylvania answered…4 days

Yes, because students sometimes have to miss school and some schools might not excuse is and they get called for truancy which isn't right.

@9846MR6Libertarian from California answered…4 days

yes, but students should be given professional help to understand their situation before being charged.

@983MPDM from Texas answered…5 days

@983L8JHLibertarian from Ohio answered…5 days

@983KV5L from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

Yes but only if the child has a valid reason like working to help support their family.

@983B8N9 from California answered…5 days

i believe that the students should be held accountable instead of the parents because they know what they are doing while the parents go to their jobs

@983344F from North Carolina answered…6 days

Yes, but to a point. It should depend on how many days this student has missed and how drastic the number of days are.

@9832YQTRepublican from North Carolina answered…6 days

It depends, if the student is unable to bring a note in because they cant or forget to get one and they've been out for 6 weeks, the parents can go to court for it which is unfair to the parents and the child.

@97ZTQF4Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@982MS95 from Arkansas answered…6 days

@982H6YF from Virginia answered…6 days

No, but the reasoning for a student's truancy should be investigated and see if other circumstances are at play.

@982C5T8 from Kansas answered…6 days

Schools should be made more enjoyable and student need driven instead of meeting state requirements that don't actually help a child become a producing member of society.

@9828RQN from Kentucky answered…6 days

@982DF7G from California answered…6 days

A kid could might HAVE to work because their family is in a bad financial situation.

@982D3CRDemocrat from New York answered…6 days

Yes but they should investigate why the students are not at school

@982CYQZ from New York answered…6 days

They should decriminalize it, however they should investigate when students disappear.

@97ZYJRL from New York answered…7 days

Yes, but there must be a legitimate reason, such as working to support family, taking care of family/children, etc.

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…1wk

Yes but it should be looked into by the school and police to ensure there is nothing wrong with the child or their family.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…1wk

Yes, but many absences should be looked into by school officials and police.

@97ZCTBRIndependent from Massachusetts answered…1wk

Kids should b required to go to school but the threat of fines is dumb

  Deleted answered…1wk

Yes, and I don't think school attendance should be mandatory after a student turns 14.


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