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Yes, and increase government funding so every student receives a free college education

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, and transition all current government student loans into privately managed accounts

@93YZMSK from Georgia answered…10mos

@959K74L from North Carolina answered…9mos

@97ZMYTRRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

Increasing taxes on the rich is a bandaid over a cannon hole, the entire ability of the wealthy to retain their wealth is the extreme efficacy at which they avoid taxes, or find loopholes to minimize their impact.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas agreed…6mos

Increasing taxes on the rich is a bandaid over a cannon hole

Not just avoiding taxes, but the real root of the problem is that the wealthy are acquiring their wealth in the first place by skimming the profits off the backs of the working class. We can tax them all we want, but so long as they own the profits of our country's workers, then they'll always be able to keep taking more. It's a structurally unjust funnel straight from the workers and into the pockets of the wealthy.

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No, Just because someone is rich does not mean they should be forced to pay for things for other people; that should be a choice

@985SZX6Republican from Wisconsin answered…6mos

The rich had to pay off their student loans so can you.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas commented…6mos

There's this thing called "society", it's where we all work together for the benefit of everyone...

@985KPMX from Arizona answered…6mos

I Disagree because we have no right to take money from people who have rightfully earned or obtain their money. If we make the rich pay for free college education this will negatively effect the work force making college degrees more useless since everyone will have some kind of degree and employers will no longer be interested with people who have these degrees but is would rather increase the expectations or requirements to get hired in the work force.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas disagreed…6mos

First of all, "the rich" (aka private business owners) do not "rightfully earn or obtain their money", they merely fleece the profits produced by the workers. Secondly, if everyone having a college degree makes them "useless", then we have a fundamentally flawed idea of the purpose of education; there should be no downside to having a fully educated society. Lastly, why would employers not value a college degree anyway, just because it didn't cost money to go to college..? The degree still represents the fact that you went to college, studied a field, passed, and earned a degree, so why would that ever be an invaluable metric of knowledge in a field? Unless, of course, you believe college exists as a class gateway or something..?

 @Typical-Transhum…  from California commented…8mos

Yes, and increase government funding so every student receives a free college education

Yes, and increase government funding so every student receives a free college education.

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@99C3S2X from Michigan answered…4mos

You can send them to clown college instead where they can help write these questions. The rich scammers at the top of colleges will always charge thousands for their dumb classes that will not get you a job.

@9C2F9HBConstitution from Oregon answered…3wks

Increase the taxes for super wealthy elites, but not for student loans

@9BKBHNF from Montana answered…1mo

@993PWCX from Texas answered…4mos

@98JP82Y from North Carolina answered…5mos

No they made their money and should be treated like a normal person

@987GGDK from Illinois answered…6mos

I feel that lowering interest rates is a good idea but not taxing the rich more. I have no idea.

@985VBLZ from Arizona answered…6mos

Only if the rich don't get to dictate a rise in goods and services.

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…6mos

Nope, flat tax. Everyone pays the same amount, stop punishing the rich.

@97W394S from Oklahoma answered…7mos

No, but find another way to reduce interest rates for student loans that is alike other interest rates

@97F2NHS from Washington answered…7mos

@977B3SK from Michigan answered…7mos

Yes and no because the rich shouldn't pay the same taxes as the poor people who can't afford many things.

@9C9JQ4Zfrom Guam  answered…2hrs

The problem is, the rich pay little taxes because they use charity as a way to escape taxes. They should still be taxed even if they donate to charity.

@9C9CTK2from Ohio  answered…16hrs

bernie had mentioned that by adding a 1 percent tax on stocks should cover the expenses ,i like this proposal

@9C972XW from Nevada answered…1 day

No, but I think college should be free unless you are out of state or going to a private university.

@9C966W6 from Georgia answered…2 days

No. We should remove the tax exempt status of religious institutions

@9C94BJ5Communist from Wisconsin answered…2 days


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