Yes, schools should require at least one teacher or security guard to be armed
No, hire professionally trained security guards instead
No, this would increase the risk of accidental shootings

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See how importance of “Armed Teachers” has changed over time for 2.8m America voters.

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Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @8MN5H3T from North Carolina answered…4yrs4Y

I think that the security guards should be armed, but no teachers should be armed.

 @8K6XQHF from Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

I was a teacher. During stranger danger drills, I had to have my kindergarten students in a classroom with no windows and only one exit. We were made to sit in a dark room, in the corner, and be silent. I would have a tap light and try to keep these poor babies as calm as possible, the entire time I was thinking about...”what if someone were to be in this school with a gun...how could I protect my students...even if I laid in front of them and he shot me, he would then have an open shot for them”. All of this stress. We were sitting ducks. Would I want to carry a gun? No. How about metal detectors at the only entrance to the school?

 @8GV7GL2 from Colorado answered…4yrs4Y

My father is a Columbine Alum. His science teacher, Mr. Dave Sanders, bled to death after being shot. He died trying to save students. Had he had a gun, he would have been able to protect himself and other students. Yes, I do believe teachers should be able to carry guns, but they need to undergo a strict background check first.

 @6SJTQXHfrom Mississippi answered…4yrs4Y

No. America's police system has already proven itself incapable of making rational decisions when under pressure, and could mistake a teacher with a gun for an active shooter.