Yes, but not until the no-fly list screening process is improved for accuracy and includes due process
No, it is unconstitutional to deny someone’s rights without due process
Yes, if the government considers you too dangerous to board a plane you should not be able to buy a gun
No, this is a slippery slope that will eventually ban the sale of guns to anyone
Yes, and ban the sale of guns and ammunition to anyone

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 @587QZFYfrom Florida answered…3yrs3Y

The Constitution is for our protection..not for the protection of suspected terrorists. If someone is on the "no fly" list... they need to prove themselves innocent/safe. I agree this sounds like it is against "innocent until proven guilty" but do we want innocent until you kill 200 people ?

 @8YDCCSQ from North Carolina answered…2yrs2Y

Depends on what they were put on the No-fly list for and I believe the nofly list should be improved for accuracy and includes due process.

 @9GZDTYY from Maryland answered…5mos5MO

Yes, I believe that suspected terrorists on the federal terrorism watch list should be banned from purchasing guns and ammunition but only after investigation(s) and judicial review of the suspected terrorist have substantial enough evidence to imply the individual may engage in terrorist activities, because at that point the individual has essentially surrendered their right to bear arms by interfering with the rights of others.

 @8WX2B45 from Virginia answered…2yrs2Y

There should be no such thing as a "No fly" list. Private transportation entities should be responsible for ensuring the security of their passengers.

 @8GQYS3S from South Carolina answered…4yrs4Y

there are people on the no-fly list for reasons that would not preclude them from being reasonable gun owners. yes a lot of the reasons are certainly good reasons for keeping an individual from owning a gun but you can't throw individuals out for the collective. what is the reason they were put on the No-fly list is that reason to not let them have a gun. don't let them have a gun then. if it isn't though they should still be allowed to have a gun .

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